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Frantic and frightened from some unknown force buried in her subconscious, her only clue is her locket which holds her name, Charlotte. The Marquess of Cromwell does not belive in Fate, but when he stumbles upon Charlotte during a fox hunt and later trying to flee charges of theft, she inevitably lands into his care and -ahem- lap he is rather put out but highly intrigued. Through poisoning, jealousy, and a horrid kidnapping can they manage to realize that they belong with each other?

Can he give himself to her? Or will propriety and placement in society keep him from what he wants most?

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Will Charlotte find out who she really is, and what it is that lurks in the darkness of her mind? And do either know what the cost truly is for what they want? Kade Morrison The Duke of Lincoln, has ideas on what his job is- this includes fighting ruffians in the night, causing terror to be bolted into the heart of every theif and murderer in the Englis darkness of London in It does not include Fate seems to have other ideas for him Emmaline is about to be sold, and not just to a particular someone, she is paying for her father's debts and her mother's freedom with the only thing she has, her virtue and innocence.

But when she attemps to pickpocket The Duke of Lincoln for her captor- in hopes that the money shall free her- she finds a man that she is instantly drawn to. Kade is spell bound.