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List of cities in Pennsylvania

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Vacation packages with Marriott See all savings. Emily and Toby are next door neighbors on Serenity Lane. Aria and Hanna live across the street from each other, as mentioned in " The Perfect Storm.

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Garrett 's parents live across the street from the Cavanaugh house and catty-corner from Emily's house , also on Serenity Lane. The church and the hospital are only a few blocks away from each other, based on what Spencer says in " For Whom the Bell Tolls.

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While the TV show tends to play down the social class of the residents, the books make it clear that Rosewood is an extremely wealthy town. As a Main Line town, it has a long history of prestige associated with the railroad industry of the s.


The majority of the residents are in the upper class and many families, such as the Hastings, have had significant wealth dating back to the s. Another big difference from the show is the town's atmosphere. In the novels, Rosewood is essentially a 'country-glam' suburb.

List of towns and boroughs in Pennsylvania

It has everything from farms, picturesque cornfields, and pastures to barns converted into apartments and other types of buildings. In fact, many of the mansions were converted from large farms. Many homes are close to woodsy areas. Emily's backyard is bordered by the woods, Spencer and Ali's neighborhood is essentially surrounded by a small forest, and the Kahns' vast property is also bordered by a forest.

Though it's strongly leaning towards the rural end, Rosewood appears to be a fairly large town.

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The girls all appear to live in different sections of the suburb and the town itself is big enough to have its own shopping center called the King James Mall.