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This data helps to identify the most dynamic the youngest or the quietest neighborhoods, generally with the social, cultural and sports infrastructure adapted to the population.

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The average age of the resident population is estimated according to the number of inhabitants present in each age group using the INSEE segmentation of 10 classes. The number of inhabitants of the neighborhood is one of the indicators that identify if the area is quiet or lively. Calculation of the number of daycare centers, schools and kindergartens in the urban area according to the Kel Quartier points of interest database. A large number indicates that your daily shopping can be done on foot, with a wide variety of brands and services available.

Share of votes cast for a left-wing candidate, from the total of the non-MoDem votes in the election.

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Mobile version. Be contacted about this property. Apartment 4 room. Key elements Floor surface : m 2 Loi Carrez : The property 2 bedrooms 1 bathrooms 2 Salles d'eau 2 Toilets. Ongoing procedure: non. Car Park. Train station. Nursery school. Primary school. Secondary school. High school. Town hall. Green space. Ambassades et consulats.

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Then you wonder if he's coming out. Does he?

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    View 1 comment. Feb 24, Bandit rated it liked it. I was aware of the author through his tenure as a Horror Aficionados' moderator. He seemed like a very nice guy and turns out he's quite a decent writer as well if this small collection is something to go by. Not perfect, especially the middle one, but interesting, well written and compelling voyages into madness.

    Perfectly entertaining way to spend and hour for genre fans. View 2 comments. Jul 17, Bill rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed these 3 short stories. I ran across Jason's profile on the Horror Aficionados group and looked up his website where I found some info on his books. Thought I would pick one up and give it a try. I was not disappointed. The stories read very fast and were written well.

    Short stories are sometimes hit and miss for me but I thought these were very well done. Dec 21, Marc-Antoine rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , dark-fiction , short-stories. Do not start unless you have time to finish, three stories you will not be able to put aside, thankfully a quick read because my family would have been without me for a while.

    I look forward to reading more from Jason White. Jan 11, Megan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: children of the 80s, short-story-horror fans. Shelves: creepy-horror. I was living in Naples, Florida at the time. Like a Welcome to the Crazy Club!

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    Something Matrix-like? I really enjoyed this one, because it was VERY dark, spoke to me personally, and had what I would consider a very hopeful and uplifting conclusion. Thanks to Jason for emailing me the document! I hope to read more of your stories in the future! Apr 26, Lou rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , short-stories. He makes you feel the fear and the darkness in his writing. Room A story of terror and horror. One mans obsession with what lies behind room Will there be any horrors behind those closed doors?

    Well done story. Divorce and the Black Cat Alcohol and divorce destroyers of the soul. But hey leave the lovely cat alone. Chemical burn A thrilling story of a home brewed liquid that you could experience highs from but the creator sees the dangers and needs 3 good dark tales from a promising new writer.

    Chemical burn A thrilling story of a home brewed liquid that you could experience highs from but the creator sees the dangers and needs another road in life. Written well again hooks you and engrossing. Room For our intrepid hero, the room calls to him as strongly as his co-workers warn him away from it. Tempted and disturbed, the balance his held. Not a bad idea to build interest.

    Short stories require a different way of working to a full-length novel, although a good one can make you forget that. Sometimes, a good short story is one that makes you wish for the idea to be built up on, developed into a full-length novel. Certainly, Room could have that. As a full-length novel, it could work, and work very well for that.

    As a short story, it works nicely too. The lead character works. The supporting characters work. Although the girl who goes missing is a little annoying. The build to Room and the warnings work. What more could you ask of it? We recognize these people as though they are our own old friends and co-workers we haven't thought of in years.

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    The humor and the dialog ring true, and sucked me right into this story. As for what IS behind that door? You'll have to find out for yourself, but it's a nig "Room " tackles one of my favorite horror themes--the question of "What lies behind that closed door? You'll have to find out for yourself, but it's a nightmare akin to a Stephen King-Bentley Little mash-up. The ultimate nihilism of this story manages a bittersweet aftertaste that stayed with me for days.

    Liked the story and the concept, though I would have liked that it would have gone a little further with the concept. Story would make for great discussion. I give this one 3. I was a little disappointed with the ending. I guess I was expecting something a little more dramatic.