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However realizing that such steps can not help in the long run for the development of India after it gains independence, he conceptualized institutes that would train such work forces in the country itself. This is believed to be the first conceptualization of IITs. Dr Humayun Kabir encouraged Dr B.

It is also possible that Sir J. The Sarkar Committee was taking too much time, but Dr Roy did not wait for the Committee to finalise its report and started working on the interim draft itself. The 22 member committee in its interim draft recommended the establishment of Higher Technical Institutions in the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern regions of the country.

These institutes were recommended to have a number of secondary institutions affiliated to them. The draft also urged the speedy establishment of all the four institutions with the ones in the East and the West to be started immediately.

The committee also felt that such institutes should not only produce undergraduates but should be engaged in research — producing research workers and technical teachers as well. The standard of the graduates was recommended to be at par with those from elite institutions abroad.

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They felt that the proportion of undergraduates and postgraduate students should be Chandrakant and Biman Sen in the Education Ministry played significant role in producing a blueprint for a truly autonomous educational institution. Sir J. On the ground Bengal had the highest concentration of engineering industries, the Committee suggested that an IIT may be set up in that state. This encouraged Dr. With the recommendations of the Sarkar committee in view and on the basis of blueprint made by L.

Chandrakant, Biman Sen, and Sir J. Ghosh offered the place as a ready made place for the IIT. To counter the criticisms of setting up IIT in West Bengal, the draft report suggested that a second IIT may be located in the Western Region to serve the process industries concentrated there. Researchers compare how the Greek and Indian mathematicians measured the surface area of a sphere. Skip to main content. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

IIT Bombay. Where do you want to stretch the limits? Yearn to Excel. Yearn to Learn. Yearn to Explore. Yearn to Express. Yearn to Innovate. Yearn to Create. Yearn to Lead. Yearn to Endure.

Our vision is to be the fountainhead of new ideas and of innovations in technology and science.

The JEE is conducted in two stages. How you approached the question mattered as much as the answer. I passed the first stage but failed in the second specifically, in the chemistry paper. No one from Nashik I knew got through both stages that year. At the back of our minds, we all knew that we could face failure. It was the first major failure of my life. For weeks, I was depressed and felt stuck in limbo. I wanted another go. The first week in Kota was exciting. Staying away from my parents for the first time was wonderful.

The freedom felt like power.

But the joys quickly disappeared. Although I was still in India, it felt like I had come to a place with an alien culture. If there were any non-academic discussions, it was gossip about other coaching classes or about the rare girl someone had in their class.

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The only recreational activity was to play computer games at an internet cafe, and even that was frowned upon. However, what affected me the most was the constant discussion about failure.

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Every so often someone would share a tale they had heard about some student who committed suicide because he had failed at the JEE. Suicides in Kota are no longer a rare phenomenon.

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And, though I should not have, I felt jealous that they had a better place to be than Kota. In , because of some bureaucratic mess, the delay had been stretched to a few months. Suddenly the equation had changed. But my mind was made up and my bags were packed.