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Recommended by educators, My First Brain Quest presents questions and their corresponding answers to help you achieve your goal. It gets kids talking and creating sentences. This little playful pup is ready for adventure. In addition to following you around, it offers sound and music effects to entertain your child. Kids will learn numbers, colors, body parts and more and have fun adventures with their new friendly companion. The Rhyme and Discover book features six classic nursery rhymes. Children can enjoy the colorful illustrations while singing to their favorite nursery rhymes.

Kids will learn about animals through classic stories. The music is fun and cute and it encourages development through rhymes and music. Designed to work on fine motor skills, Spike is a fun colorful pal that helps 1 year olds count and learn about color. It has 12 colorful quills on its back that can be removed and put back. When you are done, the quills can be stored inside his shell. Your 2 year old will love working in his own desk. This electronic desk from VTech does everything. There is even a flip up easel.

The coolest pat? It comes with 5 different activity mats that unlock everything from a piano to learning the ABCs. You can even buy additional mats to unlock even more learning features. The paw print teaches kids about different animals. Since the headset doubles as a handle, kids can take their buddy with them.

What better way to learn the alphabet than with the gang from Sesame Street? These plastic letters come in a convenient plastic case. Inside the case, there are slots for all of the alphabets. Behind each letter is a character or item from Sesame Street that starts with that letter. It is the perfect gift for a 2 year old who is learning his alphabet. Kids can zip over and pay their animal friends a visit. You can place the buckets close together so your child can easily cross them by walking across them.

As she gets more skilled, you can place the buckets further apart. Kids will love using the buckets as part of an obstacle course. Now kids can learn and have fun with Mickey and friends with this Disney character set. Plus, they stick to the fridge and other magnetic surfaces, so kids can have fun just about anywhere.

This is no ordinary flashlight, as it shines a light on learning. Kids will have fun learning and adventuring with this fun flashlight. Can he put 4 blue squares on the blue pole? This classic stacking toy is such a versatile toy. Kids simply have to move the colored shapes on the colored poles. As kids move the various shapes on the poles, they are learning about shapes, colors, sorting, stacking, counting and more. As he is learning, his little fingers are getting exercise. Who loves cookies? In addition to looking like delicious fun, kids can learn to count to 10 in a fun way by counting the chocolate chips.

The correct answers are written on the bottom of each cookie. Kids can place one of the letter tiles in the school bus window to hear a song and the sound of each letter. Leapfrog has a similar product for learning numbers. Little ones will have a blast playing with this musical table from LeapPad. There are 2 modes of play. You simply turn the page to switch between learning and music mode.

In learning mode, each of the instruments will introduce kids to numbers, colors, shapes, and more. When you switch it to music mode, it becomes a little symphony of instruments for little ones. There is a piano and even drums. We like that it can sit on the floor and the legs can be attached. Kids can pull him along on their adventures, so your buddy will never be too far. Kids can learn important concepts, such as color, size, numbers, counting, and more.

LeapFrog AlphaPup Ages The AlphaPup makes learning fun for kids. It will teach kids letters and words and builds phonics and vocabulary. Kids can even sing along to three learning songs. The Learning Friends Words Book is a valuable and interactive tool for your toddler. Simply touch any of the word and image pairs and it sounds it out for your child. Kids will have fun while building their vocabulary. Designed for kids ages 1 — 3, the Touch and Teach Elephant book is interactive and educational.

Kids will learn letters, shapes, and more. Learn about animals, numbers, and hear piano sounds. The book also features songs, melodies, and sounds to entertain your child. Press the different buttons to hear the different letter sounds. The fun addition? There are light up buttons on the bottom that activate different modes including our favorite mode: Jukebox mode. In this mode, the letters will actually sing. We especially love that with Smart Stages tech, the toy grows with your child.

Keep your toddler busy with a wide range of activities: bat, press, rattle, and musical keys that play songs, sounds, and phrases. Lights, songs, and sounds help create an immersive experience. Babies and toddlers can have their very own tablet with My First Learning Tablet. Through 25 pretend apps and activities and over 20 songs and melodies, this toy introduces little kids to numbers, shapes, colors, and more. It features a touch-sensitive light-up screen and kids can even swipe on-screen. Touch an activity icon to choose an activity to play or hear phrases, music, and sound effects, depending on the mode.

There are 3 modes of play: Explore, Learn and Music. The 5 dock icons introduce kids to more phrases and sounds about greetings, time concepts, pretend play, and music. This is a cute toy that helps little ones feel big with a tablet all their own. The lights and fun sounds make the learning play fun and engaging. Since you can easily secure to car seats and strollers, take the learning fun on the go!

Designed for birth and up, your pal teaches numbers, counting, colors, and music.

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With 5 classic songs and up to 10 minutes of soothing music, baby will be in dreamland in no time. With so many different possibilities, what will you make your dino do? Access learning content, music, games, and phrases with buttons on its feet. To encourage baby to get up and active, it plays music, moves its head, and claps it hands. Its soft arms enable tactile learning for baby. Combine with other Linkimals toys to create a synchronized light show to dazzle baby and help them learn better. For The 2 Year Old Adventurer. So he loves going outdoors?

Here are great gift ideas for 2 year old boys who love a great sense of adventure. What ball pit would be complete without some fun balls to play with? These balls are crush-proof and you get a great variety of colors. Best of all, they come in a convenient mesh bag for storage. It comes with all the hardware you need to hang it from an existing swing set but you can attach it to a tree with separate anchors. Note: Little Tikes recalled a similar version of this swing produced from , but this product is not part of the recall.

Why go to the park when you can have a park in your own backyard? With a colorful design and featuring a basketball hoop, football toss, soccer, slide, and more, this playset is built for 2 year olds. A football, soccer ball, and basketball are included with the set. Atop the All-Star Sports Climber, toddlers can scope out the view. Kids will love climbing up the easy to climb steps and sliding down the slide over and over. Love playing in the sand? Bring the sand experience home and play anytime with your own sand table from Step2.

The set includes shovels, rakes, and a bucket to enhance your play. Get ready for hours of fun at a time. Kids will love building sand castles and sailing the little boat it comes with for hours and hours. There is even a cute little umbrella so kids stay shaded while having fun in the sun. This table has 2 drain valves so you can fill both sides with water.

Kids love bouncers! Why rent a bouncer on his birthday when you can make every day a party with this bouncer from Little Tikes? It takes only a few minutes to set up. You simply stake it and use the included blower to inflate it in about a minute. The party never has to end even when the bouncer goes down. Step2 Play and Fold Jr. Slide Ages You might not need to go to the park with this slide. With a 3. It has a longer sliding surface and more room to climb. The extended high side rails keep kids safe. It folds easily so it is easy to store. Designed for outdoor play, this playhouse delivers splish-splash fun to beat the heat.

The overall design of the set will inspire endless imaginative fun as kids grill up imaginary meals for their families. Every 2 year old should have a water table. Your 2 year old will love pouring water down the whirlpool water tower and playing with the included ducks and frog squirter. On hot summer days, it will keep him busy and cool for hours. This easy to assemble picnic table from Little Tikes is perfect for outdoor picnics.

The table is a perfect size for toddlers and seats up to four kids. The removable umbrella is perfect for protecting kids from harmful UV sunlight. The table is so lightweight that you can easy move it around and even bring it indoors to use as a play area.

Children Learn About The Butterfly

Pacific Play Dome Tent Ages While it is fun to use indoors, this colorful tent will let 2 year old boys spend warm summer nights camping out in the backyard. He will love playing with all his toys, reading books, and sleeping inside it. When it comes to open ended play, nothing can be old fashioned play. Forget the cheap plastic buckets that fall apart if you just look at them funny. Made out of recycled plastic, this sturdy bucket from Green Toys is designed not to fall apart.

It has a sturdy rope handle that is designed not to buckle with the weight of the sand. The tools are perfect for digging up sand. They love crawling in and out of this tunnel. You will love playing peek a boo with him at the entrance. This tunnel is super easy to store and take on the go as it easily folds up when it is not in use.

With bright colors and exciting patterns, this is the perfect chair for your 2 year old boy. He will be so excited to have his own chair and will want to sit everywhere with it. It folds up easy and is easy to take everywhere from the backyard to the beach. Your little gardener will love helping you in the garden with this watering can.

Made out of eco friendly sturdy plastic, it is extremely durable and designed to last. The handle is constructed out of heavy rope and supports the weight of the can. It even includes both a rake and spade that can actually scrape and dig mud without splitting half. He will love watering the plants. Everybody wants to have their own playground in the backyard. Swings are cool, but the Super Spinner Swing takes fun to a whole new level. The unique design allows it to swing and soar like a swing but it can also spin.

It can do both at the same time. With a weight limit of lbs, multiple kids can ride it at the same time. Sports toys are some of the best toys for 2 year old boys. Get your little guy active with these great sports toys. Your little 2 year old Michael Jordan will love this basketball hoop from Little Tikes that grows with your child thanks to its adjustable height.

Batter up! For 2 year olds boys that love baseball, this cute set includes an over-sized bat, one over sized ball, and a tee. The height can be adjusted. Put the ball on the tee and swing for the fences. Little ones will love golfing with this fun toy golf play set that includes 2 clubs and 3 plastic balls. Add a little color and texture to the game of bowling with these colorful animal shaped bowling pins and bowling ball. A Trampoline is a great way for a 2 year old boy to burn off some extra energy. You can go with a small one but if you have the space in your backyard, this 7-foot one from Sportpower will give you plenty of hours of summer fun.

Designed for toddlers, it supports up to pounds. Just get a large gymnastics mat and let your little gymnast jump, tumble, and roll all over it. The super cushiony material is designed to withstand abuse. It can be easily folded up when you want to put it away. A soccer ball makes a great gift for a 2 year old boy. Designed for smaller children, this classic soccer ball from Wilson is the perfect soccer ball for 2 year old boys.

Because the ball is lighter than a traditional youth ball, even 2 year olds will feel like they are in the World Cup. Got a little sports lover? It features basketball and soccer in one amazing set. Over 50 songs, sounds and phrases bring the action to life. We love how in addition to encouraging active play, it also teaches shapes, numbers, and sounds. The working scoreboard keeps track of score. The set includes a basketball and soccer ball. Let the learning fun and games begin!

How many goals can you score? Ride Ons. Any time your 2 year old rides any vehicle, he should always wear a helmet and knee pads for his safety. Most helmets are sort of boring, which makes it difficult to get kids to wear them. If he is obsessed with Paw Patrol like most 2 year olds, he will love wearing this adorably cute Paw Patrol helmet. Forget training wheels! After they can walk, 2 year olds can ride the Strider bike.

There are no complications with training wheels or pedals. Once they learn to balance, even 2 year olds will speed around on it like it is a motorcycle.


With the larger tricycles, he may not be able to reach the pedals. Before he learns to pedal on his own, the removeable push handles allow you to push and steer him around. One he learns to pedal on his own, the fully adjustable seat means that it will grow with him. Imagine fighting crime as Batman. With big plastic wheels, you can conquer almost any terrain. All kids have to do is climb the small steps and then the fun begins as the coaster goes racing down the track. Push it back up into place and do it all over again. The entire neighborhood is going to want to come over. There are no lines.

It features cool styling and big foot pedals, making riding easier. The trike is well-designed, durable, and safe for kids. There is even a hidden storage compartment under the seat. It features a sleek design with a honker, seat belt, and two cup holders. Kids will enjoy the smooth, quiet ride and ride in style! With tons of learning features, 2 year old train lovers will love getting aboard this alphabet train from VTech. While it functions as a walker for younger children, it transforms into a train caboose ride-on for older children.

He will enjoy all the sounds the train makes while he sits on the train and pushes it around. Micro Mini Kick Scooter Ages The Micro kickboard Mino Scooter is simply the best scooter for smaller kids. With a 3 wheel design, it offers greater stability for toddlers than a regular scooter. By simply leaning left or right, your 2 year old can learn to steer it. He will be riding it like a pro in no time.

PlasmaCar Ages Designed to work on smooth flat surfaces, the award winning Plasma Car is propelled with kid power.

Play And How It Impacts Early Brain Development

Kids simply wiggle the handle back and forth to make the car accelerate forward, which is great for gross motor skill development. We love how the wagon can be easily folded for storage or transport. With seats, seatbelts, seat backs, cup holders, and even a canopy, every outdoor adventure will feel super comfortable. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Ages 18m For the longest time, the Cozy Car has been a kid magnet.

It still is. With a 12 volt battery and real tractor wheels, this rideon has the power to go just about anywhere from the dirt to over the grass. He is going to want to switch to the faster gear right away. Luckily, it has a built in lock. This is a fun learning pony for children. It can convert from a rocking horse into a ride-on as your child grows. Kids will learn colors, animals, and more! There are over 60 songs, sounds, and phrases to enjoy and the horse plays realistic horse sounds and phrases to create a satisfying experience.

Does he love Disney Cars?


The doors have wide openings to easily hop in and out, and it features cool sounds to create a fun riding experience. This has to be the coolest Thomas the Train toy for 2 year olds. It cruises along at 2 MPH, thrilling little fans. All little ones have to do is push a button and they are off on their own Thomas adventure. Where will his adventures lead him? Your little cowboy will gallop into the land of make believe with this rocking pony. The horse sings and plays sounds when you press the button on his ears.

Giddy up for exciting adventures with the Bounce and Spin Puppy. As baby bounces or spins, this ride-on puppy delivers songs, sounds, and educational phrases while developing gross motor skills. In addition to encouraging active play, it promotes alphabet, numbers, colors, and more. Interactive buttons and colored lights bring the puppy to life. When your block play is over, cleanup is a breeze.

What fun creations will you build? Featuring a durable body with quiet, sturdy tires, this convertible balance bike delivers a safe, comfortable riding experience with easy steering. Younger kids will love pushing themselves along, while older kids can practice mastering balance and speed. The bike is designed to grow with your child with conversion from three to two wheels. Choose from six available color schemes. Dolls and Plush Toys. The Ohio State University Medical Center says that 2 year olds love using an animal friend to provide a sense of security. Here are the best animal buddies for 2 year olds.

Oh my gosh! This little guy is so adorable. Dumbo has nothing on him. Your 2 year old boy will love dancing with his new best friend. Does he love Pooh Bear? Little ones will love cuddling with Winnie the Pooh. What happens when you combine a super hero action figure with a doll? You get this unique superhero doll for boys. With a vinyl head and a soft huggable body, your 2 year old boy will go on many superhero adventures together. The doll also includes a matching mask and cape for dress up play.

After more than a decade, Tickle Me Elmo is back! This little cuddly friend created quite a toy craze back in the day. Elmo is softer than ever, features four levels of laughter, and more activation areas than ever. He loves nothing more than to laugh! Keep tickling him for endless laughs and fun! Does he love watching Elmo on Sesame Street? With a soft plush body, eyes, and face, Elmo has never been more huggable.

Elmo is sure to bring your 2 year old toddler lots of smiles and adventures. It may be due to his irresistable looks and charm. Does he love Curious George? He will love this 14 inch plush version of Curious George from Gund. You can get Curious George dressed up a pirate, firefighter, astronaut, or even in swim trunks. This large size Kids will love sitting with him and watching cartoons all day together.

Is he afraid of the dark? This glowing seahorse from Fisher Price will become his biggest pal when the lights go out. With a simple hug, the seahorse glows and plays soothing music so your little one can relax, close his eyes, and fall asleep. Mini Mickey Mouse resembles the classic cartoon hero and will inspire countless magical adventures. The size is perfect for little hands. Does he love PJ Masks? Let him live out his favorite adventures with this amazing plush collection starring all of his favorite characters from the show.

The characters are lovable, huggable, and super adorable. We all like reading to our kids and doing funny voices. There is a fun assortment of characters from animals to heroes. You can also have him play along. This is one of those toys that looks and sounds super silly, but mesmerizes kids. Somebody most have noticed that 2 year olds love playing with buckles so they made this toy to keep them busy. On top of everything, they added a zipper. Give this to your 2 year old when you want to keep him busy.

It is important to let boys play with baby dolls especially if a new baby in on the way. Dolls are great for nurturing play.

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This realistic baby doll that is sculpted by Salvador Berenguer is perfect for 2 year old boys. About 15 inches long, the doll comes with a lot of fun accessories like a pacifier and baby bottle. When you lay it down, the doll closes its eyes. Your 2 year old boy will love the chance to practice being a daddy. Peppa Pig is authentically recreated and fans are going to love playing with her!

She looks adorably cute with her little teddy and she is made of premium quality materials. Just think of all the amazing adventures your child will come up with. Gund Slumbers Teddy Bear Ages Everybody needs a teddy bear. This huge 17 inch teddy bear from Gund looks like the teddy bears you see in the movies. This is Ryder, but there are a whole bunch of characters to choose from. They can go on rescue missions together. Even for boys, dolls are great for learning how to nurture through pretend play.

This little adorable baby boy doll is the perfect baby for 2 year old boys. If you are on the Internet, you may be familiar with Pushteen. Now Gund has created a ton of plush figures starring this popular internet cat. This 10 inch version of him is the perfect birthday present that not only makes a cute stuffed animal but an amazingly soft pillow. Boo Stuffed Dog Ages Look at this little guy. This 12 inch life size plush looks just as cute as the real Boo. How adorable is this? When Gotham is in trouble. When 2 year olds need a friend, they call on Bat-bear.

Your little superhero will sleep with him every night. This is probably the cutest teddy bear ever. Look at his big droopy face and sympathetic expression. At inches tall, he is just asking to be hugged over and over again. His fur is super soft and he is as squishy and huggable as he looks. Love the Baby Shark song? Alternatively, slowing the mouth movement slows down the song. Bring the Baby Shark fun wherever your adventures lead you. Who could resist these cute and cuddly pillow buddies? Like other Pillow Pets, they convert from a pillow into a character. New Toy Story characters for include Ducky and Bunny.

Kids will love going on fun imaginative adventures with these licensed characters and can even sleep with them after a long day of adventure. Dolce is launching something exciting and refreshingly new this year. When you unzip it, out comes a hippo. Hidden inside the hippo, there is a lion. Unfasten the knot on the lion to discover a little monkey with ringing bell. There is even a soft teether for babies.

For a young child, there is so much to learn and discover from nesting to shape sorting to knot tying and more. Get ready for a fun safari learning adventure! According to the Better Parenting Institute , blocks are toys that 2 year olds will play with over and over again as they improve muscle development and coordination. Your little guy will have fun building structures that topple over.

Engage his creativity with these fun building toys for a 2 year old boy. This bag of 80 over sized building blocks is perfect for spurring the imagination of your two year old boy. Does your 2 year old boy love anything to do with construction? With 26 Duplo blocks, this little Lego set lets him to have his own little construction site. He will build a truck and excavator. After he builds the trucks, he will love driving around in them.

Like all other Lego Duplo blocks, we love the big colorful blocks that are perfectly sized for little hands. It includes blocks with the numbers 1 through 10 on them. Blocks are great for building imagination, problem solving, and fine motor skills.

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  7. There are many different Lego sets, but we love the basic Lego sets with just bricks in them the most. With 80 large Duplo blocks, this is the perfect first Lego set. This set contains Duplo blocks which are much bigger than traditional Legos. You get all sorts of different sized bricks that come in a variety colors. There is nothing more that 2 year old boys love than Legos and cars. This 36 piece set allows little mechanics to create so many cool cars and trucks with just a few Lego pieces. Boys will never get tired of taking them apart and building them over and over again.

    Turn your 2 year old into a little constructor with this 67 piece construction themed Lego Duplo set. Compared to other Lego Duplo sets, there are a lot of pieces included so he can build all sorts of things including skyscrapers, trucks, and more. The only limit is his big imagination. The colored chunky blocks are fun and are the perfect size for little hands. Now he can build his own fire truck out of 26 colorful Lego Duplo pieces. After he is done building it, he is going to want to take it on rescue missions. The fire engine has a rotating ladder on the back.

    The little firefighter can climb it and save people out of the burning window. Kids will have so much fun building Mr Potato Head. But everyone knows that building wacky, creative designs is the best. There are endless creative possibilities with more connection points than ever. Got a little builder than loves anything Spider-Man? It is the the perfect starter Lego set for superhero fans. Zoom into adventures! Every town needs an airport, so this makes a great addition to his Lego collection.

    Watch as his imagination soars to new heights! In addition to a plane, the set also includes an air traffic control tower, boarding gate and accessories to enhance your play experience. Where will your adventures take you? Little ones will enjoy playing out daily family life adventures in this 3-story house. The house has several rooms to inspire creative play. Mom, dad, and child are included figures in this piece set for playing out your adventures.

    Squigz is a suction cup construction kit that is perfect for developing little hands. Kids will love sticking all the Squigz to each other to build cool structures that look like something out of Chemistry class. The Squigz also stick to any flat surface so he is going to love sticking his creations on the table, wall, or his forehead. Age 2 is the age where kids love building towers.

    A peg board is a great development tool that helps 2 year olds work on their fine motor skills. These pegs are super easy to stack on top of each other and in the pegboard. These larger sized Duplo blocks are perfect for little hands. This set comes with a variety of pieces to build everything from a train to a plane.

    Climb up to the treehouse and slide down the slide. Kids will have as much fun building it as playing with it. Bristles blocks are great for 2 year old boys. With pieces, these soft colorful blocks give him so many different ways to build. Unlike traditional blocks, you can stick them together in so many different ways to create everything from castles to creatures. An interactive app allows you to take control of the train — sending it in motion either forward or backward.

    Kids are encouraged to explore with cause-and-effect play. Ever dreamt of owning your own pizzeria? Well now you can play out your own adventures with your own pizza restaurant with this fun set. Toddlers will be inspired to serve up fun adventures not to mention the tastiest pizzas in town. Wooden building blocks never go out of style. All of the pieces are rounded off, which keeps kids safe. With 60 different blocks of all shapes and sizes, it gives kids endless possibilities for open ended construction play.

    Does he love building things? He can use his Mega Bloks in addition to the 20 blocks included to create anything he can imagine. From a play world to train and more, the creative possibilities are endless. The magnets are fully enclosed so they are completely safe.

    You can find many cheaper alternatives, but MagnaTiles are still our favorite magnetic blocks. Compared to normal bricks, with Magnetic blocks you can quickly build complex structures. Does he love building with blocks? The Shape Sorting Wagon is perfect for storing and transporting your 2 year olds blocks around the room. In addition to that, it also teaches shape sorting with 6 special shape blocks.

    Kids can build directly onto the wagon so they can let their imaginations soar sky high. This building toy from Little Tikes is so unique. Each of the 18 blocks is about 14 inches long. This means that 2 year old boys can build a little maze or fort that they and their toys can play in. Even pets love these blocks. You can even add more sets for even more fun. Designed for little hands, this easy to build train set from Mega Bloks not only helps your 1 year old work on his fine motor skills but teaches the alphabet at the same time.

    The colorful blocks have the letters of the alphabet printed on them. He will love repeating the letters when he is building the train. Press the smokestack and the little engine plays catchy tunes and sound effects. Choo Choo! It comes with a large plush colored cube. Kids roll the dice and depending on whatever color pops up they pick up the corresponding matching card and perform the action on it.

    This is a game where kids are encouraged to work together. As kids play, they learn color recognition and how to follow rules. The idea of the game is simple. All the players have to pick the fruit off the trees before the raven eats them. Thinkfun Move and Groove Game Ages 18m It comes with a large and colorful plush die that kids love throwing around. Depending on what color the die lands on, kids have to perform different actions that involve them moving around. Monkey Around is the wiggle and giggle game designed for your 2 year old.

    You and your 2 year old will be giving hugs, high-fives, balancing, hopping, marching and more. Your 2 year old will develop gross motor skills, coordination, understand spatial concetps, recognize matching body parts, listening and build vocabulary. Are you ready to Monkey Around? According to a study published by the National Science Foundation , 2- 4 year old children who play with puzzles have better spatial and math skills.

    Here are some great puzzles for them. Does she love vehicles and puzzles? What could be better than a personalized puzzle with his name on it? As he puts the puzzle pieces into the slots, he is learning to spell his name. This chunky puzzle with farm animals is perfect for 2 year olds. Like Harry Houdini, your 2 year old will have to undo the various latches and hinges. Before you know it, he will be able to pick locks. After your child has mastered his gross motor skills with larger knobbed puzzles, he is ready for the peg puzzle.


    This type of puzzle really focuses on the fine motor skills. This one will not only help him work on his fine motor skills, but is great for learning the alphabet. Each puzzle piece is a different letter in the alphabet. Once he has graduated from peg puzzles he is now ready for an actual jigsaw puzzle. With 12 pieces, this is the perfect first jigsaw puzzle.

    The bright and colorful artwork will capture his attention. All of the pieces are made of wood and the wooden frame keeps everything in place. The final build looks fantastic and kids will love seeing all the various pets. This is a fun way for 2 year olds to learn shapes and color recognition. It comes with 10 pattern boards with cutouts in them. Kids have to place the appropriate shapes in the cutouts. This 8-piece set builds out a farm set complete with various farm animals.

    The pieces are sturdy and well-built and kids will have fun assembling the puzzle. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a Christmas Tree themed chunky puzzle? It makes a great Holiday decoration. With only 2 pieces, this is the perfect first puzzle for your 2 year old boy. He simply has the match the head and the tail of the animal. There are 15 different animals included with the set. The larger puzzle pieces are perfect for little hands. You can find all different sets in the line from dinosaurs to vehicles.

    Brian Orr, M. Give him the tools that he needs with these great gift ideas. Bring the beach experience home! Your only real limitation is your imagination. Best of all, even under warmer conditions, Kinetic Sand will never dry out! Kinetic Sand is a kid-favorite for endless outdoor fun! What would you do with 36 cans of Play Doh? For 2 year olds, getting this is like going to Play-Doh heaven. Kids will love squishing the clay into all types of fun shapes. Activity Book Ages These unique coloring books are the perfect gift for 2 year old boys.

    You get 3 different activity books in the pack, which focus on animals, letters, and numbers. That means no mess! As the water is scribbled onto the page, the color is revealed. When the page dries, the color disappears. He can color it over and over again. Alex Toys Button Art Ages Little ones simply have to snap the little colored buttons onto the peg board to create adorable button art. There are 10 different projects.

    The fun never ends. It can be done over and over again. Art should be about having fun at this age. While it is messy, fingerpaint is fun. With this fingerprint kit, 2 year olds will love sticking their hands in paint and putting their hand prints everywhere. This kit includes everything he needs to get started along with the paint and paper.

    Kids have huge imaginations and sometimes they love to create their masterpieces on their clothes, skin, the carpet, or even the walls. The markers are actually clear and only designed to work on special wonder paper. With this compete set, you get 20 Wonder markers and 2 drawing pads. Do you have a little Michelangelo? Every little artist needs this. This is no ordinary easel.

    It features two sides so you can draw or paint with a friend. In addition to creating artwork, 2 year olds can play with the included magnetic letters and numbers. While very expensive, these chunky crayons are perfect for beginning scribblers. Their larger size makes them easier to grip than normal crayons. My First Scribble Ages Those first scribbles are so priceless. This drawing pad contains 50 fun scribbling activity to get your child scribbling like he was born to.

    Each page has an incomplete picture and children will love finishing it. These art smocks are the perfect gift for the little Picasso in your life. They protect his clothing from paint and other art supplies getting onto his clothing. These can be washed and reused time and time again, making them a great value. AquaDoodle Travel Ages Got a 2 year old boy? The Travel AquaDoodle will save you especially on long trips. About the size of a coloring book, kids can draw on this anywhere.

    The pen works with water and when it dries, the color disappears. Just fill the pen with water and doodle in red or blue. Made of a lightweight fabric, it covers both the back and front of their bodies. Because it is made of a waterproof material, everything simply wipes off. According to HealthyChildren.

    At 2, your child will love any toy that inspires dancing, singing, and making noise. Goat, Little Goat. One Hundred and Fifty. There Once Was a King. Chocolate-band Snail, Snail. Ding, Dong, Big Bell's Tones. Sleep, Sleep, Beautiful Child. Where is the Thumb. Go to Sleep, Go to Sleepy. The Days of the Week Rhyme.

    Turn, Turn Around. Turn, Turn Around Long Version. The Child's Horse. The Blackbird Lost Its Beak. In the Middle of the Fountain. La Befana, Frizzy, Frizzy. The Befana Comes at Night. The Pretty Washerwoman. There in the Woods There's a Little House. Mary Busy with the Washing. As You're Sleeping in Your Bed. Lullaby At Twenty Past Seven. Brother Simon's Lullaby. Infant Jesus' Lullaby. Lullaby, Lullaby, ooh. Rock-a-bye Baby, Oh Version 2. Oh, What a Fine Castle. Poppies and Goslings. Peppina, Get a Comb.

    For He's a Nice Boy. Plaza, Pretty Plaza. Parsley Put Itself in the Middle. This is Santa Lucia's Night.


    This One, The Beautiful Eye. Chair, Little Chair. We Went Hunting for a Lion. Under the Malacca Bridge. Star, Little Star. Cut the Garlic on the Cutting Board. A Lot of Wishes for You. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Feet. Mouse-ino Mouse-etto. Mousie, Mousey Zum Ba Ba. Thirty Days Has November. Trot, Trot Horsey. Trucci Trucci Cavallucci. Turli Turli Was Crying. You Come Down from the Stars. One Elephant was Swinging. Long, Long Live Music! Hush, Hush, Softly. My Grandma is a Little Old Lady. Little Baby Conchetta.

    Foot, Little Foot. Piva, Piva, Olive Oil. Saint Nicholas of Bari. Master Bega. Saw Saw, Master Ciccio. You Little Finger. Trot, Trot, Little Horse. Trot, Trot, My Horse. O Come, All Ye Faithful. Creator of the Stars. Sleep Son, Sleep! The Little Hare Wept. Lalla, Lalla, Lalla. This Day Resounds. Sing Together, Children. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Clap Your Little Hands. How Beautiful is this Hat. Little Clapping Hands. In Italy, the older, traditional filastrocche nursery rhymes and songs for children are an endangered species; many of them are not in "official" Italian which is based on the dialects of Tuscany , but in one of the regional dialects.

    These dialects, mainly used in the home and in small rural communities, have been handed down orally. But in many regions the use of dialect is declining even within the family, especially among TV-hungry year olds 1 , so the collective memory of these traditional filastrocche and songs in dialect risks fading with it 2. A few scholars have painstakingly and lovingly collected and studied them 3 but most of these collections and studies of traditional rhymes are for interested adults rather than for children 4. Italian children don't all grow up knowing and loving the same nursery rhymes in the way that most children growing up in an English-speaking environment do.

    However, many of the filastrocche do exist in more or less similar versions in different dialects and some in other European languages - e. Traditional Italian filastrocche reflect Christian tradition many lullabies are about the Infant Jesus and the holy family , and, more obscurely and symbolically, pre-Christian rites, the Moon, the Tarot, magic, the labyrinth, the spirit of corn, the cycle of life - birth, marriage and death - and of the year - seasons, harvest, Lent, Carnival, etc. There are many Italian publishers and web sites collecting and publishing traditional filastrocche , proverbs, songs, sayings, poems and prose in different dialects.

    Mari, A. Savona, M. Ernestine Shargool is a professional translator with an Anglo-Italian background and a lifelong interest in children's rhymes and folk tales from Italy, England and Scotland. She has translated many traditional nursery rhymes from English into Italian. Click Here for bibliography of Italian selections. Many thanks to Ernestine Shargool for taking the time to write commentary about Italian nursery rhymes and songs.

    Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English. Many include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music. Your purchase will help us keep our site online! Visit our store. Please contribute a traditional song or rhyme from your country.

    Over 80 songs and rhymes, in Italian with translations into English. Articles about the music, culture and traditions of Italy and more. Written by Emanuela Marsura, a schoolteacher from Italy. Emanuela is interested in reviving the old-time games of childhood. A time when all children would play outside together, regardless of age. A time when most games were played with inexpensive objects that everyone can easily find. A child [ Margaret-Ann wrote asking for help with an Italian kids Song from her childhood. We were about 10 years [ Katie A. When I was little my great grandma used to some kind of rhyme in Italian with our face.

    It went something like this: […] [ Rosemarie wrote… My Calabrian grandmother bounced us on her lap saying: Bad phonetics Cho, cho cho, che bella cavalle che passemo e quien che cavalle, name la marescial Does anyone know this and have the correct words? Love your site. Rosemarie If anyone can help with this rhyme, [ Tamara Chambers wrote asking for help with an Italian rhyme that you play with a baby on your lap.