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Mice and cheese visual logic puzzle: What of the 2 - 10 are not the fragments of the picture 1? Plus same task text in Russian. Answer included. ID Royalty-Free Extended licenses? Unlimited Seats U-EL. Web Usage W-EL.

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Print usage P-EL. And after you have solved the puzzle, you will also realise that the tolerances are very tight.

The mouse just fits nicely within the tray with the rest of the pieces. The back of the puzzle has the starting position of the pieces etched into the surface and other accompanying text. Now, the goal is obvious; place the mouse and the four cheese pieces flat into the tray. But I should have known that a William Waite designed puzzle cannot be that easy.

I struggled for quite a few days on this one before finally throwing in the towel. Instead he gave me a clue, which on hindsight I should have asked him in the first place! All this while the pieces were staring back at me and I was led astray thinking there was only one possibility of a solution. Each space of the grid contains one of several things:.

On each turn, you will be given the tiles that are North, South, East, and West of your current position. You must then output the direction that you wish to travel. You win when you get to the cheese. Fewer steps is better.

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You will be given input through stdin in the following fashion: nesw , where each letter represents the tile at that compass point. For example, if the current state looks like. At the end of the game, the controller will send you a string of four zeroes: Upon receiving this string, your program should terminate.

No other input given will contain the 0 character.

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You are to output one letter n , s , e , or w , to indicate which direction you want to travel, followed by a new line character. Your overall score will be the sum of your average score per maze across a battery of mazes of variable sizes, all of which will fit inside a square of length For example, if it takes your bot moves to complete each of the 6 mazes, then your score is If your bot is not deterministic, please try each maze 10 times and use average as the score for that maze.

Your final score will be the sum of all the averages. Your submission is a full program that takes input via stdin and output via stdout. This is important because the submission will be interacting with the maze controller. I'm not going to ban languages that are not freely available, but know that someone else will have to offer their time to run the tests if I do not have access to the language.

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Please state whether your submission is deterministic or not, so that I know whether I need to run it multiple times. In the test mazes,.

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They are the same as the space character. They are not visible to your submission. The controller replaces them with spaces.

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Shamelessly stolen. The controller is in Rust 1. It will print everything to the console as well as writing everything to a file called transcript. This will cause the controller to display the maze at each step. This bot attempts to locate and follow the boundaries of the maze knowing that the cheese will always be located on the boundary. It does this by updating its internal view of the maze and constructing current candidates for the north, south, east and west boundary walls. However only the candidate boundary walls that do not contain any blank spaces are able to be the "true" boundary wall and thus those that do contain blank cells are not considered for path finding.

Unexplored cells within a path are given less desirable score with consecutive unexplored cells compounding the undesirability. In this latest edit, the bot now has a negative weight to cells already visited.

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This gives a slight improvement. A fail safe movement selection mechanism exists that ensures valid movement is chosen in the event that no paths are able to be found. Note that this implementation is quite inefficient and can take many seconds to solve a maze in the worst case. This follows the shortest path that goes through known empty spaces and unknown spaces to the bounding rectangle of the known world, until the cheese becomes visible. They use however the exact same controller.