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Thousands have moved and settled in more secure Mexican states like Campeche , or moved to South America, in countries like Argentina and Bolivia.

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Some Mennonites were, in fact, convicted of drug running in the s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mennonites in Mexico sp.

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Menonitas de. ABC in Spanish. Retrieved 19 February El Siglo de Durango in Spanish. Retrieved 5 March Frawley International Encyclopedia of Linguistics. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 23 May Mennonite World Conference. Retrieved 27 October Archived from the original PDF on April 4, Retrieved February 17, Migraciones Internacionales in Spanish.

Subjects or Citizens? University of Ottawa Press. Leonard Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online. El Universal. Retrieved 24 December The Fifth Estate. CBC Television. Retrieved 24 March BBC News. Retrieved Archived from the original on The Seattle Times. Religion in Mexico.

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Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mexico. Church of God. Mexicayotl Neopaganism Santa Muerte. Buddhism Hinduism Sikhism. Ancestry and ethnicity in Mexico. Arab Lebanese Armenian Jewish 1 Turkish. Be aware of locals attempting to take advantage of tourists. Today, you will officially enter Copper Canyon, the natural wonder of Chihuahua. Creel can be considered the tourism hub of Copper Canyon. You will find several tour agencies in Creel where you can sign up for day excursions throughout Copper Canyon. There are dozens of shops, restaurants and hotels in this small town, all of which primarily cater to tourists.

The real charm of Creel is located outside the town. If you rode the train into Copper Canyon, plan to get off and spend two nights in Creel, Chihuahua. Considering all of the attractions of the area are located outside of town, you have the option of renting a bike, hiring a driver, or signing up for day tours. If you drove to Creel, all of the sights can be reached by car. Spend the afternoon exploring Creel and devising a plan for the following day. Be sure to check out the handmade crafts sold by the indigenous Tarahumara women throughout the streets of Creel.

Mennonites in Mexico

Buying these unique items not only serves as a great memory, but it also helps to support the indigenous community whose livelihood is being threatened by a multitude of factors. After a couple of overpriced, lackluster meals we decided to walk 10 minutes from the touristic area and find smaller places where locals were eating. In doing so, we paid less than half of what we paid for a meal in the restaurants and enjoyed the food so much more! Today, you will explore the outskirts of town and get a glimpse into what life is like for this indigenous community.

Depending on how you travel, you may only have time for a few of the activities near Creel; although, it is possible to see everything in one day. We will discuss each attraction and you can decide how to plan your day. This was our first stop as it is the farthest activity from Creel apx.

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A small fee that goes to help a struggling community. As you walk, you will find a market filled with traditional handicrafts and folk art of the Tarahumara people. The highlight of this sleepy town is simply people watching and observing a unique culture go about their day to day lives. The Jesuit mission church stands in the center of town. Built in by the Jesuit missionaries to convert the native Tarahumara Indians to Catholicism. We struck up a conversation with a local who happened to be a retired community leader.

He gave us a fascinating history lesson of the town and Tarahumara community. If you decide to visit the Recohuata Hot Springs in Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, you will want to reserve half a day for this activity. Located apx. To get to the hot springs you will. The hike down is steep and takes about one hour plan for even longer on the way up. The views surrounding the hot springs are outstanding. Even as avid hot spring lovers, it was hard to justify the time commitment it takes to visit Recohuata Hot Springs. The next three attractions are located within a close vicinity of one another and apx 11 Km from Creel.

Explore the ancient rock formations that resemble frogs and mushrooms.

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This may sound silly, but we found this area to be quite fascinating! Another Jesuit mission church with a fascinating history. The village is home to the Tarahumara community who live throughout the land surrounding the church. If you are lucky enough to visit on a Sunday, you will have the chance to see how the Tarahumara people worship. This was one of our favorite stops in Creel! These rock formations resembling monks date back 20 million years ago. The local legend says that the rocks are indeed monks that have been petrified after several hours of meditation.

A haven for geologists and photographers alike. Surrounding the lake you will find the Tarahumara selling their handmade crafts. The lake is a beautiful blue color surrounded by pine forests and ancient rock formations. Visit at sunset for the most vibrant colors. Located near the train station in the center of Creel. The museum offers a history lesson of the Copper Canyon region in Chihuahua and the Tarahumara community.

Definitely worth a visit! Ask anyone who has traveled to Copper Canyon in Chihuahua about their most memorable experience and chances are they will mention Divisadero. Divisadero has everything: stunning canyon views, endless opportunities for hiking, indigenous culture, adventure sports and much more. Even if you are the type of traveler who likes to steer clear of touristic areas, this place is worth the visit. You can easily escape the crowds by hiking into the canyon, as not many tourists venture far from the main activities.

If you are taking the train, hop off in Divisadero and plan to spend two nights exploring the area. There is only one accommodation offered in Divisadero and it is a bit pricey, but the views from the hotel are phenomenal. If you are a budget minded traveler like us, head over to Areponapuchi. Before realizing how cold the nights could get in December, our initial plan was to camp within the canyon. If you are up for an adventure and the weather cooperates, go for it!

Here is how it can be done:. There are several trails you can take, but we recommend heading in the direction of Ruta de los Gigantes. There are signs directing you towards the route and local guides are there to point you in the right direction. Although we had to abandon our initial plan of backpacking into Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, we had an amazing experience staying at Copper Canyon Trailhead Inn.

If camping is not your thing, we highly recommend you stay here. The host, Rogelio Roy , is the most welcoming and helpful host you could ask for. If you are traveling via the El Chepe train, Roy will arrange to pick you up at the train station and bring you to his place. He also offers rides to the adventure park and custom tours. Roy does not have internet and relies on a friend from the states to answer email inquiries. If you are standing at one of the viewpoints located near Hotel Divisadero Barrancas, look up towards the rim of the surrounding canyon and you may see silhouettes of people.

We were determined to figure out how to get to this lookout before sunset. After asking around we learned that the way to the viewpoint was via a 20 minute drive up an unruly road that our car may or may not be able to withstand. Well, we had to give it a try and we made it three quarters of the way up before having to park and walk the remainder of the distance. You will immediately see a dirt road to your right; take this road and you will reach this outstanding viewpoint.

Try and plan to visit at sunset when the lighting is at its peak. Feeling ambitious? This is also an amazing place to camp. You will have unparalleled views of the stars at night and the sunrise in the morning. There are limited street vendors in Divisadero and Areponapuchi, aside from the food stalls located outside the adventure park. Instead, we chose to try all of the limited dining option in Areponapuchi.

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For many people who travel to Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, the biggest appeal are the adventure sports offered in Divisadero. The highlight attraction is the ZipRider, said to be the longest zipline in the world. There is not only one zipline, but rather over 3 miles of lines spread out across 7 different zipline attractions. Other adventure activities include climbing the canyon walls, crossing five hanging bridges of varying difficulty ferrata , cycling through the canyon, and much more.

We love adventure but we consider ourselves to be mellow travelers. This being said, we opted to skip the adventure activities and stick to what we like best, hiking and photography. Most of the trails in Copper Canyon Chihuahua have been formed by the Tarahumara community. There are literally a maze of trails running through the canyon; all of which are unsigned, running in various directions, with seemingly no concept of grade or steepness. We choose to hike without a guide, but there are hiking guides for hire depending on how far you want to hike into the canyon.

Choose your adventure for the day and be sure to stay for sunset. The adventure park closes at 5pm so by sunset almost everyone is gone. We had the place to ourselves as we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen. Urique is a charming community situated at the bottom of Urique Canyon; the deepest of all of the six canyons that make up the Copper Canyon system in Chihuahua.

We had to choose between going to Urique or Batopilas. Urique won over Batopilas simply due to its close proximity to Divisadero. If you choose to go to Batopilas, you will need to head back in the direction of Creel and and follow signs towards Batopilas Canyon. One possible deciding factor for choosing whether to visit Urique vs. Batopilas is the conditions of the two roads. The road to Batopilas has recently been paved, while the road to Urique consists of a series of narrow, steep switchbacks with room for about 1.

Throw in blind corners, terrifying cliffs, absolutely zero side rails and you have your road to Urique. This being said, if you factor in the road conditions, the driving time to Batopilas vs. Urique is likely comparable. On the way to Urique be sure to stop at the town of Bahuichivo for lunch.

As recommended by our host in Areponapuchi, we paid a visit to Restaurant los Aguachiles and ordered none other than their famous dish, aguachiles. The portions are massive so it may be wise to share. If you are taking the El Chepe train, the closest stop to Urique is at Bahuichivo. There are shuttle services offered in Urique that will pick you up and drop you off at the train station in Bahuichivo we will make a mention to this later on in the text.

After you pass the town of Cerocahui you will see a lookout to your right; stop here for an incredible photo of the valley. Soon after passing Cerocahui the road becomes an uneven, dirt surface until you reach Urique. It is here, a few miles before the view point, that the road becomes steep and narrow. Drive with extreme caution! The total driving time from Areponapuchi to Urique, Copper Canyon, Chihuahua took us between hours not including stops.

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We arrived shortly before sunset and found the weather to be quite pleasant as compared to Creel and Divisadero. The enjoyable mild temperatures meant that we could camp! Luis and Teresa, the owners of the property, were the most hospitable and welcoming hosts you could ask for. Teresa prepared each meal from scratch using locally sourced products, as well as produce from their small farm and garden.

We will never forget the meals we had here! If you are traveling through Copper Canyon, Chihuahua via the El Chepe train and want to visit Urique, one option is to arrange to be picked up at the train station in Bahuichivo. Another option is to take the bus from Bahuichivo to Urique. The bus schedule coordinates around the arrival of the train. If you are taking the second-class train, the bus will be there waiting for you upon arrival.

If you are taking the first-class train, you will have to wait about an hour for the bus to show. This being said, it is not excessively enforced and certain places are allowed to serve beer with meals. For a traditional drink, ask around for Tesguino, made from sprouted and fermented corn. Spend the day exploring the small town of Urique on foot or bicycle, or simply relax while listening to the blissful sounds of birds chirping and enjoying the tropical vegetation. If you are traveling in the summer, be aware that you will likely experience thunderstorms and an excessive amount of the worst kinds of biting bugs!

It is possible to hike or drive to the indigenous community of Guadalupe Coronado, located about 15 minutes by car from Urique. On the way, make a stop right before you cross the bridge over the Urique River. The road will veer to the left and in no time you will come across an old mining tunnel. In Urique you will find remnants of its past as an old mining community, established hundreds of years ago. The event attracts runners from all over the world to Chihuahua, Mexico for the chance to run 50 miles through the challenging and rugged Copper Canyon.

There is no easy way out of Urique. Thankfully we asked about the condition of the road running directly from Urique to Batopilas before attempting the route. We were told by locals that only off-road vehicles should attempt this road. If you have the desire and the time, you can hike the 52 km route from Urique to Batopilas, a supposedly spectacular backpacking trip.

Our Copper Canyon, Chihuahua exit strategy consisted of driving the same treacherous road that led us into Urique.