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According to other assumptions, the tree is a mute evidence of a rock slide from the crater wall.

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Apparently, the stump was carried away by the water and has floated in a vertical position for over years. However, the tree has been bobbing in the deepest lake in America for many years and, still, no one knows how it got there, despite the many fictional stories about its arrival. Visitors have the opportunity to observe the hemlock from their boats, as since January , tour boats have been provided.

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  • On its most active day, the Old Man of the Lake traveled four miles.
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Those who already have seen the Old Man often make jokes related to its name, wondering if he would ever retire. The answer to their most frequent question will remain unanswered until the Old Man waves at them from the surface while floating with the wind.

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Old Man of the Lake

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This ghost tree has been floating vertically in Crater Lake for more than years

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