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But nowadays, many brides are older and have already set up a home. Their cupboards are already full of pots, pans, and dishes, but they still want to be celebrated by their friends.

So if you fall into the camps of "the bride already has enough stuff" and "bridal shower games are dumb," a non-traditional shower is probably the way to go. Another reason to break with tradition? If you want to celebrate someone who's already having another shower thrown for her.

10 Classy Wedding Shower Ideas

For example, if she's having a standard tea, cake, and games bash given by her female relatives, you could host a non-traditional shower for her college friends. Or, she might be having a shower in her hometown, but you're a friend in the place she lives now. Every great party has some great ideas behind it. When you're planning your bridal shower , think about what you'll want your guests to be remembering and talking about the next day.

Of course, you'll want to prioritize your guest or guests of honor, focusing on what will make them happy. A Honeymoon Shower If the couple has a honeymoon registry , throw them a bridal shower that's all about their future fun. Whether they'll be lying on the beach or swooshing down the slopes, tie in the decorations, invitations, and music to their big trip.

Bridal Shower Etiquette

Make invitations that look like boarding passes, and ask guests to dress in vacation-appropriate clothing. Cocktails and fun food are key to this theme since they'll help guests get in the spirit. After they tie-the-knot, they're honeymooning in Hawaii! Let's help her get in the mood with a Hawaiian Luau. Please bring a gift that John and Jane can enjoy on their honeymoon. Rather than playing games, plan activities that somewhat reflect what the couple will be doing on their honeymoon: a mixology lesson, spa treatments, luau dancers or belly dancers, or just beautiful food and drinks from their destination.

As a nod to the games-loving-people, you could also offer a trivia contest about the country, mixed with a few questions about the couple's past travels. Buying a House Bridal Shower Buying a new house is a good reason to be hoping for some cash wedding gifts.

Host a Wine Tasting with a Professional Sommelier

But since it's tacky to ask for money , it's a better idea for your bridesmaids to throw you a New House Bridal Shower. Register at your local hardware store or a chain like Home Depot for the paint and tools you'll need to make your new house a home. You can also register for some new furniture, and some mortgage companies even offer down payment registries. Let's shower Lisa with gifts for their new home. They've already got plates and towels, they just need place to put them!

Please bring a gift that will help Fred and Lisa with their down payment or help them make that house a home. Come ready to have some fun crafting, enjoy good food and drinks, and of course, share great company. Use new and never been used paint cans as food serving dishes on your buffet. Decorate with paint stir sticks and other hardware supplies. If you use real tools as decorations, you can give them to the bride as an additional gift. Instead of games, plan a home crafting activity like making custom chalkboards or painting pottery. Impress the eco friendly bride with your environmentally conscious choices.

Plus, you can DIY everything you need, so you can use your existing party essentials. Dessert Bar: Not digging a theme? Just put out a bunch of desserts, and suggest everyone do their photos before cake stains are a problem. This is how you relax and pamper yourselves for cheap. The Bachelor: There could not be a more perfect event theme for a bachelorette.

Film Noir: Some of the greatest love stories ever told happened on the silver screen, so this just honors those romances. Pattern Party: More is more, and less is a bore. Create a visual feast for the eyes with your choice of decor and accents, and nothing will steal the spotlight from the bride. The gang can spend the afternoon reclining in style. For the record, no one has to have actually gone skying, for this to work.

24 Unexpected Bridal Shower Ideas to Bookmark

Winter Dinner: Couples taking advantage of the colder months for a destination wedding, still deserve all the fanfare of the fun summer months. With enough blankets and pillows, any party can be cozy and chic. Flamingos: You can totally do a whole bridal shower based on flamingos.

Rooted In Love: So the theme may sound a little cheesy, but this theme is definitely one of our favorites. Go all out with the roots idea by serving your apps in mini planters, using potted plants as decor and garnishing your drinks with fresh herbs. How adorbs are those carrots and hummus pots?! Winter Wonderland: If your bride is a snow bunny, throw her a sparkly winter party.

Snowflakes make gorgeous toppers, by the way. Something Blue: If you want to go traditional, throw a Something Blue bash, complete with lots of blue decor and desserts. Look at those high heel cupcakes! Glitter: If you want your party to sparkle, add small glittery details like gold dipped balloons or gold rimmed champagne glasses. A little glitter goes a long way! Burlesque: While this could definitely be a bachelorette party theme, we love the idea of getting more of the guest list to join in on the fun.

Pass out feather boas, play swanky tunes and put on your sky-high heels. All of the bridesmaids should dress up as actual maids, the menu should be filled with classic British fare and there should be plenty of tea.

Bouquet Brunch

Whimsical Circus: Bright neon colors work with gold, circus accents for a super whimsical theme. We love the crazy streamer backdrop and the idea of serving vibrant rock candy. Champagne Tasting: Your best buds will love getting their drink on at your champagne tasting shower. Whiskey Tasting: Who says it always has to be a champagne affair? Watercolors: Sometimes a soft and pretty theme is just what the doctor ordered.

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You could throw a watercolor painting party, passing out paper and palettes to all of your guests. Or, you could take it less literally and decorate based on soft, washed-out hues.

35 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for the Bride - Best Wedding Shower Gifts

Decorate with bold and bright colors, wear your one-piece and have the best pool party everrrr. Dress it up by elevating the menu and decorating with beautiful flowers. This is a great one to include the men in, too. Follow us on Pinterest or more bridal shower inspo!

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