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I felt scared but wasn't sure where and I was not strong. I had little courage. Awaiting Life. Gone but not Bygone. Sunshine and a Rainbow. By : Melissa H. The Change. Thick lips, thick thighs, wide hips, big eyes. I knew I was growing up when my body began to change. At first it was subtle,. My Experience with Liars. Experience with someone who is a liar Will always make my heart burn like fire I can't imagine why someone would do such a thing Not understanding what kind of circumstances lying may bring.

When the dam split open. The Night Sky. Staring at the night sky, the stars would twinkle. The moon shone its light and my eyes would crinkle. My dreams ran wild,. Aquired Taste. Cookies, oranges, pizza as I please But not the nasty food,. A fence is like an airplane, It won't fly without jet fuel.

A commitment is like a door, You don't know what's on the otherside. Sprouting Up. When I was younger I had an idea about being like the big kids. Growing up has many responsibilities. You must not show any traits of puerility. I wish I knew that. Pomp and Circumstance Rang in my ears as I slowly took one last Glance At the world around me, that would change forever. Diploma in my hand! Now I'm Grown. As The Sands Fall. As the sands of time fall And collect in a mound I stop and reflect On the wisdom I've found For every day is a lesson A subject to learn And by the end of the day Priceless knowledge is earned.

The New. I hear. Blooming Love. Innocence to Present Tense. Laughing on the playgound with no regret. A life of consequence. Playground games to college classes. My life displayed. Hidden Pathway. There are many feet on this long road, No one's quite sure, at first, where it goes.

Some of us carry a heavy load Others, on accident of course, step on toes. At first, the end destination is in sight. All I want to do is be quite,A place in nowhere where I want to hide. Let it be rainy, the weather is calmLet this place be the one where others can come. I started off so timid and shy. Conformity, humility. I try to hold on to my doll. She is so fragile still. I brushed her hair, can't let her fall. I'm deep in dreams, then hear the call Of Mom, "The food will chill! Am I living a life worth sharing? You ponder this question a lot the cyclical nature of your thoughts feeling stranded you just need it to stop.

You know that feeling, right?

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Lost Superhero. Cape fluttering behind me Now caught in the leaves No one to give me the third degree Nevertheless she still believes. Growing some ears. I used to be a big pain in the rear,. Thanksgiving dinner. It's thanksgiving dinner the entire family gathers at my house There's all kinds of food: Turkey, stuffing, cornbread, and even Brussels sprouts. How to Drive. You just got your first car, but to drive is something new.

Your hands are on the wheel, but they're not at 10 and 2. You haven 't had much practice and you didn't take the test,. Mothers All Around Us. Mothers all around us, everywhere we go. Feeding us, teaching us and watching as we grow. Beautiful young mothers, who never grow old, Who keep a smile of sunshine and a heart as pure as gold. The First. To be the first, What a wonderful thought. To be the first in a family, Oh how much has been fought To achieve something my family has not.

Tree of Hope. When I was young I used to dream I would run through fields, so ever green Up so high the sun would gleam It gave me hope of possibility. The Next Level. Since being grown up, I read more now. This all began in She was a child that grew up poor. Thought she would never open a door.

From kicking and screaming, To second and gleaming; New journies ahead, but still wants more. Bring Back The Light. How long does one wait How long should it actually take? A minute an hour for sakes. We sit and we wait for something to happen When in reality. It already did it just didn't wait for you. Moving away to college.

Living in your own bubble is quite nice Everything is how is supposed to be because there is no other way There is no need for you to rise You feel comfortable and there is nothing else to say. She left her shoes at the door Her dreams in her bed Her pride on the floor Her thoughts in her head No food in the fridge No money in the bank No magic hand or bridge Her mind is just blank.

You're Independent now! Fifthteen, growing older and coming of age, I knew that things were bound to change. Not really knowing how to fill out an application, I sat there with a great deal of hesitation. Looking Back When The Glass. They pose ideals of perfectionism, Which quickly became my critcism They preach of beauty of this and not yours, Yet this is what I believed as I grew.

Autumnal Tide. Love is tested, Lust is bested,Time will tell, Eyes will sell,What truth will behold,Ill will cant be sold,To the one who bears well For a fair share and a just causeOur words are never forced to pause. Let us let. Stupid Dogs. Little Flower Blooms. Glow to Grow. Childhood has begun to fade; finding your purpose is the aim. The pieces of life spread apart like trinkets of a game. Glow until you grow or until growing causes glowing. Beginning higher education challenges everything you know.

Questioning the p. Jealousy - a body part? There's the funny bone. And we know what our heartstrings are.

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Oh, and that gut feeling we have to signal danger. The Echo of Love. We not safe no more Nevermind the point that we the mother nation my people are getting killd All hard to see the pain of our mother's crying but violent has just taken over our bodys. Fighting the hunger Just trying to survive Rationing slivers Just biding our time Racing through my homework Then teaching my sister persistence I tried to be calm But she needed desperate assistance.

A Girl. What's In The Middle. I'm Learning. Time Flies. Ever since I was 8 I always worried about when I ate Constantly witnessing my parents struggle to put food on my plate. The psychological feel of advancement A portal to a new beginning Using darkness to create and mold my light. Sweetie Pie. My dog Sweetie Pie is black and white, She sleeps curled up all cozy and nice, But wakes in a fright, When something is not right, It was just some falling dice. Accomplishments Over Time. Add a carrot nose and two acorn eyes Maybe a scarf too My six-year-old self thought at the time Name him Billy My snowy creation He might be small and silly.

The Last Balloon. My Walk to Maturity. Heart broken and alone. Once I might have thought of broccoli as trees, Or never had to worry about hidden fees. Once I might have laughed all day, With one concern of what game to play. Without a doubt,. Grow up, Stop looking at things so close up. I sat the bench all season of Field Hockey, Some said it's because I'm not too jockey.

I watched my friends run and play, While I sat there feeling gray. The old me vs. The new me. Brush my teeth, fix my hair, off to bed. Wake up, brush my teeth, go to school, go to work. Weekends wake up get dressed go to church. The cycle repeats. Emily Dickinson had me I wanna be in sublime harmony With the birds, trees, flowers and bees I mean would it be sheer blasphemy.

An Unending Fight. Although I was born into a time of relative peace while Americans had to toil, I was never aware of the amount of time that was left, Before the ultimate incursion on American soil. The stares, They burn. I shoot my hand up in class. Teacher staring at my ass. The beginning of a perfect liberal poem! The glares,. Driving Alone. Wilson Light Tunnel. As a child Chocolate was delicious I prefered my salsa mild And nothing was malicious As a tween The world was my enemy I was without an iota of hope to gleen And dawn came upon my reality.

Two children were born Neglected and alone. Till the age of two When you took us home. Battles were fought And habits were changed. Make some changes at your own pace, And your internal glow-up will be in range. The Summer I Grew Up. In my early years, the world consisted of me, myself, and I. Later on, many considered me to be extremely shy. During my high school career I discovered various hobbies which helped me escape my fear.

Little, Playful, Full of Joy; that's who I was as a little boy. Stress free, shy, but so full of glee. Until Heaven took him away from me. I miss you, Dad. Worrying, crying, bullied for so long. Regrets Healed Over. Blood Isn't as Thick as You'd Hope. Boys and Girls she had. Many of them gathered round. Love she spoke, yet love we didn't feel. Love we didn't see. In the footsteps of the trees, we grow.

Propsering flowers and bees, we grow. A little sapling at birth, we grow. Looking to find our worth, we grow. Now a toddler tree, we grow. Spark of curiosity, we grow. Your age. Your face changes. But me. How did I change? A Work of Art. Dark Room. Out of My Hands. Perfect Girl. Shower Confidence. Support System. A girl to love, that sounds like fun but sadly they go one by one That leaves me with a whine for stability someone to bring me tranquillity. Thief of Love. Too Much. Pity Me. Look Down On Me, as i look up to my dreams as i begin to start planning my schemes though for you, not enough it seems.

Bring Me Down,. When Memories Change. This Is Who I Am. Back in the day when I was a young girl, They said my teeth should be white as a pearl. They said I needed makeup to be glam, But now I know that this is who I am. In middle school, they said I was too fat,. Yellow Balloons. On the last week of third grade, All of what we knew came to fade. Our blue sky had turned to gray. We were told that he would never see another day. As a Day Goes By. In the morning, I wake up and all these problems come about All of these problems cause me to act out Parents, parents, parents, what a pain.

Not a Child. I'm not a child anymore I can comb my hair and dress myself, I couldn't do that before. I'm not a child anymore, I stand tall and I speak up, I've grown inside a lot more. I'm not a child anymore,. The Returning. A new place to achieve my ambition A new place to explore ny future Though I am risking with this transition My anxiety can be cut with knives.

I know I am grown when I'm alone. I know I am old when I call the doctor on the phone. I know I am getting up there when my skills start to hone. I know I am aged when money for school is on loan. I know I am ancien. Summer Nights. How I've Changed.

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In my mind I capture A time when I was less mature. At an age Where I could barely talk on stage. With time, I learned to rhyme. Cheesy, cheesy Pizza. It was just a cheesy, cheesy pizza running down the street Every other pizza laughed because of all her cheese No one realized that cheesy, cheesy pizza was the one to be eaten first. Her Shifted World. A bright world which was her own, That is what she knew. Once it changed, She realized she did too. Toys and games,. Not a Kid Anymore. The Age of Innocence. No more little playgrounds to play on, I'm a big girl now, At the crack of dawn, I'm up and learning who, what, when, where, why, and how.

No more silly jokes for me,. Fake to real I had no choice. It was stand still or project my voice. Innocent to vulnerable with decisions choose wisely or be judged.

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  4. Judged on everything so choose your heart don't hold a grudge. When, the autumn leaves lost their red, i spent more moments living inside my head, i learned to appreciate my bed, i knew i wasn't the same as i was. When, i noticed the injustice,. On the radio I hailed,. Growing Up Fast. Black Girl Magic. Chivalry is Not Dead.

    Choose to grow within the treacheous weather. Choose to bloom throughout the rain and grab a sweater. I cannot lie, it won't be easy. But choose to be the purple flower, not the puny seedling. I Am Not Yours to Keep. Is my soul not enough for you to keep. The Exact Surrender to a Teacher.

    Two voices one song. Why can't you see? There was a time when I was so quiet The silence it came from the fear of a riot Occuring so fast and caused by my blast Of words I couldn't contain For if they remained Inside me the same. Drag Queen. My First Job. Bees are like kamikazes and. Smart and Beautiful. Young and free Happy as can be Drawing on walls And playing with dolls Grow a little older Things are colder Getting called names Can't play some games Because your ugly and stupid.

    Coming Home. Thank You, Teachers. Every day is planned out to the minute Most of us have never had teachers that cared this much You have always taught us in spirit With a special, caring touch. Broken hearts. Condemned and Shunned, My mind can function no longer. Battered and bruised, Like life on the battle field It can fight no further.

    Reasons why. We go to great measures, Just to ensure we have the right gestures. For in a world where we have to earn, Shows us how much we have to learn. The Angst of Depression. What is the meaning of this? Personal Growth. My life is full of expectations Some parts have altercations I love the loyal I hate the royal You rise to the occasion. Grown Now.

    Perfect Perfection. Perfection is always a goal Crushing a person's soul Trying to be worth gold Slowly crumbling under the mold Souls gathering up building a cult Trying not to get a single insult. Grow i n g Up The day I turned 18, I announced my independence from my parents.

    They nod in agreement. The day I turned 18, I announced my independence from my parents. Cold Coffee. My best friend Courtney.. Am I lost? I must have been lost,Wondering if what should be its costHave I lost my mind? Cause baby, you're always filling me inside. High School Do Over. Always planning the future, and missing out on the present. If these were the best days of my life, why does it feel like a bunch of knifes?

    I nev.

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    Growing out of Insecurity. At the age of thirteen my whole life changed. I walked into the kitchen and on the table there was something strange. What I saw was a grenade lying there ready to grab. So, I walked over and held it in my hand. My Life part 1. Rainy Days. I've Moved On. I treasured you; you're all that I knew at one point in time. I gave you all of me and then some, down to my last dime. Starting University My future filled with uncertainty High hopes for my engineering courses. Twilight Skies. Twilight Skiespassing by. Wish I could stop to say "hi,"but I travel with time.

    Not smiling at smiling me from the DMV. Not watching an R without all of the PG. Not even checking the squares of democracy. Im not sorry mom. I'm sorry I have disappointed you, mom You think it was so sudden like a bomb It wasn't for me And that I can guarantee I have taken time to know for sure That I don't need a cure Love is not a choice. What I Have Become.

    Brought Up. Butterfly Effect. Head down in a book, Hiding my braces, Fearing they may look, Always so abrasive. Things to Miss. Faded memories of moving trucks and tire swings, a driveway filled with old Chevy's and other broken things. Simple pleasures like going to Chuck E. Cheese, It only took words to put me at ease.

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    This I Pray. The ones you love,. Respect My Name. She said she can do it. She said she can do it but in reality she's loosing it. Its funny, i've been playing life like a game of rummy. Year by year i watch my days pass, as if im wathcing my life from behind a glass. Derealization is what ive got, I'm in control.. Black Is Growing thoughts and "One Days". Hearing you've gotten taller, was such a simple thing And being an adult had a nice ring However, as you grow you'll begin to see All the different changes around thee Your Mom and Dad begin to gray. Growing Leads to Glowing.

    I started in a nest, My messy hair stayed a mess. My Mom always knew I could not follow rules. I tried to touch the sky Long before I could fly. I cherished giggles and fun. Ocean in My Mind. The water consumes everything around Sinking, sinking, I continue to drown Screaming, fighting, and yet there is no sound. Growth Of The Bitter. This rage of my screaming pain I writhe in my own agony of the stains The stains it has caused in my mind and oh so many fabrics The blood stains of bitterly depression. True Freedom. It's awful, this thought that brought it up keeps on coming. The laws, the media, the repeating cycle of what's new.

    It's causing poverty, and honestly, we are consciously lost. Gains and Growing Pains. Step one Look up to your brother he's in your corner And has a back when you've got none, don't let him down. Find out in the first of two rhyming stories, Humble Hedgehog, when Humble meets Tank the labrador. Published: August 14, Find out when Humble hedgehog meets Tank the labrador in this rhyming story. Published: June 13, The first of two rhyming dog histories, Bella Fire Dog, is about how Bella's dream of being a fire dog is realized.

    The third rhyming story, Nightmare Winnie, is a horse fantasy about what happens when Winnie's dream takes flight.

    Words: 1, Published: March 19, The first of the three rhyming stories, Guide Dog Scout, is about Scout's journey through puppy training to graduation as Samantha's guide dog. Listen Up Lucky Pup is a rhyming story about how a homeless dog's special talents are recognised by shelter staff leading to a rewarding career for the lucky pup.

    Published: March 12, Nightmare Winnie is a rhyming fantasy about what happens when Winnie's dream takes flight.

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    Published: January 16, Dalmatians born in the UK have a proud history serving as coach dogs. The first rhyming story, Bella Fire Dog is about how Bella's dream of being a fire dog is realized. Published: January 14, Published: January 11, Bosun Hangs His Harness Up is a rhyming story about retiring guide dog Bosun's journey home to his puppy walkers. Published: December 18, Coach Dog Dick is a rhyming story about how one dalmatian connects with his coach dog forbears. Published: November 27, Lily Liver's On the Plate is a rhyming story about how a typically greedy dalmatian is thwarted by the neighborhood dogs, cat, and birds while trying to steal their dinner but redeems herself with her owner.

    Lily Liver's On the Run is a rhyming story about how a dilly-dallying dalmatian defly dodges a german shepherd bully. Lily Liver's On the Ball is a rhyming story about how a playful labrador shows a ball-shy dalmatian to catch and fetch balls before they can hit and hurt her. Published: November 26, Set in a New Zealand garden, Fidget Fantail is a rhyming story about what happens when a cat follows a bird home.

    One dog is positive, happy, optimistic, and hopeful. The other dog is negative, mad, sad, pessimistic, and fearful. On a cold winter day, a curious dog wandered onto a frozen river, and before he knew it he was traveling fast on a sheet of ice. Many people tried to help, but the dog could not be reached. Dog Inc. Former Miss Wyoming, Bernann Record all of the adorable physical and personality traits that you love about your dog. Learn how to rain your dog and rewa Grade In , a dog won the hearts of the people of Japan after a newspaper article described his loyalty to his owner.