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We may have forgotten just how deeply God is committed to freedom. Learn what the "New Life" holds for you. A lot of people are searching today. Some are looking for something new, something different.

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Not everything is what it appears to be. Learn the identifying marks of a cult based on what the Bible says. Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Learn what the Bible has to say about living a healthy lifestyle. Sooner or later everyone faces a disturbing question: why so many denominations? If Christ is supposed to bring people together, why have His followers split into so many factions? Why do so many different groups claim to be the One True Church? In this presentation—learn what the Bible says about this topic.

The book of Revelation reveals truth and exposes error.

God's Revelation and Human Freedom, Continuing Romans 1:22-32, 2:1-8

He longs for us to be preserved and protected by His truth. Some people are so afraid of it they try to avoid having a Social Security number. Others worry about the bar codes scanned at check-out stands—what could be behind it all? Could it be that some of us are clinging to the wrong thing in the name of religion? There are over different denominations, creeds, and religious groups in America today! New churches are rapidly springing up across the country. How does the average person ever sort out the claims and counterclaims of all these religious organizations?

More than of our leading newspapers carry astrology columns. Can an individual really be sure of truth? Does God have a true church on earth today? Is it possible to know which church is His true church? Both the Old and the New Testaments are designed to give certainty, definiteness and concrete answers to these questions. True 2. Daniel 3. Examples of this are my conscience and my mind. My conscience and my mind tell me that there is a God. The world around us and our own existence is enough to prove to us that there is a God.

Natural Revelation is enough to convince us that God is powerful and that He created the universe. Looking at the universe is enough to convince us that someone extraordinarily powerful must have done the work of creation. Natural Revelation is enough to convince us that there is a curse upon the world. We realize that the world is not perfect and that this is an unnatural state for it — there is something wrong with fighting, hatred and death.

Nature teaches us about these things, but that is not enough. Nature also convicts us of them. Natural revelation is all that God would need to reveal about Himself in a perfect world.

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However, since our world is not perfect, we need more — we need Special Revelation. Special revelation tells us what Natural Revelation cannot.

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It tells us about how God relates to people. Special Revelation has been unfolded through history. It began with God revealing Himself to just one man — the first man. Then he revealed Himself to a family, then to a tribe, a nation, a race and then finally to the whole world. Special Revelation speaks about the same things as Natural Revelation, but does so in more detail. Please be respectful. To comment, enter your name and text below you can also sign in to use your Scalar account. Comments are moderated. Sign in or register for additional privileges. Peter Brown , Author. Divine Revelation: God Speaks One way we learn about someone is to ask questions.

What Revelation Reveals

When we ask, however, we must be prepared to listen to the answers. When we discuss revelation, this is what we are talking about. Revelation is God making himself known to human beings. Revelation, in a sense, is a way of communication.

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This requires a communicator, who is God, as well as a people to receive the revelation. In one way of looking at it, there are two types of revelation. Sometimes this kind of revelation is called natural revelation. Natural revelation is natural in two ways: first, because the world of nature is the medium through which we receive our knowledge about God; second, because man's natural use of reason is the means of learning about God.

When we look at the created world around us, we have the natural ability to learn about God.

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As St. Paul tells us, "Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made" Rom God, therefore, reveals himself to us in the natural world of creation and through the use of our natural reason. We can observe the world around us and draw a logical conclusion that God exists.

Revelation Revealed

This is called natural revelation because we are using our native power of reasoning about creatures to "perceive from them how much more powerful is he who formed them" Wis But while human beings can know God exists and can also know certain important attributes of God, including the basic difference between good and evil, it is in practice difficult to know these things without a great deal of time and effort and making many mistakes along the way.

Besides, there are many more important questions about God that man simply cannot figure out on his own—questions such as who God is, what sort of God he is, and what his overall purpose was in creating human beings.