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And two large lads were supposedly so regularly gluttonous at a Brighton, U. Elsewhere, you run across plenty of disclaimers that could nip these disputes in the bud. Boom: discrimination lawsuit. Anyway, you can rest easy knowing you likely lack the digestive fortitude, ill manners or combination thereof that tends to cause trouble in the all-you-can-eat scene. Ironman triathlete Jaroslav Bobrowski has quite the appetite.

I drank: one glass of Diet Coke. One glass! That's not bottomless, that's no refills. They're making a killing off of hapless optimists like me. In a moment of madness, possessed by desperation and dehydration, I stand up like I'm ready for a tank on Tiananmen Square. I take an empty bottle into the Nando's on Stockwell Road and walk straight up to the machine to get my fill.

I stop nervously to take a sip of out of my two liter bottle. No cold hand on the shoulder, no rushing manager, not even a glance: Nobody gives a shit.

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So I carry on for a few minutes, sipping and filling until eventually leaving absolutely gobsmacked literally, my teeth are aching. It is one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

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Could I come back in a week, a few months, or a year and sip on a Fanta? Who knows, but I am chalking this one down as a win.

The 2 Million Calorie Buffet (Overeating Documentary) - Real Stories

I'll never go thirsty again. The next day, I show up in Camberwell with a new plan: to spend the whole day eating all of my meals at a Chinese all you can eat, working on my laptop in between. I've never actually been in the place, and whenever I look through its windows, it seems to have that sordid, saddened air of a DMV.

But inside, it's actually buzzing.

Regulars are giggling and fist-bumping the guy behind the counter. It's like Cheers , but everybody is Norman. I plan to eat sensibly, but with the locals lining up, piling their plates high, I guess I succumb to peer pressure. Breakfast is an arid mountain of noodles, rice, fries, and seaweed. I go back for seconds and then thirds. After half an hour, I'm as good as done.

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If you ever want to see the look of someone who hates him or herself, just watch the door of an all you can eat. It's a chore, trying to function when you feel like several bladders of vegetable oil. There's not too much more I can stomach by lunchtime. Looking at more spring rolls and Singapore noodles, I feel a bit sick.

I'm not sure for exactly how long, but I fall asleep at the table after lunch. It's PM by the time I can face dinner, and it turns out I learned nothing from the breakfast fiasco. With that, it's over. On the way out, I ask the guy if it's OK or normal for people to stay for as long as I have today.

Buffet Behavior – All You Can Eat, or All You Should Eat?

He shrugs, looks up at the clock, and says "Sure, you only stayed for six hours and fifty minutes. It's cool, brother. I head to an extraordinary establishment situated upstairs at Victoria train station. Avoiding filling side dishes such as pasta, skipping the cheapest foods, and not shelling out for expensive drinks are among the tips you need to follow to get the best value meal next time you hit the buffet.

Do a full sweep of what's on offer - you don't want to commit too early.

Excalibur 'all you can eat, all day long' buffet - Las Vegas Forum

No drinks - a glass of Coke costs a restaurant about 15p but you'll be charged much more. If you're thirsty, choose free tap water. Avoid cheap food, such as pizza and chips. A slice of margherita only costs a restaurant about 15p to make.

The hacks were revealed on Channel 4's new documentary The 2,, Calorie Buffet. The show looks at the best ways to beat the buffet, as well as the tactics the restaurants employ to earn as much profit as they can. One regular buffet fan named Chris, advises diners not to commit to one dish too early and to make sure you do a full sweep of what's on offer first. The most expensive food for More Buffet in Leicester is seafood, so if you're a fan of king prawn, fresh salmon and squid then stock up to get value for your money. A slice of pizza only costs a restaurant about 15p to make, so restaurants encourage you to pile your plate high with this cheap food, along with chips.

These are a buffet's most profitable items. Children are often enticed by a chocolate fountain - and it's a good food to choose if you want to make the most money out of your buffet experience as it's the most expensive item for the restaurant. Restaurants have their own tricks as well, from trying to up-sell drinks because they have a smaller margin than the food on offer, as well as strategically placing filling side dishes such as pasta, rice and noodles next to the protein-based dishes. Substituting fried seaweed for cheaper cabbage is another tactic, while restaurants tend to place valuable items in front of the kitchen - because people are less likely to pile their plates high in front of the chef.