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Scripture: Matthew Denomination: Lutheran. Matthew The road which is filled with the reality of living in a sinful and less than perfect world.

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Jesus is speaking about what has come to be called, " a theology of the cross"!! This theology says that through the brokenness of this world, through "crosses" live will be redeemed and renewed.

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Jesus is reminding the disciples and us that live is not easy. Living on this earth is very difficult. You and I will have "crosses" to bear.

Life will not be easy. Living as a Christian, as a believer, in this world with the power of Satan to harness, to tempt, to drive one away from Christ means of life that is difficult, a "rough road. Sometimes, I think, Satan works extra hard to drive those away who are the most faithful to Christ.

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It seems that Satan is alive and well especially in the church. Jesus knew that. He knew life would be difficult for His followers especially after He ascended into heaven.

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Jesus speaks about this difficult live over and over again in the gospels. In this text, in Matthew He says, "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. This theme of a "rough road" is repeated again and again in the gospels.

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  • Not only does this theme of cross bearing appear again and again, but the idea of division, of a sword appears all over the gospels, as in this text for today and in Matt. Also in the Old Testament we find such texts as in Micah and we could go on and on. Do you see, do you get the point!!! Jesus is saying life will not be easy as you follow me.

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    Carry your cross, be ready to speak against even your father, your children, your parents and also be ready for them, your father, your children, your parents to speak up against you because of your faith, your belief in Me. Not only did Jesus tell His disciples about the kind of life they would live for Him, but on Good Friday, He demonstrated that life by dying on a cross, by experiencing death, by facing pain, by being humiliated as He died a death of a criminal.

    This was not an easy life, this was a rough road for Jesus. Now, we need to pause for a moment and ask a question.

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