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Thirteen Doctor Who stories from thirteen bestselling authors. Now with a story featuring the brand-new Thirteenth Doctor by bestselling author, and Baileys Women's Prize winner Naomi Alderman. Naomi Alderman.

Online retailers Or. Also by Naomi Alderman. Love Doctor Who: 13 Doctors 13 Stories?

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Short stories, American. Teenagers - Fiction. Short stories. I used to get revenge on the owners of the restaurant I worked at by getting my brother to leave fake TripAdvisor reviews which showed me in a good light. It meant I got an extra ten bucks on top of my pay for getting name checked. I worked at a popular American food chain restaurant. A customer was being very rude during a really, really busy period. He ordered a full rack of ribs, and as I was rushing to get them to him I dropped his meal on the kitchen floor.

Thirteen Stories of Demise by Margit Dahlberg (coming soon)

I knew I'd have to reorder and that would annoy the chefs, as well as the already rude customer. Another waitress came and helped me put it back on the plate, and I served them to him. I worked in Leon, and my boss used to make really horrible racist jokes, so I made an anonymous complaint about him to the head of the office and was promoted above him. When I worked at a cafe, customers would always stay after we were shut down. This included one who started a Skype call right as I locked the doors.

So I pumped the stereo all the way up and played "Leave" by JoJo on loop for half an hour until they left. I mixed up a drinks order on a really busy night, and instead of politely asking me to bring her the correct drink the customer proceeded to call me a "fucking idiot" in front of the other 14 people she was sitting with. Needless to say, I spat in the dressing for her hot wings and she ate every last bit of it. My boss used to try it on with me, and ask me to buy him drugs.

12 Horrifying Ghost Stories - Ghost History From The Movie 13 Ghosts

I never actually gave him drugs, just a lot of sugar. When I worked in McDonald's the boss complained so much.

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