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When showing time on a specific scale on an axis, a timeline can be used to visualize time lapses between events, durations such as lifetimes or wars , and the simultaneity or overlap of spans and events. Timelines are particularly useful for studying history, as they convey a sense of change over time. Wars and social movements are often shown as timelines. Timelines are also useful for biographies.

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Examples include:. Timelines are also used in the natural world and sciences, for subjects such as astronomy , biology , and geology :. Another type of timeline is used for project management. In these cases, timelines are used to help team members to know what milestones need to be achieved and under what time schedule. For example, in the case of establishing a project timeline in the implementation phase of the life cycle of a computer system.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Universe events since the Big Bang Nature timeline. This box: view talk edit. Matter-dominated era.

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Single-celled life. Multicellular life. Dark Ages. Earliest stars. Earliest galaxy. Omega Centauri. Andromeda Galaxy. Milky Way spirals. Alpha Centauri. Solar System. Earliest life. Earliest oxygen.

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Atmospheric oxygen. Sexual reproduction. Earliest plants.

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Cambrian explosion. Earliest mammals. Earliest apes. See also: Human timeline , and Life timeline.

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Main article: List of timelines. Chronology ChronoZoom is an open source project for visualizing the timeline of Big History Detailed logarithmic timeline Human timeline Life timeline List of timelines Living graph Logarithmic timeline Sequence of events Synchronoptic view Timecode Timestream Timeline of world history.

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    No need to use templates. For yourself With the help of the timeline, you can keep track of your personal achievements and results. Your historical events will help you understand what is happening in your life, where you are going and at what speed you accomplish identified goals. You simply enter all the data in it every day.