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Need Hosting? BaseKit siteBuilder Create professional websites and sell online quickly in 3 easy steps. Web Hosting Perfect for simple or personal websites, small business and portfolio style websites. Cloud Hosting Easy to use, simple to manage scalable cloud solutions to meet demanding website and application needs. The follow on Centurions are still plugging away in various guises in several armies… Amazing.

This engine as fitted to the Leopard significantly increased its performance. When they built the Challenger 2E it was found that the MTU powerpack is dimensionally smaller than the Perkins in the current Challenger 2. Seems like a win-win scenario that did not go anywhere. Once again we are dreaming. We have a small Army with limited resources. Get rid of the remaining MBT and change to to something faster smaller lighter, with advanced tank killing missiles.

Do we need our own MBT especially if you only have a few?

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Our government continues with MOD budget cuts we will end up with a few soldiers like Belgium or Holland. At its present rate of advance, the Chinese will be building and selling to the highest bidder a variety of high end tank killing systems within the next 10 years, no doubt about it. The challange is being able to target a missile from ground level. Aircraft have a natural advantage over tanks as they are high up and so their radars can track targets from great distance, but then the reverse is true, a ground based radar can pick up a plane and target it.

BAE unveils 'Black Night' - the first fully-upgraded Challenger 2 tank

Which is kind of funny when back in the day the tank was formed by the land ships committee. So let me give all you fine chaps my take on this tank. Firstly my credibility, CR2 is sort of my bag and without going into what I do, it is firsthand experience and not copied and pasted from some kids website. I wonder why they never kept going with the development, when it was clear that NATO as a whole was going down the smoothbore route. Excuse my ignorance on this subject but could the Chally3 fit and use an automatic loading system? Why is everyone going on about the gun for the bae systems bid?

I understand it is perceived as a weakness.

BAE Systems details Black Night demonstrator

There obviously will be a link between the two programs and the bidders have been encouraged to provide optional extras. It maybe that rheinmental go for a full turret replacement which obviously would make sense to have a new gun at the same time. Simon: The life extension program was originally a cheap solution to replace the out dated systems on the vehicle, most of the fire control systems are of early 80s design and are no longer supported so it was a bid to keep the vehicle supportable until its OSD.

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That idea has changed somewhat over the last few years and now is worded as keeping the tank competitive out to So the Capability of the L, without going into numbers. Thanks BV well if it is that bad, hopefully our short sighted politicians will get the cash out and the army will have the sense to invest in a new turret or even new tank rather than throwing money into something that appears obsolete.

Hopefully black night is a stop gap. UK Defence Journal. Image via BAE Systems. BAE systems say that Black Night comprises cutting-edge technologies and capabilities, which are being offered to the Ministry of Defence as part of the Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme. We are providing the bulk of this upgrade from home soil, however, we have chosen the best defence companies from around the world to collaborate with also, including names from Canada, France and Germany who bring unique skills and proven technology.

The British Army has our commitment that we will deliver the most capable upgrade possible, and the best value for money. Active Protection System — Systems allow the tank to detect incoming anti-tank missiles or armour penetrating rounds and automatically launches a counter-explosive to neutralise the threat. Laser Warning System — When targeted by enemy weapon systems, the tank can identify the source of the threat then automatically slew the gun to point at that source, making it quicker for the crew to counter-fire.

Regenerative braking — The tank has been made more energy efficient by using less energy-hungry kit and installing regenerative braking in the turret, which generates power when the gun slows down into position. Meggitt secures contract with BAE for generator system. First degree camera for armoured vehicles. This comment form is under antispam protection. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. You can flag a comment by clicking its flag icon. Website admin will know that you reported it. Admins may or may not choose to remove the comment or block the author.

And please don't worry, your report will be anonymous. Enemy tank: A scratch? Enemy tank: You liar! Black Knight : Come and fight me, you pansies! I wish I could vote you up for the Monty Python Reference….

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Daniele Mandelli. Nigel Collins. Rob N. However a minigun and a hp powerplant would be a logical upgrade. Paul Bestwick. John Clark. Anthony D. David Taylor. Am I missing something?