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The Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Meier's claimed discussions with the Plejarens are highly detailed and wide-ranging, affording a body of claims running from religion and the afterlife to human history to science and astronomical phenomena to ecology and environmental dangers and even prophecies of future historic trends and events. An additional aspect of the Meier case is the highly controversial book the Talmud Jmmanuel.

UFO Contact From the Pleiades Vol. 1, 1979

The book was originally published in German in and is now being prepared for its 4th edition in the English language. It is said to be the translation of ancient Aramaic scrolls that were discovered by Meier and a colleague in Jerusalem in The book claims to be the original teachings and life events of the man named Jmmanuel. Extensive study has been made of the book by James Deardorff. Criticism and controversy The photographs and films Some of the most important evidence for Meier's claims come from his large collection of controversial photographs.

These include images appearing to show UFOs in the Swiss countryside, the Apollo-Soyuz docking, and distant astronomical phenomena. Supporters believe that the images are exceptionally high quality and that a one-armed man would have been unable to create such remarkable fakes.

Critics such as Stanton Friedman and Jacques Vallee believe them to be fakes.

Meier claims that these photos were altered by intelligence agencies and slipped into his collection in order to discredit his UFO case. Vogel said that in his view the samples were impossible to be made with the means of contemporary metallurgy and displayed the properties of cold fusion which were beyond the reach of science by then and still are. Vogel also states that the metal vanished from the IBM laboratory not long after his work was completed, preventing other scientists from performing their own analysis on it.

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Which lead to more skepticism and concern. Billy Meier..

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If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Her uncle and the crew who brought her here introduced her into a Tennessee family who had just lost their own little daughter. And although Omnec had the appearance of a 7 year old she had the Venusian wisdom and knowledge of her year equivalent at the time of her arrival here in This then is her story of her early life on Venus, her arrival here in the middle of our first modern excitement over UFOs, her preparation and adaptation to Earth living and its peculiar problems, unknown to her on her home planet.

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They say they come from Andromeda and that they walk our streets and breath our air. The contactee is a tenured professor. Read about their visits and trip on a ET aircraft. Read about the prophesies and see how many have been fullfilled. Valdemir Menussi which occurred in February At that time Sr. Messages take you to the message that were left with Billy Mier in Switzerland.

Message from the Pleiades Vol 1-IV Ted Denmark PhD | rekoworamo.ml

This is a translation of the over pages in German. There are 4 volumes in this series, they pick up where the Preliminary reports left off. Dont miss this Ebook!!

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Fernando Sesma in Spain, and the ongoing communications with him and others over several years time, in Mini-CD format. Many of the original Ummite communications are shown here with translations. The Venusians took an earth battleship from mid-voyage to the Atlantic. They met Coe, including his fiance who became his wife, many time together.