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How To Fight The Enemy That Lives Between Your Own Two Ears

War inside my head Can you see it? War inside my head Can you sense it? War inside my brain. Can you hear my Pain? Can you see my Pain? Can you sense my Pain?

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Can you feel my Pain? Can you taste my Pain?

Afghan Leader Denies Taliban Winning the War | Voice of America - English

Can you fix my Pain? Can you hear the war inside my head? The war inside my head, war, inside my head The only thing real is the way I feel War inside my head And that's the pain that's deep inside. What will is finding purpose. Only then can the continent make meaningful development but for this to happen we need to practice the following.

Winning the War Inside

Treasure skills — not only money. It will be Your skills. Prioritise timeliness. Each year accords each and every one of us What distinguishes those who close the year with accomplishments over those who close it with stagnation, boils down to how we invest our time. Over 60 years, we have spent our time as though we have 60hrs a day. This fallacy must now end. Cultivate a reading culture. Without knowledge, we cannot lead because readers are leaders. Failure to read amounts to self-punishment.

It is tantamount to being selfish. I admonish us all here today to befriend books. Instead of embracing a culture of gossip, that is increasingly wasting the time of youth on social media, let us embrace a reading culture to align with scripture. This is the icing on the cake, the glue that will bind the continent at all levels, towards making strides in an environment of a transformed mindset to make meaningful economic growth.

Sixty years is a long time to wait for progress, in this information age. It is time for all in Africa to transform their minds, arise and live a life of accountability. Yes, it is possible because we can. The views expressed in this article are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect those of any institutions with which the authors are associated.

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