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Here is mastermind Joseph Murphy's most powerful, precise program for using the visualizing faculties of thought to attain the life you want. Whole volumes have been written on the topics that Murphy boils down to their essentials in this all-in-one guide. This special edition is narrated and introduced by New Thought author and historian Mitch Horowitz, who explains how to get the most from the book. Men and women throughout history have searched for the secrets to attaining wealth and prosperity.

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Little do they know, the secrets already lie within themselves. I have gathered six chapters from the most brilliant books regarding manifestation, The Law of Attraction, and mental science, and created a prosperity powerhouse. Learn the secrets to attaining financial security, forever! Remember, everything starts in the mind. Unlock the powers of your mind in this concise, enjoyable course. In 10 simple and straightforward lessons, PEN Award-winning historian and explorer of alternate realms Mitch Horowitz surveys the most persuasive ideas and techniques from within the positive-mind tradition, and shows how to use them in your life.

A guide to creating miracles in your own life through the power of thought.


In this definitive collection of essays, including the poignant title essay "Self-Reliance," Ralph Waldo Emerson expounds on the importance of trusting your soul, as well as divine providence, to carve out a life. A firm believer in nonconformity, Emerson celebrates the individual and stresses the value of listening to the inner voice unique to each of us - even when it defies society's expectations. The author known by the initials RHJ put a dramatic challenge to listeners in His claim was so sensational, so audacious, so begging of argument that one immediately wants to dismiss it.

But for one thing: It works. RHJ's little pamphlet, It Works , has sold more than 1. This audiobook version of As A Man Thinketh is true to the original. Every word written by James Allen is spoken with clarity and authority by the narrator, making it easy to remember the information and absorb the timeless wisdom. This short audiobook, originally published in , has had a huge impact in the field of personal development. It is regarded as one of the most important books of the new thought era. It's written in such a way that makes it easy to understand the most powerful message you could ever learn.

Objections don't care or consider: who you are, what you sell, how you sell, or if you are new to sales or a veteran. For as long as salespeople have been asking buyers to make commitments, buyers have been throwing out objections. And, for as long as buyers have been saying no, salespeople have yearned for the secrets to getting past those NOs. Objections is a comprehensive and contemporary guide that engages your heart and mind.

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He was the father of the occult, the founder of astrology, the discoverer of alchemy. He was Hermes Trismegistus, and as the scribe of the gods of ancient Egypt, he possessed all divine knowledge In this extraordinary book, three secret initiates to his teachings - who remain anonymous to this day - share their insight with all who seek to understand the mysterious underpinnings of the universe and our relationship with it. Originally published in , Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion caused a stir throughout the scientific and religious communities. However, his theories, which are laid out in straightforward detail in his work, were solidly based on his firsthand experiences with patients, including such stalwart methods as conditioning therapy and the placebo effect.

You will learn many of the hidden secrets of Prof.

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Wattles and the art and science of success. The first part of the book was written by Wallace Wattles and the summary was written by Dr. Mentz in Taught by one of the great self-improvement teachers of the 20th century, The Wealth Mindset is an extraordinary guide on how to achieve success by transforming your mental attitude. Clear and provocative, this audiobook will reveal to you a fascinating new way to wealth. In this "mini-book", P. Barnum gives practical rules that allowed him to stay out of debt and to acquire wealth.

The "rules" are illustrated by homespun stories. While some of these of this may seem like common sense, it is the kind of common sense that Wall Street, the government and many ordinary people seem to have forgetten about in recent years. Free PDF ebook for writers A beautiful ebook to guide you through the meandering terrain of your imagination.

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Chapter 1 Preview. The ebooks available from Project Gutenberg Australia, all of which are free of charge, are usually provided in 'txt' or 'html' format and can be read on any personal computer or laptop, using a text editor such as Notepad, which comes bundled with every copy of Microsoft Windows, or with a Here is a link to CIMS India Drug Information eBook in pdb format.

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The Science of Being Great

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