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Busweb and S. Busweb — offer cheap fares to and from the Eternal City. CheckMyBus will help you to pick the best offer: you have the possibility to compare prices for your bus trip and to take a closer look at the different on-board features provided by the bus companies. If you want your search to include the surrounding bus stations such as those is Latina , Civitavecchia or Frosinone , simply increase the search radius, and you will find bus and train routes in the area.

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You will also find bus routes connecting Rome to regional public transportation or intercity bus stations in Avezzano, Aprilia, Ciampino and many more. Looking for a cheap airport shuttle? Where schedules are available, we will also consider other options in the local transportation network. Bus to and from Rome Check the bus schedule Rome and find all cheap tickets for the bus to and from Rome. It's all about choice Most routes worldwide.

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Easy and transparent 1-click real-time search. Rome Bus. Low-cost bus tickets. Ciampino Rome. Fiumicino Rome. Rome Fiumicino Airport Rome. Express Bus. Battipaglia Rome. Naples Rome. Salerno Rome. Evil is the absence of God. Even if there was no God, the bible is a good way to live your life. Cardinal Martino does it again.

Jan 13, Posted by Drewbie Report as abusive. Jan 14, Drewbie, fight fire with fire, right? Posted by Eric H Report as abusive. Posted by Rachel Report as abusive. How many wars have there been, that had happened in the name of religions in the past anyway? Posted by MaxP Report as abusive. They should buy space on billboards.

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  8. Posted by Nick Report as abusive. Jan 15, If I did nothing I would feel complicit in these terrible acts of violence. God must be hanging his head in shame? Jan 17, Posted by brian lee Report as abusive. Great tools for raising an army of conquest. What Christians are murdering people in the name of their faith?

    What mendacious crap from lebel. What a shame to the world not recognizing the cult of danger and following it.

    BBC publicity is still making the headlines of nonsense. Go figure.. So they are homo and lesbian like any westerners. They have genetically a curse. They are like Jesus.

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    They have fear about circumcision and blood. They do not want their wife to be a virgin. So most western man appreciate a second marriage to avoid seeing the blood. If they convert to Islam they may solve this problem. Jesus a devil Jews repelled from their society. European should have a nice wall to stop illegal immigration.

    If one family from Bangladesh or Pakistan entered to Europe , there are possibility , their relatives may reach there and they may get Citizenship.

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    Buy one get one free. They are not willing to mingle with great European culture. They need Mosque and finally they would populate like 3rd world slums. They may seize the trading power. Because they would get row materials from another 3rd world very cheap.

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    Finally natives business will resulted in a huge flop, collapse. But there are many legal talented skilled workers from 3rd world. And brain droppings are there you can utilize that. Then give only one citizenship otherwise there are chances to create proxies. Government should always monitor whether a person is legal or illegal. They should have one ID.

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    They may support funding terrorism to native place. This battle is real. How can a criminal with a child molesting history be given a job driving a scool bus? What Islam and home grown standard criminals do is take advantage of soft laws. This guy should loose his citizenship and be deported.

    Id say the same thing if it was an English white guy. How could a person with a background such as this even be allowed to imigrate in the first place? He was never convicted for the child assault, he was absolved. As far as I know the talks were about taking his Italian citizenship away, not the driving license. The bus was a public bus rented by the school, not a school bus, which could explain why this kind of man was let around kids. He declared that he would do it again. His plan was to kidnap the kids to get on a plane to go to Africa.

    A good proof of why giving citizenship to muslims or non ethnic europeans is a very bad idea. There were at least 2 muslim kids on the bus; their families are trying to exploit the situation to get Italian citizenship for their kids. No shame whatsoever. A Senegalese immigrant with Italian citizenship. This man almost kills innocent young children causing an accident while driving a school bus..

    Thank goodness none of these children was hurt though they will be psychologically traumatised. Unfortunately, it is only through this sort of traumatic event that light will eventually dawn in the minds of the idiots who follow the MSM line re Islam. Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! Then, it is said, he did plan on burning the kids. Authorities said the student actually called his parents who then called the police, who then set up the roadblock.

    The most insane idea of German chancellorette Merkel MSRIH to improve integration of Muslim migrants into German society was to pay them driving licenses — more bus drivers and lorry drivers are obviously needed. Why Jihad Watch?

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    In an ordeal that lasted around 40 minutes, he started driving towards nearby Milan. He then doused it in petrol and set it on fire. Police smashed the windows of the vehicle to allow the children to escape. Television footage showed thick black smoke and flames billowing from the bus, which was reduced to a burnt-out hulk… One of the children told reporters that the driver had threatened to pour petrol on them and set them alight.

    U ought to do more research but this time use credible sources. Children are given a uniquely treasured position in Italian social culture. Indeed, as they should in every culture. As I found out growing up up in an Italian migrant family in Australia.