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Will You invite her along with You, too? My Fair Wedding with David Tutera has rapidly has become one of my favorite shows. David has a glorious gift of creating spectacular events and helping people live their dreams in the process. He teaches what it means to honor the highest self and the joy of living fully in the now. He illustrates the significance of creating magical experiences and reveals every moment is a special event when we choose it to be.

David embracing his unique talent allows him to be his most authentic self while continuing to blossom and grow, blessing others in the process. David being his marvelous self motivates me to see myself and the world more beautifully and, more importantly, to experience myself more honestly and wholly. Am I fully using my gifts and talents?

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Am I living my dreams? Am I creating beautiful experiences? Am I loving and valuing myself and others? Are abundance, generosity, joy, and Love the foundations for my decisions? Am I choosing fear or Love? I am beginning to understand the importance, power, and value of being present in the moment.

Moments merge time and space into a singular creative, spiritual force that is the essence of change. Moments are the springboard for experiences, growth, and opportunities, the threads that weave the tapestry of our lives. Am I cherishing and honoring or analyzing and critiquing? Am I reacting and surviving or am I creating, intending, responding, and thriving? Joyce Meyer says wisdom is making choices today that one will be glad about tomorrow.

What am I choosing for myself in this moment? Heath is a brilliant talent extinguished senselessly with seemingly so much talent to be expressed and shared. I began pondering what is between me and living my dreams? The list goes on, and every answer has one common denominator. What kind of a life am I creating for myself?

Let Our Light Shine

What do I believe is possible for me? Love, is the most creative, healing, inspiring, powerful, wise force in the universe living inside of every living being. Is my intention giving Love, getting Love, or simply being Love? What if everything my heart desires is ready and waiting for me …waiting for me to be ready and willing to receive?

What if every dream is at my fingertips and simply a matter of giving myself permission …permission to Love and BeLoved. What if I stopped assessing my own worthiness and started simply being? What if Love is the criteria by which I make every decision? Love is who we are, and it is also a choice. It suggests, then, by learning to love our whole selves, trusting our soul wisdom, that we are capable of fully loving others.

Perhaps this is why Jesus instructed us to love our neighbors as ourselves. What about loving people including ourselves , who are behaving in an unlovely fashion? What if we began recognizing it as a cry for love and an opportunity to give Love instead of getting Love? A very wise coach recently reminded me of the importance of claiming joy and embracing and loving myself the way I wish to be loved by others. David Tutera is teaching me the importance of making each moment sparkle.

Rumi is offering me the opportunity to see God is Love and begin opening my heart to receive. I am making more deliberate and intentional decisions and creating empowered thoughts that foster joy and peace. I am scripting my destiny with every action, thought, and word, weaving the tapestry of my legacy one action, one choice, and one experience at a time. I am choosing Love especially when it requires courage and strength.

Fire refines iron, and the raging brook smooths the stone. I choose Love. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage. He also has a not so secret health issue, scoliosis, which influences his dancing. Bryan is charismatic and instantly endearing with an obvious passion for life, music, and most especially dance. He knows the secret of success as has collaborates with his body and creates a unique dance style that stirs the hearts of audiences worldwide.

What else could anyone ask of you. That was just sensational. Bryan chooses to believe in the beauty of creation, the power of art, and Love, his love for dance. Bryan parented an entirely new form of dance because his dance was too much a part of him to let it go. He made a way and inspires others in the process of doing what he loves. Taylor Swift is another prime example of someone who has created her own road.

Taylor channeled her feelings of social outcast into teaching herself guitar and writing songs, developing her trademark candor ultimately catapulting her to international success. What if we listen to our dreams and passions? What if we allow our talents to lead us?

What if we believe in ourselves?

What if we know we are enough and feel lovable and worthy of every blessing intended for us? What if we chose to perceive everything a gift of wisdom helping us to live our dreams?

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What if we celebrate what is going right and use our strengths to bless one another? What if we choose to believe life is happening for us? What if we make a conscious choice to exchange being victimized for being victorious? I made a life-altering decision this year …to find the blessing and to choose Love and Peace in every situation. It required something unexpected …for me to be gentle with and kind to myself. Those who know me would suggest it is an understatement when I say I was harshly self-analytical consistently focusing on what could be improved and how to improve it.

Spirit is our life force and pretty much runs the show. Be Love and Be Loved. We are here to grow and learn, and beauty and strength is found in our imperfections. My entire paradigm shifted, and everyday has become a gift. How am I growing? What am I learning? Who am I becoming? I also seek to identify the blessings in everything, which sometimes requires creativity and deeper thought. Self-Love is fruit from the Tree of Life, which nourishes one to be a blessing to others. He was left in a cage for five days without food or water with a hole in his head and other serious wounds.

1 Timothy 4:6-16

Oogy eventually connected with an amazing family, who adopted him as one of their own. This dog is living proof that you can go through the most obscene experience and come out okay on the other side and find love on the other side. Larry Levin talks about Oogy. Faith is easy when things go well. Love is simple when people behave lovingly. What about when someone or something is imperfect? Do we give up, walk away, write it off, or do we recognize the opportunity for deeper Love?

Do we celebrate the beauty, strength, and gifts in imperfections? Choosing Love goes beyond, helping our hearts, minds, and spirits mature. Love nurtures potential, recognizes possibilities, and is the seed for miracles. May You see yourself through the eyes of our brilliant Creator understanding You are a glorious gift and a blessing in the world.

Imperfections are greater windows through which Love can flow.

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May You celebrate the unique and wonderful treasures You bring to the world. May joy, Love, and peace fill your heart, mind, soul, and universe. Know You are cherished, exquisite, and protected. You are a divine miracle. You are BeLoved. Thank You. Merci French. Efharisto Greek. Mahalo Hawaiian. Grazie Italian.

Gratitude is mutually beneficial for the giver and receiver, a win-win situation. Spirituality also confirms the importance of remaining grateful in every situation as a way of activating and receiving blessings. He reveals the future of the world is currently being shaped by what people choose to believe, and the future is literally being created by the thoughts people think. Gregg states this new world age accounts for many people who have been affected by the random passing of loved ones and other curious events in recent years.

He shares that we are being offered massive growth opportunities to step into higher consciousness and experience a greater sense of gratitude than ever before. I explored religious philosophies and scientific theories, which only led to more questions. My life began to seem like an alternate reality, and one day I simply prayed to know The Truth.

Well, I was there, and this just was just too much. How do I get things to work out for me? God or Jehovah as I call Him , or however you choose to address Him, spoke to me as clearly as if you and I were having a conversation. Surrender your heart to Me. You are my child, and I know your heart. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation,. Did I imagine The Voice? Could something this simple really work? The ink pen had embossed lovely scrolls on the paper where I had been scribbling without success. I was certain it must merely be coincidence. I began testing the gratitude principle on other things, including a challenging situation beyond my control, and even that began to transform almost instantly.

I was, in a word …astonished. Doors open. Light bursts through windows. Possibility blossoms. Blessings bloom. Miracles manifest. Gratitude is the ultimate confirmation of faith because it is so certain of receiving that it praises in advance. True faith is the same principle.

We walk in belief knowing that we will see what we believe versus waiting to believe until we see. Thank You, My Dear Readers, for sharing your kind comments and radiating your awesome light. You are a gift. You are BeLove d. Shine on. All Rights Reserved. Susan Stackpole YOUnique! A single light completely dissolves the darkness. You are the flame. Consistent commitment focusing on inspirational goals beget progress. Your responsibility is taking care of your boat YOU. Allow it to be easy. Go with the flow.

Let go. Row, row, row your boat. Twinkle, Twinkle SuperStars! What is ? Two pieces of iron enter the fire. The first has little tolerance for the fire, and, believing his master has forgotten him, jumps out. The second, while finding the fire uncomfortable, trusts his master to pull him out at the perfect time.

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And then you get up and keep trying until you make it.

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Like Bodhidharma said: To fall 7 times is to rise 8 times…life begins today. It may take time, it WILL take time. As long as you do something every single day to get you closer to your goal, success is inevitable. Oh, and one last thing: Some people will criticize, or laugh, or talk bad about you.

So let your haters be your motivators! You are great, and I love you! On a recent episode of my radio show, Rise UP with B. One thing that I always tell aspiring Life Coaches is that you must always be your own best client. America, my heart is broken. A couple of months ago, I wrote this letter about how awful it feels to be a Black guy who truly loves this country. And you, America, have responded by making things much, much, worse. This article has taken