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Houston Outlaws. Washington Justice. Show 3 : 0. OW League FR. I replied that I knew exactly which VHS he was referring to and also still had copy of it. This sort of thing happened a lot between us, so we liked to quiz each other from time to time then joke about how different we were for our identical upbringings. One night when I was staying over at Ben's house we got on the topic of kids' ghost stories.

I love creepy stories but Ben hates them, so the conversation was slow going at first.

We started with the usual stories kids in the neighborhood spread. It was funny how many of our towns' stories were exactly the same for being opposite sides of the city and river, ten miles from each other. The dilapidated places were always haunted. We had both heard about a one-eyed black cat nobody owns that watches the children play out. The list of stories went on, as did the similarities.

Ben got surprisingly into the discussion. To which I confirmed or told my town's slightly different version of the story. That's how the night progressed. After we exhausted the conversation he ended with, 'Even to this day I'm still scared of the Dog-Men, so please tell me you've heard that story too. I just remember being dumbfounded, saying I had no idea what a Dog-Man was.

As far as I'm aware the 'Dog-Men' story is just in Ben's town. We tried looking on the internet but Ben was too easily freaked out by pictures and scary stories that popped up as we searched. The Dog-Men really grabbed my attention. Usually kids' ghost stories go into so much detail, like the color of the ghost's dress, or the exact way the hair hangs over the ghost's eyes.

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But there wasn't much information about the Dog-Men. The details were vague. His words at the time were something like: 'The older kids who were allowed out the street told us about Dog-Men, who stood around in the alleys at night, and the older kids were shamelessly scared to go there when it got dark. Obviously it was thugs or druggies, I explained. But he was adamant. No, because they ran away when they noticed the kids watching them. They'd climb up the high walls of the back alley into peoples' back yards really fast, without making a noise. The older kids wouldn't talk about it unless pushed.


He said their feelings seemed too real to make it a joke to scare the younger kids. His childhood friend Wes claimed to have saw one too. The story goes the Dog-Men would be found standing in small groups or more often solitary in the middle of an alley, looking for scraps of food, not doing much else. Ben seriously thinks he saw one with his mom one day walking back from the shops. Apparently it was in a fenced off area where a block of flats had been demolished a few years earlier. At the opposite side of this land he saw a skinny, hunch-backed man cupping his hands full of water from a stream which ran through the plot, washing his long greasy hair.

Almost ritualistically. Even though he didn't see the homeless man's face and was quite far away to make out details, he swears something about that man wasn't quite human. I blamed a child's imagination and exaggerated memories. But he swears it. He showed me the area that next morning. If he and his mother are remembering correctly, I have no idea why even a homeless man would wash his hair in that dirty stream.

I first met Wes a few weeks after the night I learned about the Dog-Men and didn't hesitate to ask for his first hand account of the Dog-Men. It was the main reason I decided to meet him after all. His description was similar to Ben's but his encounter was far more close-up. Wes lived further from the local corner shop than Ben and used to take a shortcut through an alley when he walked there. The wheelie bins were out that day. He said he could hear a cat or dog feeding on some discarded food behind one of the bins.

It happens a lot and everyone knows to keep a distance so the dog won't get aggravated and attack. But Wes said the dog didn't look right.