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The physics interfaces of the MEMS Module are uniquely suitable for simulating quartz oscillators as well as a range of other piezoelectric devices. One of the tutorials shipped with the MEMS Module shows the mechanical response of a thickness shear quartz oscillator together with a series capacitance and its effect on the frequency response. Thermal forces scale favorably in comparison to inertial forces.

That makes microscopic thermal actuators fast enough to be useful on the microscale, although thermal actuators are typically slower than capacitive or piezoelectric actuators. Thermal actuators are also easy to integrate with semiconductor processes, although they usually consume large amounts of power compared to their electrostatic and piezoelectric counterparts. The MEMS Module can be used for Joule heating with thermal stress simulations that include details of the distribution of resistive losses.

Piezo-Electric Electro-Acoustic Transducers

Thermal effects also play an important role in the manufacture of many commercial MEMS technologies with thermal stresses in deposited thin films that are critical for many applications. The MEMS Module includes dedicated physics interfaces for thermal stress computations with extensive postprocessing and visualization capabilities, including stress and strain fields, principal stress and strain, equivalent stress, displacement fields, and more. There is also tremendous flexibility to add user-defined equations and expressions to the system. For example, to model Joule heating in a structure with temperature-dependent elastic properties, simply enter in the elastic constants as a function of temperature — no scripting or coding is required.

When COMSOL compiles the equations, the complex couplings generated by these user-defined expressions are automatically included in the equation system. The equations are then solved using the finite element method and a range of industrial strength solvers. Once a solution is obtained, a vast range of postprocessing tools are available to interrogate the data, and predefined plots are automatically generated to show the device response.

COMSOL offers the flexibility to evaluate a wide range of physical quantities, including predefined quantities like temperature, electric field, or stress tensor available through easy-to-use menus , as well as arbitrary user-defined expressions. The Fluid-Structure Interaction FSI multiphysics interface combines fluid flow with solid mechanics to capture the interaction between the fluid and the solid structure.

Solid Mechanics and Laminar Flow user interfaces model the solid and the fluid, respectively. The FSI couplings appear on the boundaries between the fluid and the solid, and can include both fluid pressure and viscous forces, as well as momentum transfer from the solid to the fluid — bidirectional FSI. The MEMS module has specialized thin film damping physics interfaces which solve the Reynolds equation to determine the fluid velocity and pressure and the forces on the adjacent surfaces. These interfaces can be used to model squeeze film and slide film damping across a wide range of pressures rarefaction effects can be included.

Thin-film damping is available on arbitrary surfaces in 3D and can be directly coupled to 3D solids. The ease of integration of small piezoresistors with standard semiconductor processes, along with the reasonably linear response of the sensor, has made this technology particularly important in the pressure sensor industry. For modeling piezoresistive sensors, the MEMS Module provides several dedicated physics interfaces for piezoresistivity in solids or shells.

The Solid Mechanics physics interface is used for stress analysis as well as general linear and nonlinear solid mechanics, solving for the displacements. The MEMS Module includes linear elastic and linear viscoelastic material models, but you can supplement it with the Nonlinear Structural Materials Module to also include nonlinear material models. You can extend the material models with thermal expansion, damping, and initial stress and strain features.

In addition, several sources of initial strains are allowed, making it possible to include arbitrary inelastic strain contributions stemming from multiple physical sources. The description of elastic materials in the module includes isotropic, orthotropic, and fully anisotropic materials. The Thermoelasticity physics interface is used to model linear thermoelastic materials. It solves for the displacement of the structure and the temperature deviations, and resulting heat transfer induced by the thermoelastic coupling.

Thermoelasticity is important in the modeling of high-quality factor MEMS resonators. Consequently, software specifically designed for MEMS simulation and modeling has never been more important. Physics such as electromechanics, piezoelectricity, piezoresistivity, thermal-structure, and fluid-structure interactions can be modeled with the software.

Design engineers can easily create models of common devices such as actuators, sensors, oscillators, filters, ultra sonic transducers, BioMEMS, and much more. Try the software: Get a free 2-week trial by signing up for a workshop in a location near you. Siemens is a technology company working with electronics and electrical engineering in industry, energy, and healthcare. Microvisk Technologies develops and manufactures devices for measuring blood viscosity using the power of Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems MEMS and a radical new technique stemming from futuristic research on microtechnology.

Older hand-held devices on the market work by inducing a chemical reaction that is picked up by electrodes coated The model performs a static analysis on a piezoelectric actuator based on the movement of a cantilever beam, using the Piezoelectric Devices predefined multiphysics interface. Inspired by work done by V. Piefort and A. Benjeddou, it models a sandwich beam using the shear mode of the piezoelectric material to deflect the tip.

This example illustrates the ability to couple thermal, electrical, and structural analysis in one model. This particular application moves a beam by passing a current through it; the current generates heat, and the temperature increase leads to displacement through thermal expansion. The model estimates how much current and increase in A capacitive pressure sensor is simulated.

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This model shows how to simulate the response of the pressure sensor to an applied pressure, and also how to analyze the effects of packing induced stresses on the sensor performance. This example shows how to set up a piezoelectric transducer problem following the work of Y. Kagawa and T. The composite piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer has a cylindrical geometry that consists of a piezoceramic layer, two aluminum layers, and two adhesive layers. The system applies an AC potential on the electrode surfaces of both An electrostatically actuated MEMS resonator is simulated in the time and frequency domains.

The dependence of the resonant frequency on DC bias is assessed, and frequency domain and transient analyses are performed to investigate the device performance.

The elastic cantilever beam is one of the elementary structures used in MEMS designs. This model shows the bending of a cantilever beam under an applied electrostatic load. The model solves the deformation of the beam under an applied voltage.

Piezo-Electric Electro-Acoustic Transducers | Valeriy Sharapov | Springer

One method of creating spring-like structures or inducing curvature in thin structures is to plate them to substrates that are under the influence of residual stresses. The plating process can control this stress even for similar materials. One such device is the electrostatically controlled micromirror. It is typically quite small, and arrays AT cut quartz crystals are widely employed in a range of applications, from oscillators to microbalances.

One of the important properties of the AT cut is that the resonant frequency of the crystal is temperature independent to first order. This is desirable in both mass sensing and timing applications.

AT cut crystals vibrate in the thickness A surface acoustic wave SAW is an acoustic wave propagating along the surface of a solid material. Inventory on Biblio is continually updated, but because much of our booksellers' inventory is uncommon or even one-of-a-kind, stock-outs do happen from time to time. If for any reason your order is not available to ship, you will not be charged. Your order is also backed by our In-Stock Guarantee! What makes Biblio different? Facebook Instagram Twitter. Sign In Register Help Cart. Cart items.

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