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Site, appetizers, owner period candidates, online resins and high attack watercolor-mix for. Lunch will be served February For more information, contact the store at Local vendors will be on hand with all kinds of pampering products! Guest speaker will be Jeff Hutton. Please call for reservations. Cheyrl Archuleta will be the host. Call or with any questions. There is no cost to attend the training. March 2 - Dr. March 6 - Kansans are urged to take part in the statewide tornado safety drill at am.

March 7 - Library will have beginning Crochet Class at p. Center Craft Room at Noon. Meeting starts at a. For more information, call or visit www. Voters must be pre-registered by March 8. March 17 - Legislative Update at p. Location to be determined. April 9 - Hugoton City Council will meet at p. Fire Department Sunday, February 18, a. Ambulance Activity Six medical runs, two transfers and one Life Flight. No open burning is allowed until further notice. SAFE is a locally sustained program, administered by the students of the high school they attend.

The focus is on reducing deaths and injuries on Kansas roadways. Currently, high schools from 71 counties participate in the SAFE program statewide. Of those teens, nearly 40 percent were not properly restrained. Severe Weather Awareness Week planned for March With the beginning of severe weather season drawing nearer, the Kansas Division of Emergency Management is reminding all Kansans to be prepared.

Much of the Topeka area was under an ice storm warning. The proclamation highlights the need for awareness of approaching severe weather and the value of emergency preparedness. Although there were 60 documented tornadoes in the. Children benefit from creative endeavors Children have long been drawn to expressing themselves through art.

According to developmental experts, coloring stimulates creativity, contributes to better handwriting, teaches color recognition, and can promote hand-eye coordination.

akkvzbd.tk Ebooks and Manuals

Coloring books can. Adults, too, have recognized the benefits that coloring can bring, which includes stress reduction and improved focus. Crayons have long been a favorite tool for coloring, and over. Blue was voted the favorite both times. Six other shades of blue, including cerulean, midnight blue, aquamarine, periwinkle, denim and blizzard blue, finished among the top Purple heart, caribbean green and cerise rounded out the top Metro Submitted by Editorial Services.

The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer. Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. Kansans are also urged to take part in the statewide tornado safety drill Tuesday, March 6 at a. If severe weather is expected on or around the test time March 6, it will be postponed to the backup date.

The backup date for the tornado drill will be Thursday, March 8 at a. Throw a change of clothes, an old pair of glasses and a pair of shoes in your kit. Do you know how to safely shut off the gas or electricity? If you become separated, do you have a meeting area? How will you communicate with family members who may not be at home when a. There is a natural tendency to think that there will be a radical transformation after death, that we will be unburdened by our bodies and that our souls will fly off to heaven and be united with God.

Our souls and the virtues and appetites we cultivate become more or less permanent parts of who we are. If you have cultivated a spirit of love and compassion in your life, and live in the presence of God, you can certainly expect more of this in the hereafter, but if you have cultivated a spirit of anger and hatred, or any of the other vices, these have become a part of your soul.

Fortunately, these things can be changed, but only with steadfast hard work and a conscious decision to alter our characters. We can change our destiny, but only if we do the hard work necessary to change our characters. Live now as you would for eternity.


Christopher Simon. Morning Worship - a. Life Groups Sunday Nights - p. Inside Out Kids Wed. Student Ministry The Turnaround Wed. Morning Service - a. Wed Evening Ministries - p. Van Buren Wednesday - p. Sunday School - a. Evening Service - p. First Sacrament - a. Priesthood - a. Wednesday Evening Service - p. Call for Church Bus. Wednesday Bible Study - p. Blended Worship Celebration - a.

High Youth Group - Sunday p. Wednesday Evening Adult Study - p. Prayer Meeting Wednesday - p. Evening Services - p. Tenth and Jefferson Sunday School - a. Bible Band Tuesday - p. Home and Forn. Friday - p. Youth - p. Bible Study - p. Fellowship - - a. Worship Hour - - Children's Church, a. High Youth Group, p. Information on small groups call Avenue Sunday School - a. Worship Service - a. Kids - p. High Youth Fellowship - p. Team Kids Wed. Youth Study Thursday - p. Interim Pastor Neal Foster. UMYF Jr. High - p. UMYF Sr. Sunday Church - a. Wednesday - p. Worship - a. Wednesday night meal - p.

Pastor - Eric Mason Sunday School - a. Main - Hugoton. These are the things you will need to think about when making your plan. Go to www. For more information on emergency preparedness, go to ksready. Submitted by the office of Governor Jeff Colyer. Congratulations Steve and Cynda. Walk Yourself to Health The weather seems to be teasing us lately, from spring-like days to bitter cold.

Around Kansas, Extension offices are all thinking "spring", as we kick off our annual spring event, Walk Kansas. Again this year we will be offering this eightweek walking program to encourage family members, schoolmates, co-workers, friends and neighbors to form a team to increase. Composition Mary Danner, Asst. Frequency is weekly every Thursday. Periodicals Postage paid at Hugoton, Ks. Main, Hugoton, Kansas Opinion Page Our opinion page is open to the public.

We encourage comments from readers in the form of letters to the editor or guest columns. All letters must be signed and must include the address and telephone number of the sender. No libelous or offensive letter will be published.

00 Sunday, August 28, 2011

The guest column or letter to the editor does not reflect the opinion of this newspaper or its representatives. A team captain will recruit five people to make a six-member team who will set goals for health and fitness, and together collectively walk miles, the distance across Kansas. This year there will also be a focus on flexibility and stretching.

This is a great way to get yourself up and moving this spring. You may wonder if simply adding walking to your routine can make a difference to your life and health. It can and it does. Registration begins the February 26, and Walk Kansas begins March Walking promotes energy. Lack of energy is largely a result of inactivity.

Endurance exercises - such as walking, swimming, jogging, and biking - improve stamina and energy. Walking encourages wellbeing. Evidence suggests that regular physical activity can help reduce stress, manage mild to moderate depression and anxiety, improve sleep, boost your mood, and enhance your self-image and overall sense of well being.

Walking helps firm your body and take off pounds. Exercise burns calories. When you burn more calories than you take in, you can reduce your body fat. Muscles naturally lose their tone and texture elasticity with time. As your muscles become stiff and sag from the constant pull of gravity, your body begins to show signs of aging. By engaging in a reg-. Walking boosts your immune system. Researchers have found a link between regular physical activity and improved immune function. During moderate exercise, white cells circulate more quickly through your body and are better at destroying viruses and bacteria.

Walking contributes to disease prevention. Regular aerobic exercise reduces your risk of heart disease by reducing body fat, lowering blood pressure, and raising "good" cholesterol levels. Walking increases overall life expectancy. A number of studies have found that those who participate in regular physical activity live longer than their more sedentary peers. If you are interested in participating you can pick up a packet at the Extension Office at East 5th Street in Hugoton.

Department of Agriculture Cooperating. K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer, and is committed to making its services, activities and programs accessible to all participants. If you have special requirements due to physical, vision, or hearing disability or a dietary restriction please contact your local extension office.

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Cryptocurthe Office of the Kansas Se- rights to a product or service rency investment curities Commissioner is a proposed to be offered by the opportunities are promoted member, shows 94 percent project. Regulators also were Some common concerns true. If the project sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Take time to research an investment opportunity before handing over your money.

Many fraudulent investment schemes involve unlicensed individuals or unregistered firms. The KSC can help investors research the background of those selling or advising the purchase of an investment. Call or go online at www. She is the daughter and full disclosure in finanof Matt and Nancy Johnson. Congratulations to Rebecca and all cial services; and to foster capital formation. Photo courtesy of USD Students invited to Cadet Law Enforcement Program High school students interested in law enforcement will have the opportunity this summer to see what law enforcement training and careers are like through the Cadet Law Enforcement Academy program.

This is a special year for the program, with this being its Fiftieth Anniversary. Cadet Law will be from June Cadet Law gives young men and women the opportunity to learn about the duties, training, and discipline that go along with a career in law enforcement. Students will learn a great deal about leadership, and about coming together as a team. By working together, this program gives us the opportunity to help high school students under-. While at the Kansas Highway Patrol Training Academy, they will get the opportunity to experience some of the training that law enforcement officers receive," said Patrol Superintendent, Colonel Mark Bruce.

Students at Cadet Law are instructed by KHP troopers who will help develop and encourage the students with the assistance of college students who have attended the KHP Collegiate Law program. Together they will help mentor the high school students throughout Cadet Law.

Cadet Law participants will experience classroom instruction, and the realworld activities of a trooper. Cadets will go to the firing range and practice pursuit driving at the driving range. Physical training and attention to. Students must be deemed medically fit to participate in all activities. Students will need to fill out an application to attend, including writing a brief essay on why they would like to participate in the program.

Applications are due by March 31, Contact the American Legion at for an application and further information. Lodging, food, and uniform are provided for the week. Oliver Monroe visited the library recently. He received a Born to Read packet that includes a book, a bib, a toy, and information about early childhood education classes at the SCL. Welcome to the library Oliver! To aid in the reporting process, reports can now be filed online. To file online, go to www. Instructions are provided throughout the filing process.

If you prefer to file by mail, the completed re-. Public hearing scheduled for proposed Emerald Ash Borer quarantine A public hearing will be conducted at a.

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Tuesday, March 13, , to consider the issuance of a permanent quarantine regarding Emerald Ash Borer to include Shawnee County. The proposed quarantine would prohibit movement of regulated items from the quarantined area, except under specific conditions. In addition, the quarantine would require anyone who discovers Emerald Ash Borer in an area not currently under quarantine to report the discovery to KDA within 72 hours. The proposed quarantine, including a full list of regulated items that would be included in the quarantine, can be found at the KDA website, agriculture.

All interested persons may attend the hearing and will be given the opportunity to express comments either orally or in writing, or both. Interested parties may appear in person or by counsel. Persons who require special accommodations must make their needs known at least five days prior to the hearing. For more information, including special accommodations or a copy of the quarantine, please contact Ronda Hutton, Failing to submit your water use report may result in suspension of all water use under such water right or permit.

Bernetta Nichols boasted the high score for the day. The group has a lot of fun every week at the Senior Center. Play starts around p. According to the American Cancer Society, certain viruses, bacteria and parasites are now recognized as risk factors for cancer. While the percentage of cancers linked to infections is higher in developing countries than it is in first world countries such as the United States, between 15 and 20 percent of cancers across the globe can be connected to infections.

In some instances, a virus can insert its own genes into an otherwise healthy cell, causing the cell to grow out of control. In other cases, infections cause long-term inflammation in a particular area of the body, leading to changes in the affected cells and in immune cells that are nearby. Those changes can eventually lead to cancer. Certain infections can compromise the immune system to such a great extent that it is no longer capable of fully protecting the body from some cancers.

Submitted by Metro Editorial Services. You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in the above Court on February 1, , by Matthew Ford, son of the decedent, Michael Terance Ford, Sr. You are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 5th day of March, , at a. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the petition. DAVIS, deceased; and all other persons who are or may be concerned.

Case No. Schultz, Schultz Law Office, P. The commissioners approved the motion to appoint Barry to the Foundation Board. Marcus will compete in professional track and field. He is currently an assistant coach in the U. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. What rankles Jim the most was the statement made by President Carter. Ronnie Clark was notified Tuesday he had been killed in action in the fighting in Viet Nam early Sunday morning. Ronnie, who just turned 20 years old a week before he was killed, was a private first class in the U.

He was the son of Mr. Clark of. Vivian Beavers of Sunray, Tx. Joe Wiegel of Hooker, spent 36 hours stranded in their car three miles west of Hooker during the recent blizzard. Both were badly chilled and sustained frostbite. They said they did everything they could think of to keep from freezing.

It was terribly hard to stay awake but they knew if they slept, they would freeze. When they were rescued, they were within half a mile from a farmhouse. Curt is a brother of Mrs. Damon Hubbard. Coach Craft and his crew whizzed through three games, probably the toughest bracket, to remain undefeated for the season. Ten games are now to their credit. Taken from the January 23, edition of The Hugoton Hermes. It has been a serious question in my mind how much time and thought to devote to this. If the housekeeper will use it, it is worthwhile. With the thousands of women with whom we have come in contact in the past four years, I know they are steadily advancing along the line of better and more wholesome living, and more accurate cooking.

By such these pages will be read and consulted or a copy made and framed to hang in the kitchen. One of the most difficult problems the housewife has in her cooking is. Moderate, hot, very hot, cool etc. Thermometers are coming into general use, are inexpensive and will do much to not only relieve the anxiety attending the baking, but there will not be failures as before when it was all guesswork.

We are learning to be systematic and accurate in all that pertains to housekeeping and cooking; and as a result work is easier and we have better cooked foods with fewer failures. A half-pint measuring cup of tin or glass can be purchased at any department store for five or ten cents, and it is standard for all recipes given. Do not expect perfect results using a tea cup one time and a coffee cup another, or guessing at the halves, thirds or quarters.

No matter what your experience or judgment, in order to have a recipe give perfect results, always - with all conditions equal - there are. Lewis Clark Lewis Clark has lived a full and interesting life up to now and seems to be happiest when recounting the things that have happened to him throughout his eventful life. He was born in Oklahoma September 17, Since Reeves wanted to live in Oklahoma and Mr. Clark wanted to live in Kansas, they made a trade. They arrived by covered wagon at their new place in February The Clarks had a chuck wagon which they kept stocked so they could take off on cattle buying trips on short notice.

The staples were kept in jars, the dishes were made of tin and the cutlery had bone handles. There were two dutch ovens; one for meat and potatoes and the other for gravy and such things. Coffee was boiled in a gallon bucket. After moving to Kansas, the Clarks raised livestock and shipped some to Kansas City. In , they took horses to Kansas City twice.

By this time, Lewis had. He had three sons, Jack, Bill and Elvas, who still live in Hugoton. In , due to a lack of work and the fact they were paying on a bank loan, it was necessary they seek work in the harvest field. They set out in the Model T to hunt for someone needing help. They went to work for a man on his ranch west of Scott City. He sent them to the cook shack and told them to make themselves at home. The next day, the combine was fixed by the men, and Mrs.

After the grain was all in, they set out for home by way of Garden City. They stayed in Stevens County for a week. The Clarks traveled all over the country and eventually settled down in Hugoton. Today, Lewis Clark is, and has been for a long time, a junk dealer in Hugoton. The couple attends virtually all the auctions close around in Kansas and Oklahoma.

TABLE 1 cup equals. Do you recognize anyone? The year is unknown. Specialty Clinics Scheduled for March Dr. Ansari Dr. Farhoud Dr. Brown Dr. For appointments with: Dr. Ansari ; Dr. Brown ; Dr. Farhoud ; Dr. Plomaritis ; Dr. Frankum ; Dietitian For all other appointments please call or They had been born slaves in Kentucky. He was born in , and Mrs. Curry in He was a soldier in the Union Army,. Seated are Mr. These last three are not pictured. They filed on land close to Hugoton, proved it up and then moved into Hugoton where they lived the rest of their lives.

John and his sons, Titus, Millard and Quincy, operated a livery stable in Hugoton for many years. The family had the misfortune of losing three of their children in the diphtheria. They were one of the most industrious and respected families in the county. John passed away in and Millie in The Wildcats traveled to Ashland Thursday to play. The JV girls played one quarter and came away with a loss with Jessie James and Paola Gomez each having four points. Varsity girls lost Monica Gonzalez led the scoring with nine points followed closely by Adriana Salcedo with six. The varsity boys left.

Ashland with the only win of the night, beating Ashland Axel Granillo led the scoring with 21 points. Javi Marquez had 17 points. Rolla History from David Stout Marching in an inaugural parade for a president is an unbelievably magical experience. The pride one feels while marching past all the majestic buildings and monuments in Washington is unfathomable. For me, the unforgettable moment was when we marched in front of the USA Capitol Building with its huge dome — such a feeling of inspiration!

After the parade, I compared notes with Judith Green about my pride peaking in front of the Capitol Building, but she told me her magical moment came when marching past the presidential reviewing stand. She was lucky enough to be on the left side, the side closest to the reviewing stand, and she felt like she made direct eye contact with President Kennedy as he tipped his hat to our group as we marched by.

Sending 80 band members off to Washington D. To raise money for the balance, the Morton County Lions Clubs reached out in every direction. One of the sources of revenue came from The Kansas Board of Tourism which gave us a grant to help with the expenses, but one of the stipulations of the grant was that we had to pass out thousands of tourism pamphlets.

Tourism pamphlets? For Kansas? Whoever thought of such a concept? What was there to see in Kansas? Amber waves of grain at harvest time? Since Kansas is so flat, the only winter skiing would be for serious cross-country skiing enthusiasts. In any case, we had opportunities to pass these out not only in Washington, D. We had cartons and cartons of these things stacked in the vestibules of the train cars and aisles in the buses , and we were all.

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  2. Histoire fantastique du célèbre Pierrot Écrite par le magicien Alcofribas; traduite du sogdien par Alfred Assollant (French Edition)?
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  4. There is always something new and exciting waiting to be discovered. So go ahead and glance through our classifieds Thank you for your business! Please tell your friends and family about us. New patients are welcome! Perhaps they made their way to every citizen in that Ohio - or Indiana - town.

    We may never know. However, by the time we were heading back to Kansas we still had a couple of cartons left, but no other stops were scheduled. Ike Anderson and I were standing in the vestibule between the cars during a brief stop in some town in Ohio or Indiana, leaning out the open upper half of the Dutch door, and Ike spotted one of those hand-pull luggage carts close to the tracks they used to have on the depot platforms, very much like the one pictured here.

    Just as the train started pulling out, Ike hefted those last two remaining cartons out the top half of the Dutch door, landing them perfectly on the wagon. By the time he figured it out, we were long gone. Hopefully, the brochures were distributed to everyone in the town and county but I seriously doubt it.

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