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But if science isn't responsible for driving the plot so much as driving that point home, then what does move the story along? Well, it's very clearly a benevolent, inscrutable, extra-natural force operating with intention in this world — or, God. In Canticle , make no mistake, from Francis' meeting with the pilgrim at the start of the book there is laugh-out-loud irony in Chapter 1 when you figure out what the monk's prayers are while the old man is yelling for him to the miracle Abbot Zerchi experiences in the final pages, Miller is not offering the usual modern comfort of letting the reader decide for themselves.

Personally, I have no problem with letting the reader decide for themselves when it's well done, it's weirdly satisfying , but Miller's take is not only refreshing but thought-provoking.

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  7. Because in a genre which Canticle does belong to if only by default concerned with Big Questions, it's the only book I can think of that presents some practical arguments for believing in a deity, instead of dealing with belief as an abstract philosophical matter. By taking us through three different eras and brilliantly getting extra bang for its buck in that regard, since Canticle 's future is reminiscent of our past and present , the book hammers home that, whatever you think of specific religious practices, there may be some value in some people, at least, hewing to a fundamentally timeless belief system, because an organized religion can serve as a rock and a harbor in an endlessly shifting world.

    Canticle suggests that for a religion to be useful this way, it does need to be organized, and that it needs to be built around some kind of eternal Presence, because its practicers must remember that there is more at stake than the needs and wants of the here-and-now.

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    Believe me, I don't care whether you're convinced by the arguments the book makes or suggests I am, but I was before I ever read it , and believe me, in an era where the face of Christianity has far more in common with the proudly ignorant simpletons of Canticle 's first book than with its monks, I can appreciate that it's hard to hear about any positive impact God or religion might have.

    But that, I think, is why that aspect of the novel is so important: because we're going to argue, so we might as well have good arguments. And this book makes its humbly and wisely and profoundly thoughtfully. I hope it's still making them a thousand years from now and beyond.

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    The original edition, not the expanded version published in Josh Wimmer is a freelance writer in Madison, WI. He can usually be found here. The A. God Religion Christianity Books Top.

    Share This Story. The Root The Grapevine. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. These form the basis of the Canon , a major component of Matins. Originally, these Canticles were chanted in their entirety every day, with a short refrain inserted between each verse. Eventually, short verses troparia were composed to replace these refrains, a process traditionally inaugurated by Saint Andrew of Crete. During Great Lent however, the original Biblical Canticles are still read. There are eight such canticles which are determined by the musical tone of the day.

    These are, along with their respective portions of the Psalter and their tones:. Note that Psalms and Psalm are not part of this system because they are read every day at the Morning Hour, following the canticles presented below.

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    Following the Song of the Three Youths and the Prayer of Simeon there are sets of hymns as well as other texts which are proper to the commemoration of the day or of the liturgical season. In the other hours, sections of these and other canticles are included in fixed material, consisting of amalgams of verse material from the Old Testament: Ninth Hour: a citation of Daniel ; Peace Hour after Vespers : Isaiah , Isaiah ; Rest Hour after the Peace Hour : Daniel , Luke , Luke From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    The Festal Menaion. London: Faber and Faber. Eastern Orthodox liturgical books.

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