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The date was based on information from one of the original members of the Society for the Preservation of Akita.

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However, no pedigree certificates for dogs were issued until the Society for the Preservation of Japanese Dogs was formed in Kurita recalled sending the puppy to the professor around January 7 or 8, Akita puppies were delivered from the breeder before they were two months old. Her mission is to promote compassion and respect for our cherished animal friends. Love and loyalty are binding threads, ones that can bring together an entire community. This is where the legacy begins…. An unforgettable bond is formed.

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But, sadly, a turn of events would tragically end their daily ritual…. Yaeko Ueno - "Widow" of Prof. At first he was treated poorly and seen as a nuisance. Compassion is contagious. Because of Hachiko, homeless dogs also began to receive better treatment.

No longer were these ragged animals viewed as a threat.

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Instead, they were embraced with love. This statue was melted down in to support the war efforts. This helped save the Akita dog breed from extinction. Faithful to the End. Nation Mourns Loyal Dog. He was buried next to Professor Ueno. We read the parable of the Good Samaritan, and instantly conjure images of loving others by seeking to address their medical needs.

We think of the Great Commission, and instantly conjure images of going to the ends of the world and converting the lost. We think of the woman, caught in the act of adultery and Christ having mercy upon her.

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But in all of this we have failed to see what is love—we have mistaken the effect for the cause. But that is only half the picture.

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In both cases we had nothing to give, but everything to gain. No conditions, no stipulations, simply love. And that is the example we are given in Scripture and the example we are told to carry forward in life.

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To love without condition, to possess a sort of loyalty—to allows others no condition, no stipulation, simply love, so that they have nothing to give and everything to gain. Can you love? Logan Zeppieri is a second-year philosophy student at Talbot School of Theology. Social media instigates chaos. Find fartleks through college.

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