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It was last seen in British quick crossword. We have 2 possible answers in our database. In a city Find way of overcoming The soul Small game-bird Sudden forceful impact An accumulated blockage Schemer in politics or business Amount obtained by multiplying A piece in chess Final drink before departure. Boy's nickname that sounds like an insect Sums to be deducted Average schlub "No" in Russia Discourage one old judge in decline Total of 50 entering contest Undercoat for each skirting edge Immediate flash Sheep's neck joint Cricket over in which no runs are scored.

We provide the likeliest answers for every crossword clue. Undoubtedly, there may be other solutions for Bear the weight of. Of course, being a nerd, I first thought "My Bologna" only to see five squares there. It just seemed like an oddly verbose answer to the clue "Why many people visit Napa? So the other themers fell into place rather easily. But I did get stuck in the west. I dunno, I was thinking radiology, so maybe radiogram for a technical word for x-ray? I guess I should have been clued in by the "cardiologist" part of the clue.

I had fun with this one! Good job John Ciolfi! Tougher than snot TuesPuz. I could blame YAREN, altho I did have some sorta spooky vague memory of that answer, from somewheres, but needed a lotta crossers to feel at all confident about it. That gets SAG an honorable mention, in the staff's weeject pick deliberations. OGR-ES was not nearly as impressive. Mostly just to call attention to its appallin, unthinkable, hidden, sub-limb-enamel U NO sentiments. Heckuva debut puzgrid.

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Thanx and congratz, Mr. JURE welcome back, any old time. Weird Al's first hit was "My Balogna. Demento's countdown in Totally fun, esp. Hoover dames. The comment above about timing yourself vs. I'm a noodler, will put it down, sip my Jaegermeister, hear about my beloved's day, then go back to it--no rush, a lovely evening meditation. I thought this was pretty tough but fair.

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Nancy, the auto dealer neighbor, George, down the street when I was young named his oldest daughter Mary George; I was insanely jealous. It helped that the woman, absolutely stunning, went by George. I need help understanding LMS avatar. Yeah, I know who it is, but how does it fit the theme? Z, I never said he hated this puzzle, but after re-reading his comments, perhaps "negative" was too strong a word. It just seems that every time he hits a spot in the puzzle that slows him down from nano-speed, he has to somehow blame the puzzle.

Well, yeah, thats part of the deal, isn't it?

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Todays gripe about add an E or ES seems like a stretch to find a quibble, but atleast not as absurd as Mondays theme discussion : "Two are things you put in your mouth, one isnt" I mean, c'mon. End of story. Nauru YAREN is not so obscure these days - it has been in the news a lot in these recent years because it is where Australia puts its asylum seekers, in apparently horrible conditions, complete with gag orders on all those who work there. Yes, whistle-blowing is illegal with severe penalties.

Look it up. It's not just Mals who should thank you, JC66 It's I who should thank you, too. It's not just that I didn't understand Loren's avatar. It's that, as usual, I didn't even see it. Just like yesterday, before it was pointed out in blog comments. I'm not visual and I don't ever notice anyone's avatar -- old, new, clever, pretty, whatever. But I'm pretty awed by Loren, even though I'm late to the party: It seems that first she thinks up a pictorial pun that no one but she would ever think of.

Then she manages to find a representation of that picture online. Then she cuts and pastes it. Then she changes her blog profile to accommodate it, thus changing -- daily it would seem -- her blog avatar.

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I can't even put up a single one-time blog avatar; the only reason I have my [permanent, I assure you] Central Park photo is that Hartley put it up for me. All the way from CT. Still don't know how she did it. Getting back to Loren -- what's amazing is not only what she does but when she does it. And yesterday's "Chopsticks" joke was thought up, located online, and embedded by in the morning!!!! I don't know how you do this, Loren! I just don't! The Beard not the Bard says yes, it is a memorabke line not least because it is preceded by "what's done cannot be undone". BTW, plural of "eau" is "eaux".

I had a problem with the question mark on the Napa clue. The NY Times crossword site says "Clues that end in question marks indicate a play on words in the clue or answer. No play on words there. LMS: Thank you for the "Bob" link! Pretty sure that's my favorite Weird Al song.. The YAREN district is where most of the administrative buildings are, so it functions as the capital.

Remembered the song Wild Things, had to rely on husband for the bands name. Fun puzzle. A slow Tuesday for me, but I liked it. Though I don't solve online so I don't have anyone keeping track of my solves - perhaps is just the Tuesday average I'd like to have! I liked this puzzle's theme. Post-solve, looking at the constructor's name, I was expecting to see David Alfred Bywaters constructed this - he's a DAB hand at letter addition, letter subtraction and letter substitution puzzles, all with cute clues.

You should check out his puzzles Google him if you like easy but clever. And then there are the Victorian novel recommendations Though Wikipedia claims that it hasn't been proven that Bernoulli's principle explains that phenomenon. I'm sticking with Daniel. I thought 68A should be clued as a verb. The plural noun SODS seems odd. I thought, oh, and are they going to clue that as "knights who say NIs?

Crosswords [EP]

I fixed that. Great debut, John Ciolfi, thanks. Thank you Yeah, doesn't pass the breakfast test but wickedly funny. As usual LMS, you rock. TJS - It is peanut butter, not peanut oil butter is all I'm saying. I want that crunchy peanut feel. Considering how generally cynical I am being raised Calvinist will do that to you I find it a tad humorous that Rex almost never strikes me as being as negative as so many others find him.

Pointing out what is good about something is good for the ego, but pointing out what can be better is good for improving one's craft. Rex does seem to have zero regard for constructors' egos. More than one Mi would be Mis. I know. No one disagrees. Nancy - I think Muse has mentioned that insomnia plays a role in it, as well as having to be to school way too early. Me, I need my beauty sleep. It's the first names that get me. I actually have a friend that named her son Ashley Justice. Unisex and all, you know.

Clue: Celestial bear

Thank you anonymous pm. I stand corrected. Enzo Ferrari himself declared it the most beautiful car in the world. Often it produces themers that, for me, range from being overly strained to the nonsensical. I'm not sure how that connects to the game show "Name That Tune". So I'm often looking for other entertainment or amusement in the grid, and today that came from those two sets of double nine-letter down stacks. Having taught statistics and probability, I'm more familiar with Jacob than with Daniel, as clued, but you could take your pick of any of the eight members of the BERNOULLI family that are credited with being big time players in the early days of mathematics and physics.

Betcha a cold one we see him a a grid in the not-too-distant future. Probably not. Hey Karl , Thanks for standing in for the Bard.

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It all comes back to me now but not while I was solving. Yes, I didn't spell eaux correctly in my post. My typing would never sustain me.

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My handwriting is very nice though. A couple of the theme answers were on the weak side, but over all not too bad for a Tues. Liked it. Pretty good debut. Ante-room in the castle. When was it she last walked? Gentlewoman Since his majesty went into the field, I have seen her rise from her bed, throw her night-gown upon her, unlock her closet, take forth paper, fold it, write upon't, read it, afterwards seal it, and again return to bed; yet all this while in a most fast sleep. Doctor A great perturbation in nature, to receive at once 10 the benefit of sleep, and do the effects of watching!

In this slumbery agitation, besides her walking and other actual performances, what, at any time, have you heard her say? Gentlewoman That, sir, which I will not report after her. Doctor You may to me: and 'tis most meet you should. Gentlewoman Neither to you nor any one; having no witness to 20 confirm my speech. This is her very guise; and, upon my life, fast asleep. Observe her; stand close. Doctor How came she by that light? Gentlewoman Why, it stood by her: she has light by her continually; 'tis her command.

Doctor You see, her eyes are open. Gentlewoman Ay, but their sense is shut. Doctor What is it she does now? Look, how she rubs her hands. Doctor Hark! What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account? Doctor Do you mark that? Gentlewoman She has spoke what she should not, I am sure of that: heaven knows what she has known. Oh, oh, oh! Doctor What a sigh is there! The heart is sorely charged. Doctor Well, well, well,-- Gentlewoman Pray God it be, sir. Doctor This disease is beyond my practise: yet I have known those which have walked in their sleep who have died holily in their beds.

Doctor Even so? Optimisation by SEO Sheffield. The Crossword Solver is designed to help users to find the missing answers to their crossword puzzles. The system can solve single or multiple word clues and can deal with many plurals. Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. Celestial bear - Crossword Clue Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Celestial bear.

Try solving our online crossword puzzles! Bear in constellation nam Bear in the sky Bear overhead?