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Cash's Well Investigation. We met in the normal spot for this one but something seemed different.

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Henry was on holiday but also Lauren and Fiona…. We were recently invited to hold a ghost hunt at a private house. Throughout the evening we had brilliant activity. The video below is of a spirit…. Coalhouse Point was the site of an artillery battery, although nothing survives of this building. The fort was…. The church is actually…. Conington Level Crossing is located near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.


Conington is perhaps the most atmospheric…. Well protected by steep cliffs, today, Corfe Castle in Dorset is not much more than a hollow shell — a shadow of…. Cromer Pier was built in , although then it was more of a jetty.

Letters granting the right to levy duties for…. Fornham, formally known as Fornham All Saints, is a small settlement in Suffolk. The history of the park mainly…. Fort Amherst is located in Chatham, Kent. Constructed in to defend London and the surrounding area from…. It is a late…. Haunted locations in Essex to visit. Ghost hunters Essex. Ghosts of Essex. Ghost hunts. Suffolk and Kent haunted places to visit. In , Sir George and Lady Whitehouse told Price they witnessed stone-throwing and bell-ringing, which was especially prevalent during visits by their nephew Edwin Whitehouse later Dom Richard Whitehouse.

The phenomena increased considerably, seemingly with a focus on Marianne Foyster, as recorded by Lionel Foyster in a Diary of Occurrences.

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During the next few years Marianne was away in London for much of the time and Lionel was increasingly ill. The Foysters departed from Borley in and the rectory was left vacant. Between May , Price rented the rectory in order to carry out a detailed investigation. The building was badly damaged by a fire started by the overturning of an oil lamp on the night of 27 February, Some inexplicable sounds were heard and strange temperature changes were recorded, but apparent instances of hoaxing were also reported.

Price believed these lent authenticity to the events reported to have occurred in the rectory, because of their age and relevance to the manifestations. However, their origin was later disputed, queries arising about their precise dating along with the possibility of them having been placed there more recently than suggested. During this visit, Scherman took a photo said by Price to be a brick levitating, but the circumstances of the event are not clear. Following the demolition of the rectory, poltergeist activity decreased, appearing mainly in the church. He was still visiting the church as late as — the year before he died — and gave a fund-raising slide lecture about the rectory in nearby Sudbury.

A possible motivation for his prolonged interest in Borley was the hope that it would secure his fame as a psychical researcher.

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Many claims and counter-claims of fraud were made against Marianne Foyster. After a particularly dramatic evening in October, Price departed on bad terms with the couple having suggested that Marianne was responsible for the phenomena.

The Ghost Hunters (clip 1) BBC documentary

Foyster gave interviews in to an American private investigator A Robert Swanson, and in to the psychic investigator Iris Owen. However she insisted that sometimes neither of them were responsible for incidents. The investigators found little reason to trust the veracity of Price, or the genuineness of the phenomena, which they concluded could have normal explanations: It is certain, we think, that he did not believe in many of the phenomena… As we have seen, if the material lacked sensational elements it would seem that he was prepared at times to provide these himself… his work is wanting from the point of view of serious research and that, by his love of publicity and his temperamental deficiencies, he failed to achieve lasting results such as few can have had the luck and responsibility of approaching.

Later attacks by Trevor Hall, one of the three, on other psychic investigators notably Edmund Gurney and William Crookes have been criticized as tendentious and imaginative speculation. After the rectory was demolished in , paranormal activity allegedly transferred to the church opposite. Paranormal incidents are said to have continued during the latter half of the twentieth century: reports were made by James Turner, a resident of the cottage until , and following his departure the Bacon family.

Rev Henning maintained his interest in the phenomena, especially in the church, and wrote a booklet about his experiences at Borley. In and , author Philip Paul carried out digs on the site to try to learn whether the Catholic Waldegrave family might have built an underground hiding place or escape route for priests in their care. The discovery of a secret tunnel might have given clues about anomalous activity in the rectory.

Halstead Rural District Council found a tunnel in when undertaking water mains works. Alleged paranormal activity in the church, a subject of much comment by witnesses during the rectory investigations, increased during the s. Geoffrey Croom-Hollingsworth, an amateur psychic investigator, visited the church frequently in the s along with colleagues from the Enfield Parapsychical Research Group, and made audio recordings of sounds said to be inexplicable.

Hoaxer's confession lays the famed ghosts of Borley | UK news | The Guardian

Poltergeist activity is still reported, with investigation disseminated mainly via the Internet. Paul Adams and Eddie Brazil established a website dedicated to Harry Price in 35 where information about the case is published. In We Faked the Ghosts of Borley Rectory, Louis Mayerling - for whom the house was a second home until its destruction by fire in - reveals for the first time how the 'hauntings' were created by the rectory's various inhabitants.

He describes how they watched in amazement as the world fell for the elaborate hoax.


An investigation carried out by the BBC the year before the fire, when Mayerling was 26, noted more than 2, incidents of paranormal activity and concluded that the hauntings were true. The Most Haunted House in England, a book by Harry Price, the most eminent psychical investigator of the time, who lived in the house for a year, cemented the rectory's position as the best documented case of haunting in the annals of psychical research.

People were coming from as far away as America. George Bernard Shaw, T. Even now, belief in the hauntings has remained so powerful that the case is still held up by believers as incontrovertible proof of the supernatural.