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You'll have me, a seasoned professional with more than 30 years of experience in the digital arts and more than a video courses here at LinkedIn Learning. Now in case you're thinking Deke, I don't see all those courses listed under your byline. That's because many of them have been retired to keep the library fresh. If that's not enough, I've written more books on Photoshop than anyone on the planet, more than 40 in all.

But enough about me, let's talk about you. Assuming that you're willing to put in the time and effort, you're about to lean more about Photoshop than anyone you've ever met. Potentially more than you even thought possible. I'll mentor you through every facet of Photoshop that you need to know in the order you need to know it. No credit classroom, no scheduling conflicts. It's just you and me one-on-one anytime that it's convenient for you to learn. If this is your first time, one-on-one is project based learning. You'll experience the power of image size and resolution firsthand in a way that leaves nothing to question.

You'll build a layered composition from the ground up. You'll take a murky photograph, and make it blossom with brightness and contrast. Not to mention, correct it's color. You'll select portions of different images and combine them into a fully realized piece of artwork, and you'll learn how to retouch and heal like a pro. The result is a contextualized learning program. Photoshop's features are about to make crystal clear sense because you apply them sometimes independently, other times in concert to a clearly defined task, and you leave each chapter with a sense of accomplishment.

I really hope there are moments where you feel I rule, I can do this, and I can do more. Photoshop has always been one of the most exciting and powerful applications on the planet. It unites the graphic arts, web design, pre-press, motion graphics, photography, package design, architecture, 3D. In short, all walks of creative life, and since the introduction of Adobe's ever expanding creative Cloud, the name Photoshop has become synonymous with leading edge technology.

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This latest addition is no exception. In the next several chapters, you'll learn Photoshop from it's meticulously executed basics to it's crowd pleasing heights. Get ready to experience Photoshop as I truly hope you've never seen it before. Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched? This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course.

Type in the entry box, then click Enter to save your note. Start My Free Month. You started this assessment previously and didn't complete it. You can pick up where you left off, or start over. Develop in-demand skills with access to thousands of expert-led courses on business, tech and creative topics.

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Video: Welcome to One-on-One. You are now leaving Lynda. To access Lynda. Visit our help center. Preview This Course. Part one of a three-part series, this is your chance to learn more about Photoshop than anyone you've ever met, possibly more than you even thought possible.

It's everything you need to know, in the order you need to know it, complete with exciting examples and practical advice.

Deke shows how to open images, modify image size and resolution, and crop and straighten photographs. You can learn how to adjust brightness and contrast, correct color cast, and retouch portrait photos. Deke shows how to work with layers, leverage the Quick Mask mode, and develop photos in Camera Raw. He also covers text, printing, and the web.

Come with questions, leave with answers—and a real sense of accomplishment. Topics include: Opening an image from the Windows desktop or Macintosh Finder Navigating an image by zooming, panning, and rotating the view Customizing your workspace Changing image size and resolution Cropping and straightening photographs Working with layers Saving your progress Adjusting brightness and contrast Balancing colors and eliminating color cast Making complex, organic selections Working with the Quick Mask mode Retouching faces and portrait photos Cloning and healing Using the intelligent Content-Aware options Developing a digital photograph in Camera Raw Creating and formatting type Printing images with accurate color Creating web graphics.

Skill Level Beginner. Show More Show Less. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. Related Courses.

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Preview course. Deke's Techniques with Deke McClelland. Search This Course Clear Search. Welcome to One-on-One 2m 54s. Opening an Image. How it all starts 50s. Opening from the Windows desktop 6m 40s. Opening from the Macintosh Finder 6m 1s. The home screen and the Open command 4m 51s. Opening an image from Adobe Bridge 6m 4s. Opening an image in Camera Raw 4m 58s. Closing one image or all at once 4m 41s. Getting Around. Navigating your image 40s.

Zooming in and out 7m 29s. Using the more precise Zoom tool 7m 17s. Five ways to zoom continuously 7m 3s. Entering a custom zoom value 4m 29s. Scrolling panning 3m 43s. A few top-secret scrolling tricks 5m 29s. Switching between open images 5m 43s.

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Rotating and resetting the view 4m 25s. Cycling between screen modes 6m 17s. Using the Navigator panel 7m 11s. Panels and workspaces—do not skip! Updating a workspace 5m 49s. A few very important preferences 8m 51s. Reassigning Spotlight Mac only 3m 28s. Image Size and Resolution. Digital imaging fundamentals 1m 45s. Image size and resolution 5m 36s.

Introducing the Image Size command 8m 25s. Common resolution standards 8m 48s. Upsampling vs. Changing the print resolution 7m 57s. Downsampling for print 6m 8s. Downsampling for email and photo sharing 9m 26s. The seven interpolation settings 7m 33s. Real-world rules for downsampling 8m 25s. Upsampling with Preserve Details 2.

Crop, Restore, and Straighten. Too many pixels 2m 2s. Introducing the Crop tool 4m 23s. Cropping nondestructively 5m 15s. Aspect ratio and other tricks 7m 9s. Rotating the image as you crop it 6m 40s. Working with the reference point 4m 38s. Finessing a crop with Canvas Size 9m 37s. Using Content-Aware Crop 4m 58s. Content-Aware bloopers: Part 1 5m 7s. Content-Aware bloopers: Part 2 4m 37s.

Using the Straighten tool 3m 45s. Straightening with the Ruler tool 4m 54s. Using the Perspective Crop tool 4m 9s. Introducing Layers. The layered composition 1m 32s. Introducing the Layers panel 5m 33s. Converting the flat background to a layer 6m 43s. Customizing the transparency checkerboard 3m 15s. Turning a color photo black and white 5m 30s. Creating a new layer and painting on it 8m 27s. Simple tricks for painting with the Brush tool 6m 10s. Distinguishing black from non-black pixels 7m 51s. Moving an image between documents 5m 10s. Expanding the canvas to accommodate a layer 4m 35s.

Auto-Select and the Move tool 5m 29s. Employing a clipping mask 3m 40s. Working with Opacity and blend modes 8m 7s. Five ways to duplicate layers 7m 57s. Scale, rotate, and layer mask 6m 35s. Filling a selection with color 6m 58s. Saving Your Progress. The many, many ways to save 1m 40s. Five essential things to know about saving 10m 32s.

Saving layers to the native PSD format 7m 30s. Saving a flat print image to TIFF 5m 32s. Saving an interactive image to PNG 8m 6s. Saving a flat photograph to JPEG 6m 55s. Brightness and Contrast. Luminance and how it relates to color 1m 56s. How luminance works 5m 18s. The three Auto commands 4m 45s. Applying a dynamic adjustment layer 7m.

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Adjustment layer tips and tricks 5m 50s. Isolating an adjustment with a layer mask 5m 40s. TOMS joins eye care and public health organizations around the world to raise awareness for avoidable blindness and visual impairment. The Giving Team is dedicated to every aspect of Giving, including strategic planning, logistical support, program development and impact measurement.

Based on feedback from our Giving Partners, we widened the fit and increased the thickness of the sole and canvas for global Giving. In September, Blake Mycoskie made a five-year commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative to Haiti to begin local manufacturing and help establish industry and create local jobs. TOMS Marketplace features products from companies that have been hand-selected by the TOMS team because of their commitment to give back to communities around the world. For every bag of coffee purchased, TOMS will provide clean water to a community in need.

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