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I received a letter and was fined for speeding in a school zone.

What's next?

I was suprised and not happy because it is a large fine. It was me driving on the day and it was unfortunately only 3 minutes before the school zone period ended at 4pm. I wrote back and pleaded for leniency but they said the fine stands and i paid it. I had a clean driving record but its not fair that it still stands.

I concur with your view there are many similar circumstances , it is rather a money making ventures the whole system is operated by contractors.

Ten Ways To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

We can only find some premier come with a solutions, the excessive fines is not reducing road fatalities I suggested few safety day in a year on those days , every police, SES and other volunteers will be on watch and no penalties but people will be pulled and advise what they are doing wrong in driving, as well pay to TV and Radio to announce driving safety every time they read news etc, but the RMS or the Ministers office is not interested because they want our money.

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This is a specific scenario, but i had a friend who was going the opposite direction as the cop was. Cops flips a bitch, pulls him over. It is also impossible to GET accurate radar while moving. So he got out of that ticket instantly because i guess people usually accept the ticket, never questioning a cop. That same cop kept pulling him over for the next year, claiming he had illegally modified parts in his car over and over.

The bitter cop did not stop this until he got a new car. So be warned, there may be a downside. Just the other day, I made really good small talk with the police officer. In fact, both he and I smiled in our conversation. Then he walked back to his car and came back out with a ticket.

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He told me to have a nice day. I got my ticket significantly reduced while speeding on the highway. I was driving down a hill on the highway, and the cop pulled me over doing 85 in a This is felony reckless driving in VA. The sheriff used to live not too far from where I lived. We were just shooting the shit for a while. He knocked the ticket down to a much lower speeding ticket I think it was 78 in a 65 , and that was it. If he booked me for the full ticket, I would have gotten a felony charge and would have to go to court in VA I was still living in FL. Not only will you be showing respect for someone […].

How to Get Out of Speeding Tickets, Every Step of the Way

This can be done by yourself or with an experienced traffic attorney. By fighting your ticket, if you do have to pay court costs, you will usually get additional time to pay. If you want to know which one, click the link below about how to get out of a speeding ticket. Fight Back If you are human, leave this field blank. Johns St. Upload Image of Ticket optional.

Don't have a radar detector

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