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When Rio and his sister Sara attempt to run, they are accosted by their cruel Uncle Grant, played by Chris Pratt , who threatens to take them both. After playing a series of chipper characters, Pratt makes a believable villain. Later, when he meets Sheriff Garrett, we see how Rio is ultimately given a choice to either embrace the life of a bandit or pursue a life of virtue and justice. In fact, the same violence that propels moral choice for male protagonists leads female characters to lose themselves. But, though Sara is given the opportunity to enact her own violent revenge, her character arc is not one of triumph, or even character evolution.

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Instead, her character is tortured for what seems to be the sole purpose of inspiring her brother to make better choices. This relegation of female characters to the sidelines is depressing for a film released in , especially because it seems entirely possible to have a film looking at masculinity without reducing women to archetypes. In the world of "The Kid," there are mothers and virgins and girlfriends and whores, all of whom seem to exist entirely in relation to the men they watch fearfully from the sidelines.

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The men in "The Kid" may spend a lot of time beating and killing, but they also seem to have plenty of time to brood, ruminate, and wax on philosophically about their relationship to the world. Why not give the female characters a moment of self-reflection, of recognition that the female experience also includes making moral choices? The decision to flatten female characters into mere archetypes is an odd choice for a film that is clearly invested in considering the nature of domestic violence, which disproportionately impacts women, both in the real world, as well as the world of "The Kid.

But the action set pieces, too, are imbued with an awareness of legends and their consequences.

At one point, Garrett cunningly uses his own celebrity to draw a villain into a gunfight. Just a few scenes earlier, however, the lawman grimly acknowledges that what has sparked that celebrity will inspire others to match their gunmanship against his. What will happen? His deputy understands.

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