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Dee Dee was portrayed as a loving caretaker, but behind the scenes, she would physically abuse her daughter to control her.

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As Gypsy Rose grew older, a number of doctors found that she tested negative for muscular dystrophy and that she could indeed walk. And in , Gypsy Rose — now 21 — met Nicholas Godejohn on the internet. The pair grew close, with Gypsy Rose later telling a neighbour that they were considering eloping.

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In , Gypsy Rose organised for Nicholas to visit her home in Springfield, Missouri, when they began their sexual relationship. In June , Godejohn came to the Blanchard house while Dee Dee was asleep, with Gypsy Rose allegedly giving him a knife, gloves and duct tape before she hid in a bathroom.

'Murder by Proxy': Documentary-maker looks at workplace violence

While it was initially theorised that Gypsy Rose was kidnapped, her relationship with Godejohn was soon discovered, and after the pair were traced via their IP address, they surrendered. In July , the abuse Gypsy Rose experienced came to light, and she accepted a plea bargain of second degree murder with a 10 year prison sentence. Earlier this year, Godejohn was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. If you've got a story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro.

Got a showbiz story? Plus, a look at the use and misuse of DNA evidence in solving crimes. All Things Considered p.

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The bold sounds that nearly caused a riot in Paris is a time-honored classic. NPR will have the story of how Maestro Dudamel first encountered it. Bob Collins was with Minnesota Public Radio from Re: 3, during the first interview the woman came off sounding like a racist. Ether way, not a very flattering portrait of an Republican voter.

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Maybe all terminated employees should get complimentary counseling to help them transition, and maybe just vent to someone who will listen. But I dare say it is not shallow, but critical. Her husband approached Shapiro at the Romney event in Springfield.

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Color me cynical, but I find it very difficult to believe that Lussier was unaware of the fallout from her Indianapolis quote. This sounds more like a CYA move to diffuse the initial quote. When I was a supervisor we worked under the assumption that yes, workplace violence can happen here. We had very strict rules about firing people including timing, follow up, resources offered, and more. One of the key things I remember is never fire someone on a Friday.

Then they just stew all weekend.

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If you fire someone on a Monday, they can use start looking for resources and new work immediately. Five by 8. So yesterday, volunteers show up at the Wyndmere, N.

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