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Once I educated myself on how to properly care for my hair, I went from two inches of hair to hair that is now mid back length in three years. I used to be the girl that people told I needed a perm. This article is true but to a very small extent. Honestly as a child I became annoyed with habits forced on me to conform to common European standards of beauty.

Those women had long beautiful nappy , kinky, and curly hair. Nothing can be discussed in a mature, respectable fashion. Name calling. Long or short. Black women are very beautiful. It has made me wonder why sometimes they have short hair. But only in a inquisitive mannor. Black or white. First mistake is comparing hair, wtf? African hair does not grow to the ground, it grows to the sky.

Secondly, No one has the same hair as you, so stop. Our hair breaks and falls out because of the things we put in our hair and our bodies. Have several seats. We get our hair cut like everyone else. God is more concerned with our hearts, not our heads.

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All of this talk about hair is becoming nauseating. Their are bigger issues and more to life. White women fixate on their weight and our community fixates on how to wear our hair. None of it will matter when we are gone. My mother and her sisters had long hair, and several aunts still have it. My mother chose to cut her hair, and keep it short. After military service, I cut mine off, grew locs and wore them for seven years, and now keep my hair short.

We have a bad habit of looking for quick fixes, and ignoring the signs of damage to our scalp. More BS propaganda!!!!!! This article ignores one glaring fact; most black women are killing their hair and scalps trying to change their natural style and composition. My hair has already grown well-past my shoulders. The key to my success? I stopped burning it with hot combs and putting toxic chemicals in it to straighten it. I sport professionally done dreads without any sort of extensions , and am regularly complimented on how nice they look. Most black women want straight hair because they dislike their nappy born hair, if they were proud of their nappy hair they would sport it.

Rj, the truth is a non- factor here. If the facts embarrass, shame, or otherwise expose undesirable behavior, you will be called a host of names and labelled a troll. However if you buy into the collective group think mentality that has taken blacks completely backward from the direction that Dr. They refuse to see their hypocrisy and thus spiral further into mediocrity. So that is that purchase hair that is what he likes.

Another reason I straighten my hair is to show the assholes like some not all of the commenters here that black girls CAN grow long hair. Jiggy, women and men have been wearing weaves and wigs for centuries. We are not talking about other races. We are speaking about American black women and the foolishness that they perpetuate with their self hate. How sad indeed. Maybe from the women in YOUR family. You know absolutely nothing about how a black woman feels. Had to correct myself otherwise Jiggy might call me uneducated.

There is nothing desperate about it, or any self hatred involved. So the next time you want to talk about self-hatred, and acceptance, look no further than your own mirror. So what, a black woman wants to sport blond hair. Nothing attractive about wanting to be white, at least not for me.

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You need to start thinking outside the box. So desperate to look and be accepted as white. Come correct now black women and stop the self,hatred. I thought he died. He has been missing in the comment section on the articles pertaining to whites. I was getting ready for the second line march. Get a grip, no one wants to look white. Who the hell wants to be white??? That is why your asses are laying in light up coffins in February, hoping you will be my color by May. White people tan yes, some augment that process, but it is nonetheless, a natural process.

Wearing hair hats to cover your natural hair is not. Look at Ne-ne and the rest of the hood rats from Atlanta HW, all doing their damnest to look white with those silly azz weeds. This fool thinks that baking in a human oven is natural process. UV rays from the sun stimulate skin cells resulting in a melanin pigment. That is a natural process. That is the epitome of self loathing and desperation for society to accept them as white. Sighhhh, and life continues. Your a grown boy.

It is important to stay on topic. You can Google how to do that. Dark complexioned people can be born blonde. Ever heard of the people of the Solomon Islands, the Melanesians or Oceania? Go use the net for something besides trolling to start a mess. Pick up the National Geographic. Go to a museum. Do something to enlighten yourself. The Klan, your parents, and yourself have failed you. You are so right Debbie. They do want to be colored. And let them go one day without washing their hair and they smell like a wet cat.

You a lie no black person wants to be white because while their hair may be long they barely have any there plus they have flat asses.

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I hate to the one to tell you…all races have their share of fat asses. Aye bring all I gotta say is u prolly be look as dumb as u sound. You know how many white people try to do everything like blacks? The fact that your even still comparing races shows how much of a narcissistic, self-centered, punk bitch you really are. U Probably one of them white assholes still hoping slavery days will come back.

N people like u are the reason why is black people look at u white people differently. Now snap back to reality bitch. You are commenting using your WordPress. Furthermore, the obvious patriarchal tone of some of these commandments reflects their context and time, but in an age of increased inclusiveness and gender equality, how do these commandments speak to the moral responsibilities of women? Women also covet, murder and desire the illicit.

As a society we usually do not frame our lives with moral absolutes; our thinking has become far more fluid on ethical matters. But maybe, despite changing realities, we like to hold on to ideals that fix certain things such as marriage and property as inviolable. For me, however, I think there is only one rule to live by, the golden rule of treating others as you wish to be treated yourself. This is the ultimate religious, secular and moral commandment, applicable to all and deserved by all.

Rather, it is more an orientation towards others, a state of mind in which we are aware that we are essentially relational beings, without drawing on too many emotional or psychological excesses. If we turn it into a philosophical abstraction, it becomes meaningless; if we think of it in terms of our everyday encounters with one another, it speaks to human aspiration in us all.

Although it is often thought of as belonging to an eternal metaphysical reality, handed down to human beings on tablets of stone, it is first and foremost simply a powerful tool for managing the social world. Laws enforce a certain degree of order but it is morality that oils the wheels of daily interactions and gives the law its legitimacy. Different cultures have found different ways to implement such a system of benign control, and the Ten Commandments provide the template for how it has been made to work in the West. The first component is that the core moral principles tell us what we must avoid if we are to live together peacefully.

Three still form the basis of our most serious criminal laws: killing, cheating, stealing. The other two are examples of the kinds of sins — adultery and covetousness — we generally oppose but which it would be foolish to use the weight of the law to enforce. All five still resonate today. The prohibition against adultery might seem outdated but it is remarkable how our theoretical tolerance usually goes out of the window if we are the ones cheated on.

The first five, however, deal with a very different aspect of morality: the authority on which the rules stand. God is a strangely elusive being, however; and consequently, a society obedient to him must remind itself frequently that he exists. This demands forsaking all other gods, setting aside a day a week to worship him and creating taboos against uttering his name in vain or trying to create images of him. To keep the old rules, people must learn to respect the old ways and that starts by revering the generation above you, with the reward that you, too, will one day be respected by the generation that follows.

So here you have a kind of recipe for a moral system that can survive millennia: rules that govern social interactions, underpinned by an obedience to those who gave you the rules.

See a Problem?

These law-givers are both the ultimate source — remote and divine — but also the actual people who pass these laws on — proximate and human. We want the protections of morality without having to defer to it, the fruits without the roots. The problem is not that morality requires divine assent. If things were good only because God commanded them, then morality would be hollow and God could as easily demand murder as prohibit it. So God only gave us his commandments because they were the right ones to follow in the first place.

That means they are right whether God tells us about them or not. The problem we have now is social, not philosophical.

We have as much reason to be moral today as when Moses descended from Mount Sinai. The trouble is that, in practice, reason has little to do with it. Deference to a moral authority saves us the trouble of having to think more deeply about why we ought to do anything at all. But something needs to do the work today that those five commandments did for centuries. That something needs to transcend our own narrow self-interests and those of our kith and kin.

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The only credible candidate for that is our common humanity. To cynics this sounds like wet, naive, kumbaya-singing optimism. When even Muslims slaughter Muslims for being the wrong kind, it would seem that when push comes to shove, what divides us is always much stronger than what unites us. On the whole we do treat each other well, for no other reason than we recognise that if you prick any of us, we bleed.

Every major moral advance — the emancipations of slaves, women, ethnic minorities and gay and transgender people — has followed from a growing recognition that those previously seen as second-class citizens are in all vital respects the same as anyone else. Add to that a strong dose of enlightened self-interest, a recognition that the smitten have a tendency to smite back with even more righteous violence, and there is no mystery as to why we still largely adhere to the social teachings of the Decalogue long after their author has exited stage left.

Morality used to be rooted in a sense of attachment and loyalty to the group, with its requirements to honour its God alone and to forsake all others. Now it has to be about weakening those partisan links and connecting with a wider humanity. This requires a complete reversal of the first three commandments.

For whoever the Lord thy God is, your first and highest duty is to your fellow human beings. Julian Baggini is a philosopher. The words are hammered into the North Carolina hillside above a natural amphitheatre a hundred feet high. Making fun of Bible-bashing Yanks is a standard tourist activity for British expats.

Americans are not perturbed by the violent absurdity of Christianity, whereas the British have had too many centuries of mad aristocrats roasting each other alive for reciting the wrong catechism to be anything else. It is no accident that most of the high priests of world atheism are British — not when our major exports are intellectual snobbery, religious discomfort and passive aggression. The Ten Commandments theme park is relentlessly mockable. The gift shop features so many weak attempts at wacky religious wordplay that it should be called a punnery.

There are books of prayer specifically for the followers of various sports teams. I could go on. There are countries and communities in the world where being an atheist takes true courage — but I did not grow up in one, and neither did most of us in the West. But religion does not have a monopoly on those excuses.

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As a child, I briefly attended an evangelical boarding school — an unusual phenomenon in godless Britain, especially for the atheist child of a lapsed Jew and a lapsed Catholic. It was a point of pride to me to get the top marks in every scripture class, despite thinking the whole thing was silly and not being afraid to say so. The most buzzing topic in the natural community today is stimulating hair growth. This seems to be the most important issue discussed besides moisturizing and product choice.

And every one claims that they have found the secret to growing long, flowing hair overnight. I, too, am guilty of using YouTube tutorials as a means to somehow program my hair to grow at alarming rates and finally end my impatience. Unfortunately, I found that although most people mean well, they are not professionals and I was simply going at my own risk. For example, one young lady claimed that a DIY egg conditioner mixture would grow my hair overnight and claimed to demonstrate the results. I took her advice and just like I expected, it was too good to be true.

As a registered nurse, I like to take the scientific approach to things and break them down to simpler terms. Which means, my hair will grow no more or faster than my predisposed DNA structure allows. In other words, the hair will grow gradually on a monthly basis regardless of what you do, as long as it stays moisturized and free from breakage. There are several ways to help facilitate hair growth. One way is by providing a dark, warm and moist environment. Science tells us that growth is best when something is given a dark, moist and warm environment. This is true for just about anything such plants, bacteria and even a fetus needs this type of environment in order to strive.

So, the same applies to the hair. I cannot stress this topic strong enough. Without moisture, the hair experiences dryness and with dryness comes breakage, shedding and ultimately no growth progression. Some people do a daily co-wash.