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Mister Majestor: Demon Crown

Singing doctor who sang to 8, babies after delivery gets heartfelt honor. The saloon has now turned into a blazing inferno, and the Lone Ranger quickly tries to find a way out. He limps towards the exit while holding his bleeding wounds, but a large flaming piece of the ceiling suddenly fell on top of him. Pinned down on the floor and feeling the fire burn at him, the Lone Ranger squirmed desperately to escape. He tries and tries his best while the smoke finally started to fill his lungs. It seems hopeless, but the Lone Ranger tries again with all his strength to pull himself out.

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He finally succeeds in freeing himself, and he desperately tries to crawl away towards the exit with every might he got. He then rolls over towards the dusty streets, now outside that burning inferno. Though he was now safe, the Lone Ranger can still feel the flames searing at his back. The Lone Ranger stands back up and painfully coughs away any remaining smoke in his lungs.

His eyes were watering with pain but they gradually started to come back. And the first thing he saw as his eyesight got back… was the Man with No Name standing right in front of him. Burned and bruised, but nonetheless okay, the Man looks at him with burning hate. Although badly wounded, the two gunfighters kept their hands on their other pistol.

Now there was no bar or cover to separate the two, and it was time to finally end this showdown once and for all. The two have finally decided to end this gunfight in an old-fashioned duel. Like all quick draw duels, the one with the fastest and most steady hand will prevail.

And so the two men stared at each other and dared not to make any sudden moves. The pain from their burns still tingled throughout their bodies to the point of crippling them. But even though the burning pain was becoming immense, the two still kept a firm stance to each other. The Lone Ranger takes a deep breath. Though his body was smoking like roasted beef ribs and his eyes watering like the Pecos, he collects all his remaining energy for one final draw. He thinks of his dead brother, his friend Tonto, all the girls he fell in love with over the years, and his faithful Silver.

All of them will be his strength for this battle. For years he has fought for what is right. For a long time he has fought for justice and against bloodshed. For years he have survived worst scrapes than this. And for a long time he always carried this code with him probably till the day he dies. It is a commandment written by God himself and no mortal man should ever, in any circumstance, violate it. And I have fought for life and justice. However, his little speech was interrupted by a loud gunshot that echoed throughout the whole town.

As he looked down, he finds that gunsmoke was coming from a small hole in his heart. Those who talks too much… and those who shuts them up. His eyes staring at the sky as the sun has started to rise back up again. The Man with No Name sits at a horse post and rests. He breathes the fresh air as the morning breeze finally comes rolling. Although he captured his bounty, he was relieved to finally end the weirdest gunfight he had ever fought so far. Both men were considered pretty equal in gunfight skills. The Man not only had superior marksmanship, but he had no qualms on killing people unlike the Lone Ranger, which makes his job easier and more efficient.

Once upon a time in the old west, desperados and lawmen do battle against one another for control of the new America, in addition to the American Civil War. Runaway slaves take advantage of the situation brewing and make their escape to the north. One such previously freed slave is Django Freeman, a bounty hunter who took up the practice when he was freed by Dr. However, as of late it is the middle of the American Civil War and Django has run afoul of the wrong people out west. Therfore a bounty has been placed on his head. One such man looking to cash in has no name but the ones he's been given in his occupation.

The Man with no Name has taken notice of Django's wanted poster and talks it over with his gang. Sherrif says he got spotted in the Cheyenne territories with his wife and gang. But if you're really looking into this one, Blondie, I may have spotted some dark fellows uphill a ways. If he's there we could take him. Where else we gonna get a score like this? That partnership with that Tuco fella dried up like he did when you left him in the desert. Blondie thought it over, recounting Tuco's luck ending, while admiring a black woman walking by.

If it pans out then we'll see how it goes. Django walks up to his four followers sitting on a hill.

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He had rescued them from Candieland, as well as from being taken to be worked to death in the Le Quint Dickey Mines. These men owed him their lives, and he knew it.

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The former slaves had seen fit to give themselves new names as well. The final follower, Lancelot spoke up after listening to everyone, "What about us needs more followers? Strength in numbers, yeah. Suddenly, a sound of horses rang through the air. Up rode five white men, the lead wearing a poncho. Blondie immediately took off after the men on foot on his horse, only to find they had fled into the forrest where traveling by horse would be difficult.

The dynamite killed Ford and started a fire among the trees. Lancelot took aim with his Sharps and picked off Rico, shooting him square in the heart. Django motioned for him to follow him into a nearby cave as Jefferson took another route. Jefferson, who had climbed a tree in order to get a better look at the situation creeped up behind the position of Blondie and his men. Pulling out his knife, he engaged in a knife fight with Kent. Taking cover behind trees as Django and Lancelot aimed at their position from their cave, Blondie looked at Jacobs:.

Always on the lookout. Too late he realized, as it left him open to an attack as Blondie rushed into the cave, kicked Django in the face and finished off Lancelot with a pistol shot to the face. Back with the knife fight, things were wrapping up as Kent kicked Jefferson in the kneecap which brought him on the ground.

He was about to deal the killing blow when Jefferson stabbed Kent in the groin. Kent yelled in pain, before Jefferson gutted him by slicing up to his neck.

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But to his surprise Jacobs also fell, his shirt stained by his own blood. Both men turned their guns on each other as they took in their surroundings, the fire coming up on the right side of the cave, creeping in. Both men sweating, they turned to each other and silently decided for the time being, a truce needed to be made to escape danger immediately. They ran off to escape the rapidly encroaching fire, but the fire was chasing them down. Eventually they settled on a plateau overlooking a canyon across a wooden bridge. A man of your talents can escape, I'm sure.

Winner walks away, loser gets eaten by the buzzards. I'll even throw away my dynamite. The hammer fell on an empty chamber, signaling the gun was empty. Both circled the other, trying to decide when to strike. Django feinted a lunge, with Blondie attempting to block. This leads to an opening where Django punches Blondie in the throat, and throws him to the ground. Blondie gets up as Django leaps to grab his gun, where Blondie grabs the back of Django's belt and throws him to the ground. Blondie stomps on Django's face, bruising and bloodying his opponent.

Blondie then walks over to Django's gun, and makes sure it's loaded. There was no remark from Blondie as he pulled the trigger. A few days later, a figure in dark clothing appeared on a horse. Through his exhausted eyes, Blondie spotted the man.

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Blondie looked at Django's corpse, and thought it over.