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It also complicates digestion, affects the pancreas and other organs and, eventually, leads to respiratory failure. There is no cure, but dutiful breathing treatments — which eat up hours each day — can help with symptoms and complications. So when she became a legal adult and told them she had no intention of getting a double-lung transplant, they had to accept her decision, even if it pained them.

She once escaped from the hospital so she could attend a Bernie Sanders rally. She was of the mind that she would leave this world with the body she came in with. Claire had a change of heart about transplant earlier this year, prompted by a steep decline in her health that robbed her of the energy and ability to do what gave her joy and purpose. It was a welcome, albeit terrifying, development for those who loved her.

To get on the list for new lungs, she had to be sick enough to need them, yet strong enough to withstand the surgery and recovery. But Claire took on the evaluation process to get on the list with laser focus. In late May, she made the list and shared the exciting news with her social media followers who dot the globe. But then, a mix of health and life complications took a toll and knocked her off the list, temporarily. By mid-August, she was back on and feeling ready. Claire and her mother beamed in a photo posted on social media after they learned her transplant was a go. She knew that the call could come at any minute, and on August 26, it did.

The nine-hour surgery went well, and her mother reported that the lungs were working great. Yeager posted a video of herself doing a happy dance with friends in the waiting room. But not long after the successful surgery, hope turned to fear.

Claire’s Lasting Legacy

Claire suffered a stroke when a blood clot cut off blood flow to the right side of her brain. She never emerged from her medically induced coma. She passed away peacefully, with her parents by her side.

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Last night at pm, Claire Wineland our inspirational founder passed away. She was not in any pain and the medical….

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Posted by Claire's Place Foundation, Inc. Claire, who understood the importance of organ donation, was a donor herself. On Monday afternoon, her mother received word that Claire had already made a difference. This time, she was raw and allowed herself to cry. As she faced the prospect of getting a double-lung transplant, she understood how desperate she was to live — and give — more.

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