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He is depicted as a former World War vet and now works in the Scotland Yard. The author has done his characterization as a tall, tough and handsome man and has a permanent scar on one of his eyebrows from the world war battle. The series consists of 12 different novels set in the post World War One India, and were published from to Author Barbara Cleverly is still working on the series and the latest novel of the series is about to be released soon. The deaths of the wives of the British officers in Bengal each year in the month of March raise some serious questions. The murders take place in a similar fashion and the murderer never forgets to leave a red rose over the dead bodies of the officers wives.

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Soon, Detective Joe Sandilands is ordered to move to India to investigate the serial murders when the fifth murder takes place. This time the woman is found dead in her bathtub with her wrist cut.

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Although the death looks like a suicide, the Governor calls for a thorough investigation with the possibility of a brutal murder. Detective Sandilands becomes determined to find and unmask the killer who has links with the dark Indian history.

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The author has done a wonderful job of describing the beautiful sunsets and relaxing summer seasons of India. It does not appear from any angle that the country would be under the influence of a serial killer, one who likes to kill only the wives of the English officers. With the dead body of the English wife floating in her bathtub, the English officials call for a specialist investigator to clarify whether the death was a murder or a suicide.

Detective Sandilands possesses all the essential qualities that make him an efficient detective. Having first served as a soldier in World War One and later as an inspector in the Scotland Yard, he has the reputation of having the ability to solve even the most difficult cases. He moves to the British-ruled city of Calcutta, India ad spends some time investigating the case. He discovers that there has been other mysterious deaths the city that were similar to the present one and showed the sinister links to the dark history of the country.

Now, as the acts of gaining freedom from the British government increases among the Indian citizens, the British rule is on the verge of decline. It has become even more important for Detective Sandilands to carry out the investigations as quickly as possible and bring the murderer to justice. He is also aware of the fact that the killer has already given the sign of his next victim by sending the last Kasmiri rose. This novel too features Detective Joe Sandilands and his attempts to solve the mysterious murders in the British-ruled Indian cities.

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The second novel is particularly set in the Himalayan city of Simla during the time of As the rest of India suffers from the prickly heat of the summer season, the city of Simla is filled with the cool atmosphere of the Himalayan ranges. Here, the British rulers had created an atmosphere similar to their hometown with timbered houses, gymkhanas, amateur theatricals and a high class regal court for the socialites. The city is filled with jazz energy everywhere. During this time, Detective Sandilands is invited by the governor of Bengal, Sir George Jardine to join the delightful homelike atmosphere.

The victim, a Russian opera singer was an important guest who was heading to the city for performing in front of the high class socialites. He realizes that the murder of the Russian singer was linked to a similar case which happened about a year ago in a similar fashion. With the turn of events, Detective Sandilands comes to know about the trail of blackmailing, vice and murder behind the colorful face of the social life of the city of Simla. Email Newsletter. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Publish my Pro profile. A series of murders roils suffragists in Cambridge, England. Released: Aug.

A desperate plea for help from a schoolboy sucks Scotland Yard Detective Joe Sandilands into a case that could end his career.

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A darkly glamorous thriller. After three rounds with a new detective A Darker God , , etc. Marital and political discord in Athens. Isn't it time to put an end to handsome men laying nefarious proposals at the feet of plucky heroines? If the denouement is a mite implausible, the dash up to it is mighty fine. Another wily escape for the deadlier of the species.

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    Four French families claim relationship to a shell-shocked soldier. Complications ensue. There is nothing like a dead Dame. The repercussions from a chance encounter aboard France's Blue Train, just before its crash in , reach back to India's Hill Country three years later.

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    After spending six months of in Calcutta advising the Bengal police, Commander Joe Sandiland of the Yard is anticipating a welcome return home when Acting Governor Sir George Jardine requests his help at the outpost in Panikhat. Jardine's niece Nancy, the wife of Officer Andrew Drummond, is adamant that her best friend on the base, Peggy Somersham, was too phobic about blood to have committed suicide by slitting her wrists.

    Naurung, the Sikh assigned to assist Sandiland during his stay in Panikhat, agrees with Nancy, but Superintendent Bulstrode, of the local police station, demurs. Who's right?