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Alfonso X of Castile from the Libro de los Juegos.

Liverpool University Press: Books: Ovid: Heroides I

In spite of the aforementioned works, the assimilation of Ovid and mythology into the historiography of the Middle Ages has not yet received, I think, the attention it deserves. However, it is astonishing how literal and tolerant readers and translators of Ovid were, and this would be worth studying. Tolerant as well, because, while the supernatural elements of the myth, the physical transformation, are interpreted as allegories or historical facts euhemerism , the core of the story is directly translated.

The relative bibliographical void may be due to an incomplete knowledge of the quoted works.

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This is understandable: the first complete edition of the General estoria was published only in , and at present there are only partial editions of the Histoire ancienne. Thanks to the scholars who have progressively edited the latter in both of its versions, and to the team of the ongoing project The Values of French TVOF , this gap will be promptly filled, and, as is happening with the General estoria , the scope and the impact of the Histoire ancienne will finally emerge, not only in French literature, but also across Europe more generally.

In my current project Romaine , Ovid as Historian. The reception of classical mythology in medieval France and Spain , I try to understand better the characteristics of, and the mechanisms that produced, the translations of Ovid dedicated to history in the Middle Ages. Since certain features of this translation in Spain can be observed in France a few decades later over the late 13th and early 14th centuries , a comparative approach seems appropriate.

These common features suggest that the authors and the contexts of composition were influenced by very similar intellectual dynamics. We are yet to identify these currents, and to establish how the works travelled across the Pyrenees. Etching in a copy of the Metamorphoses These thoughts are a work in progress. My assumptions have now been strengthened and refined. The Minotaur is briefly mentioned in the manuscripts Fr.

However, mythographic commentaries can move between texts.

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Ovid: Heroides I

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Englished by W. Heroides , Bristol Phoenix Press in English. Libraries near you: WorldCat Library. Heroides , Edizioni dell'Orso in Italian. Heroides-- select epistles , Cambridge University Press in Latin. Heinemann in English - 2nd ed. Heinemann in English - 2d. Signorelli in Latin - [2. Heroides ; and, Amores , Heinemann in English.

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Heinemann, Harvard University Press in Latin. Heroides and Amores , Heinemann, Putnam in English.

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Libraries near you: WorldCat. Heinemann, Macmillan in English. Heinemann in English. Heroides , At the Clarendon Press in English. Heroides , Clarendon in Multiple languages.