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Being in love is an all-consuming experience. It is exciting, thrilling, and a little terrifying to fall head over heels for someone. The passion between two people deeply in love burns like a wildfire. They only have eyes for each other, and everything else pales in comparison. Passion for a lover is expressed physically, but it can also be a strong emotional connection.

The bond between two people madly in love with each other is not easily broken. It an intense and powerful force. In your arms you hold me tight, Never letting go through the night. All my dreams are peaceful because of you, Holding me in your arms like you do. Read Complete Poem.

She tells it as it is when young hearts are lit with hearts on fire in the midst of desire. Love is meant to be happy and carefree.

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Heaven knows in Read complete story. Until I met you my heart stood still Like the moon and the sun Their love is true That's how I feel when I look at you.

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I am not yours, not lost in you, Not lost, although I long to be Lost as a candle lit at noon, Lost as a snowflake in the sea. When I look at you, It makes my heart overwhelmed with love flowing from my spirit through my itty bitty tiny veins. To hold you close to have you near To have my breath against your ear Whispering the words I long to say Being able to show you my passion in that special way,. You will look very foolish when you are found out. But love tends to do that to us anyway.

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A leading American poet — , she is one of the most accessible and popular poets. This selection is not typical of her output and is surprisingly passionate for a woman of those times. Biographers believe that she may have created a fantasy for herself. But this may also have been a love poem for a man. Read the full poem. He was a doomed man , dying of TB at the age of 26 in a house in Rome where he had gone to improve his health. The house, next to the Spanish Steps, is now a museum dedicated to his life and the life of Shelley.

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He wrote his poetry in a brief five-year period. This is from the point of view of a couple that have been together a long time.

At first, Cope seems slightly resentful that she is being forced into making a romantic declaration just because a certain date in the calendar demands it, but she gets into the spirit of the occasion and her love for her man shines through. Today we are obliged to be romantic And think of yet another valentine. Our love is old and sure, not new and frantic.

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And saying that has made me feel romantic, My dearest love, my darling valentine. Nevertheless, it is a romantic poem.

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I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you, and I sigh. Perhaps the least well known poet on the list, he is an English writer, born in , and is the son of the feted poet, Roy Fuller. Sometimes I feel it is my fate To chase you screaming up a tower or make you cower By asking you to differentiate Nietzsche from Schopenhauer.