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Story Arts: Exploring Cultural Roots through Storytelling A how-to guide for discovering family and personal lore, including tips on collecting family stories, remembering your life story, interview questions, and story prompts. For teachers or students in gr. August House Resources A great resource guide to a variety of storytelling sites- including international storytelling topics of interest. For students gr. For teachers and students gr. Teachers can find lesson plans by grade or country on the site map.

A Note About Form: Personal Narrative or Short Story?

Storytelling for Children in a Multicultural World Storytelling is a gift we give to others. Learn about what you can do to bring diversity into your storytelling, and pass it down to the next generation. Florence M. Newell: Sharing Multicultural Literature through Storytelling Multicultural literature offers an opportunity for teachers and students alike. Exposure to many different cultures at a young age will allow them to relate to the stories they are told, improve their cultural awareness, and develop their knowledge of history and social change.

It Came from Greek Mythology Six-lesson unit which connects the form and function of Greek myths to modern-day questions, purposes and art. Student view collections of objects or pictures to identify the impact of Greek mythology on modern art and architecture, review definitions and related terminology, and write a myth they have heard. Teaching Tips from MythWeb A series of brief but not too brief explanations of lesson extensions for Greek myths. Ideas include designing a mythology game, writing a letter to a Greek god or goddess, writing a how-to composition to help a hero fight the Hydra, for example, and more.

Native American Lore Index Page Scores of traditional stories in printable form, organized by nation or tribe. Check for stories told at the festival and see how these versions differ.

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This website is designed in partnership with the Discovery Channel for schools. You can also go to that site for lots more information! It is full of stories and music. Stories are suitable for students grades NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art A wonderful source for incorporating lots of projects into your classroom. You will find information on games, toys, beadwork, clay, pottery, stoneware, tools, food, and recipes, all of the Native American culture.

Check out the poems, essays and first-person accounts of traditional Native American life at the Poetry and Stories page. Native Americans at KidInfo General articles on the history of the First Americans along with articles and links on specific tribes. Suitable for students in grades 3 — 6. For students grades 1 — 5. These are impossible, but not traditional tall tales, but you can print the crazy story and then use it to create a more complex or traditional tall tale.

Tall Tales Today A lesson of four, minute sessions utilizing mime, improvisation, writing and storytelling. In this four-session unit, students respond to a read aloud or oral story, examine the common elements of tall tales and identify the like elements in the story, then pair up to write their own tall tales. Booklist , rubric , T-chart , and checklist provided. What Is Storytelling? She loves to read but has not been exposed to many classic works of literature. She also particularly loves to write short stories. Tracking down a variety of tried and true short stories seemed like a no brainer for our first few sessions, but I had no idea where to find them quickly.

Lo and behold I stumbled upon your site and this fantastic list. It has been invaluable in terms of my lesson planning, and frankly, these stories are always worth re-reading for students of any age. I might just stay up for the next few hours reading all of them!! Your passion for teaching and your empathy for and understanding of human nature are all extremely evident.

Thanks, Adam Swaggington. The Republican sniper is the protagonist while the other sniper is the antagonist, so that might make a difference to you. This is an amazing resource! Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you have put into collecting these stories. Thanks a lot for these. I am looking forward to reading them myself!

Thanks so much for this fantastic list. Several of these I have taught in Grade 8 and 9; they are spectacular!

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Do you recommend any stories specifically for grade 7 based on reading level, etc. I like to either find articles at NewsELA. I have not heard of this short story. Do you know any more details that you can share? If not, try posting the description on this Goodreads forum or follow this advice. I am looking for a short historical fiction selection to read to my middle school students who are completing a Historical Fiction Unit.

Are any of your selections here in that genre? Generally speaking, historical fiction is written by contemporary authors who craft a story set in the past. While the majority of these stories are set in our past, the authors created settings that were contemporary to them at that time. Most of the listings are of books, but some of them may be relatively short.

I recommend you choose one of the short stories above, and then choose your favorite scene, or a very dramatic scene to act out. You might write a one-minute part for a narrator to fill in some background to setup the scene, then write the dialogue and stage directions for two or three actors who will convey the action of the scene.

The narrator can then fill in the rest of the story in a minute or less. I definitely recommend both. I am trying to recall a short story which I read in high school early 70s. At the end of the story some boys are climbing through a window with hunting rifles. Thank you for making me feel young!

That said, you might be able to use one or more of these book finder resources to find the short story you remember. Good luck! I am working with two black students from a lower socioeconomic neighborhood on their literacy. I would like to share with him some texts particularly short stories that involve social justice and diversity. Hopefully this will be relatable and will be an outlet for him.

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A great list but you have to include Three Skeleton Key! A favorite of my 7th graders for over a decade! I have updated the link to one a PDF file that still exists. You should be able to download the story now. Hi Tilly! Thank you! The Black Cat and The Sniper are the best. Very nice stories. Especially for doing hw and projects. I want to say thanks to whoever has made this site. Very helping……….. Thank you for the wonderful collection of short stories. It has truly been helpful in persuading my students to read. Fall of the House of Usher?

For middle schoolers? Keep looking! Think about the books you liked the most, and see if you can find others similar in genre, or written by the same author. Check with your friends and see what books they are reading, and what they recommend to you. Also, think about what movies you like and find books in the same genre. For example, if you like action movies, you might like books in the same genre. Instead, he prefers science fiction books. So, just keep looking!

Your list is amazing! Would you have any short story suggestions for High Schoolers? I have such a hard time since I go through a lot of authors with eighth graders! Is there a specific story that shows growth or change within a character from beginning to end?? You have done a wonderful job with this post!!

Are any of these stories based on historical events? I am on the search for short stories that are based on topics such as the Renaissance, Reformation, Silk Road — anything between the time periods of 7th century to Any help would be awesome!!

Mythology, Folklore, and the Hero's Journey

She spends the afternoon with them having all kinds of adventures until her aunt or mother finds her, scolds her, and brings her home. I have had no luck finding this story anywhere! A brilliant resource. Thank you for assembling a great list of short stories AND giving access to them. A great time-saver. I am in middle school in Iowa and my AM told me about this and now everyday in AM I read at least a story and my reading comp.

I like just have to say this… thank you! Your stories are great! I improved so much in reading! We had to pick a story to read and picked one of your stories. This is how much I love your stories! Thank you again! Have a great day! I am a student in year 6 and with these stories,…………… I am lost for words Incredibly incredible Awesomely awesome Greatly great Fantastically fantastic.

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Hi there, Thank you so much for helping me pick out a short story for my class. They loved the short story Amigo Brothers so much. Just wanted to say thank you. I am hoping that after this story we can read another one. My class is very skilled and talented, they are almost done with the book, and it has only been a week. English teacher from across the globe, here.

Just wanted to say thanks for putting together this awesome resource! Thank you for putting an engaging resource at my fingertips!

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Hi, I am a mom trying to help my children better their reading comprehension. I came upon your site and love the 40 selections you have here. My question is , do you happen to have any guided questions that I can follow to ask my children to make sure they are understanding what they are reading?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

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I am feeling desperate trying to help them. Thank you. I need help. I have to do a short story using figurative language and the 5 senses. It has to have a clear message and im really stuck. Hi Anna!