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    Tentacle Porn Volume 3

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Luckily, once you have the tentacle mold made, you can use them for all sorts of exciting things!!! I'll link some additional ideas to the end of this post for other ways you can use your tentacles in edible adventures.

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    As I said on the first page, if you do this step, be aware you need to do it at least 24 hours ahead of time as it takes about that long for the mold to cure. The first thing you need to do is to gather your materials. I picked up some toy tentacles ages ago and knew they were perfect for molding. Up to you. Now, before we go any further, I have to tell you…make sure whatever silicone you use is food safe.

    Tentacle Sex - Works | Archive of Our Own

    That way your mold is thick enough to hold its shape. Glue these all around your tentacle, making sure to leave the top open and making sure that your tentacle ONLY touches the cardboard at the bottom. Make sure to reinforce ALL your seams by going over them again with blue painters tape. Smooth-Sil mixes at a ratio of so having a scale is absolutely critical.

    You want to weigh this stuff out. Too much of one part or another and you could end up with a goopy runny mess. Not cool. I wish I could tell you how much I used. An easy way to find out how much you need is to fill your mold with water, pour that out into a zeroed out cup and then use that to find your weight for A.

    Simple math, right? Now, using a spatula or stir stick, stir the hell out of that mixture until the two are fully blended and you end up with a nice, Pepto-Bismol pink slime. Carefully drizzle this slime into your mold box, pausing now and again to gently tap it on the sides and the bottom. This helps to release any air bubbles that might get caught on your tentacle. You should be left with a solid block of fully cured silicone with your tentacle encased inside. It should look like the image above. Carefully, using your Exacto knife, cut your mold in half, starting with a cut line across the top of the mold as illustrated in the photo above.

    Continue cutting your mold in half being careful not to cut your tentacle until you can lay the whole thing open.

    Ten Curious Facts About Octopuses

    Release your plastic tentacle from the mold and give it a good wash with soap and water. You'll also need either a funnel or a squeezy bottle to make filling your mold easier and some rubber bands to hold your mold together. In a microwave-safe bowl, sprinkle your unflavored gelatin over the top of your lemon-lime soda and let it sit for about 10 minutes to bloom. Once it's bloomed, pop it into the microwave and zap for second intervals, stirring between each zap until the gelatin is fully melted into the soda. Let bloom. Microwave in second bursts until fully melted and mixed in the rest of your ingredients:.

    As you add in each ingredient, make sure to mix thoroughly. You may notice that while the gelatin and b2 vitamins mix in nicely, the pudding may clump up and leave small lumps. Don't worry about this Anyway, once that's all mixed together, transfer to a squeeze bottle with a fairly generous nozzle size to ensure your pudding warts can make it through and use to fill your tentacle mold. If you notice your tentacle mold leaks, wrap it securely with plastic wrap and a few rubber bands.

    It will help keep the edges sealed together and prevent your tentacle liquid from escaping. Carefully unmold your tentacle and repeat the process 7 more times for a total of 8. Store your finished tentacles in the fridge until you are ready to use them. I found storing them in an open-topped container allowed them to dry out just a bit, giving them a more realistic texture and cutting down on the slimy feel Side note - if you find your tentacle 'juice' is getting too thick to properly fill your mold, give it a quick zap about 10 seconds or so in the microwave to reliquefy it.

    If you are NOT planning on serving this dish with a black light present for effect, feel free to skip this part. Using the same technique we used earlier for our tentacles, melt your gelatin.