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James It is hardly possible to overstress the importance of unceasing inward prayer on the part of the one who would live the God-conscious life. O taste and see that the Lord is good.

Children Of The Burning Heart

Psalm I insist that the effective preaching of Jesus Christ, rightly understood, will produce Christian experience in Christian believers. Moreover, if preaching does not produce spiritual experience and maturing in the believer, that preaching is not being faithful to the Christ revealed in the Scriptures.

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Post to Cancel. We see a congregation struggling and we want to take control in order to make things better. What usually happens, though, is that the problems get worse, the people become dependent, and legalism takes root. What do you get when you take a corrupt Christian and give them shortcuts to spirituality?

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Corrupted shortcuts. For every tradition or rule we make, manipulations ensue.

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This is why churches which have been doing the same thing for decades tend to lack any fresh fruit and they are still wrestling with the same besetting sins from the start. Then there are the firefighting pastors. Oddly enough, these are usually the people in the highest levels of leadership of the Church. When they make threats, everyone listens, because everyone else just wants to keep the peace.

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  8. Some pastors are watering down the message, others are drowning in the ocean, and still others are dowsing the flames. I realized this early on in my ministry while still in Bible college, trying to convince college students to make it to Sunday morning services when they were in school studying pastoral ministries. In the end, I rarely saw those with the glimmer in their eye when talking about Christ. Tozer called these Christians the children of the burning heart.

    I often think of the lesson God was teaching Gideon before battle. Or I think of Moses, who constantly had to discipline the people of God for crafting idols, complaining about provisions, and fearing the promised land.

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    Only two of the twelve spies lived to enter into the kingdom. So who am I to think that my efforts would be a bed of roses without the stems and the thorns? A pastor can spend all of his time doing back flips and clever tricks to keep people interested, or they can focus on the few who understand and train an army he can go to battle with. This is why discipleship is in the great commission and not preaching. Just saying.

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