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It has exported its brand of performative workaholism to 27 countries, with , tenants, including workers from 30 percent of the Global Fortune After all, convincing a generation of workers to beaver away is convenient for those at the top. Heinemeier Hansson said that despite data showing long hours improve neither productivity nor creativity, myths about overwork persist because they justify the extreme wealth created for a small group of elite techies.

Pain level increases exponentially above Arguably, the technology industry started this culture of work zeal sometime around the turn of the millennium, when the likes of Google started to feed, massage and even play doctor to its employees. The perks were meant to help companies attract the best talent — and keep employees at their desks longer.

But today, as tech culture infiltrates every corner of the business world, its hymns to the virtues of relentless work remind me of nothing so much as Soviet-era propaganda , which promoted impossible-seeming feats of worker productivity to motivate the labor force. One obvious difference, of course, is that those Stakhanovite posters had an anti capitalist bent, criticizing the fat cats profiting from free enterprise.

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Wage growth has been essentially stagnant for years. Participation in organized religion is falling , especially among American millennials. Techies here have internalized the idea — rooted in the Protestant work ethic — that work is not something you do to get what you want; the work itself is all. Therefore any life hack or company perk that optimizes their day, allowing them to fit in even more work, is not just desirable but inherently good. Aidan Harper, who created a European workweek-shrinkage campaign called 4 Day Week , argues that this is dehumanizing and toxic.

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Harper added, to convince workers to buy into their own exploitation with a change-the-world message. Jonathan Crawford, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, told me that he sacrificed his relationships and gained more than 40 pounds while working on Storenvy, his e-commerce start-up.

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If he socialized, it was at a networking event. If he read, it was a business book. Crawford changed his lifestyle after he realized it made him miserable. This was hilarious and very true.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Why might that be, Happify wanted to know, so they recently performed a series of follow-up investigations, analyzing thousands of responses to several of their writing prompts to uncover what's troubling twentysomethings. In short, the answer seems to be an excessive obsession with work. While all age groups often had similar responses -- everyone seems to want to get better at managing their time, for instance -- younger users were particularly likely to talk about their work in response to all three writing exercises.

Analyses of prompts related to goals turned up a similar focus on career concerns, as well as a consistent interest in personal wellness.

Commuting to College - Tips from a Senior!

It's probably no surprise really that those are the very start of their careers are stressed about their work, so beyond confirming that the quarter-life crisis is real, what if anything fresh can we learn from these results? Zilca suggests the most insightful findings might be more about what Millennials don't mention when discussing happiness and goals than what they do.