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Explore music. Purchasable with gift card. There's a house on my block that's abandoned and cold Folks moved out of it a long time ago and they took all their things and they never came back Looks like it's haunted with the windows all cracked and everyone calls it the house, the house where nobody lives.

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Once it held laughter Once it held dreams Did they throw it away Did they know what it means Did someone's heart break or did someone do somebody wrong? Well the paint was all cracked It was peeled off of the wood Papers were stacked on the porch where I stood and the weeds had grown up just as high as the door There were birds in the chimney and an old chest of drawers Looks like no one will ever come back to the House where nobody lives Once it held laughter Once it held dreams Did they throw it away Did they know what it means Did someone's heart break or did someone do somebody wrong?

5. House Where Nobody Lives

So if you find someone someone to have, someone to hold Don't trade it for silver Don't trade it for gold I have all of life's treasures and they are fine and they are good They remind me that houses Are just made of wood What makes a house grand Ain't the roof or the doors If there's love in a house It's a palace for sure Without love It ain't nothin but a house A house where nobody lives Without love it ain't nothin But a house, A house where Nobody lives.

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It almost seems like it had to have been true. What changes a house where nobody lives with broken windows into a house that's more broken dreams, like it is in this song? What makes it worthy of a song other than just being a house that's broken down? TW: I don't know.

Just you go by it everyday and wonder about it.

House Where Nobody Lives

I went by it everyday on the way to school. Kaufman: When you were a kid? TW: Yeah. Over time, the weeds got higher and higher. First you think, 'They've got to mow that lawn, must be on vacation. Then I remember at Christmas time, all the neighbors were concerned about the house because it was like the bad tooth in the smile.