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Remove the syrup if you want to shave down on the calories even more. Try this exotic fruit salad with lemongrass and star anise recipe. Don't miss out on the barbecue just because it's a fast day. Substitute a fat-laden beef burger for this tasty spicy bean burger. Try this spicy mexican bean burger recipe. Plan Bread are a bespoke sandwich company specialising in the healthiest possible lunches on the market.

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Find more Plan Bread sandwiches. Try this pea, feta, mint and soya bean salad recipe. These warm, glossy root vegetables normally make the ideal accompaniment to a Sunday roast, but they are also perfect for a filling fast day lunch menu.

Try this roasted root vegetables recipe. A deliciously classic salad that will fill a gap during fast day. Ditch the egg to save yourself some extra calories, and avoid unnecessary dressings. Try this french tuna nicoise pasta recipe. Crunchy buttermilk chicken on a fast day - surely not? Well that's where you're wrong.

This delicious recipe is surprisingly low calorie, so you can look forward to some guilt-free tastiness. Try this crunchy buttermilk chicken with balsamic tomatoes and courgettes recipe.

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Per Serving: cal Ribollita means reboiled in Italian, and this warming soup makes the most of the Tuscan bean's soothing aromas. Try this ribollita tuscan bean soup recipe. Try this white cajun fish recipe. It counts for over half of your day's calories, but this delicious grilled halloumi dinner is the perfect end of day fix to keep you going through the evening and in to the next day. It's also a great vegetarian starter for dinner parties.

Try this grilled halloumi with beetroot, parsley and lemon salad recipe.

500 calorie meal plans for the 5:2 diet

Click or tap to zoom into this image. This is an image 1 of Per Serving: cals A simple and hearty breakfast that's full of slow release energy. This is an image 2 of Per Serving: 35 cals Invigorate your mind and prepare yourself for a day of fasting with this sharp, tangy breakfast fruit. This is an image 3 of Per Serving: cals If you can cope with not eating lunch, these banana oat muffins are the perfect start to your fast day and ideal for resisting the barista shop goodies on the way in to work.

Get cooking! See more diet tips including healthy snack recipes ,. Roast until cooked through, then top with 50g ricotta and fresh basil. Serve 30g bran flakes with g raspberries and ml skimmed milk. Beat 1 medium egg with 1tbsp skimmed milk. Season, scramble, then mix with 40g chopped smoked salmon. Serve with 1 grilled tomato. Serve 1 medium boiled egg with 1 medium slice 40g of wholegrain toast. Bake a g potato until soft. Serve with 50g cooked, peeled prawns mixed with lime zest and juice, black pepper and fresh chopped coriander.

Top 1 medium slice 40g wholegrain bread with 1 lettuce leaf, 6 slices cucumber, 1 sliced tomato and g cooked peeled prawns mixed with a squeeze of lemon juice and 15g Hellman's Lighter Than Light Mayo. Top a g cod fillet with 1 diced tomato mixed with lemon zest, fresh chopped parsley, 3 diced black olives in brine and 20g reduced-fat feta cheese.

The Cult Diet That Really Works—Why You Should Revisit the 5:2 This Summer

Bake for min until fish is cooked through. Serve with 50g mixed leaves, 10 slices of cucumber and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Type keyword s to search. Mediterranean vegetables. Make porridge from 30g porridge oats with ml water. Once the porridge is almost cooked stir in 1 grated apple skin included and heat through. Ooh - what about peanut butter on toast? Spread 1 slice toasted wholemeal bread with 1 tbsp peanut butter.

Make up porridge from 30g oats, 75ml skimmed milk and ml water. Top with 50 blueberries. Sneaking in at just under calories and equally good for fasting day lunch or dinner Make an omelette with 2 medium eggs, cooked in 1 tsp oil. Once almost set add in 3 halved cherry tomatoes, 1 sliced spring onion and in 15g crumbled Feta cheese. Here's an example of how the recipes can be combined for a calorie fasting day from wlr's diet plan :. Our sample fasting day provides breakfast lunch and dinner for just calories.

However, some people find it easier to skip breakfast or lunch If you find it easier to eat just twice on fasting days, we have plenty of diet recipes under calories and under calories. Great for a super low calorie fasting day lunch, this soup is easy to make Dissolve 1 chicken stock cube in ml boiling water to make a broth. Pour in the stock, add 10g egg noodles, bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

Add 45g baby spinach until it wilts, mix and serve. Drizzle with 1 tbsp fat free dressing before enjoying! Simple but tasty - coating the chicken breast in honey helps keep it moist Glaze 1 chicken breast g 1tsp honey and cook in oven at C for minutes. Since you're eating less on fasting days, it's sensible to make your food choices as satisfying and nutritious as possible. Eggs are a fantastic choice as they are versatile and packed with healthy fat and protein to keep you fuller for longer.

Diet Recipes Under Calories – Quick and Easy Recipes For Fast Days

High protein, lower fat foods such as chicken, fish, yoghurt, tofu, oats or beans are good choices also. It's best to avoid foods high in sugar, unless it's whole fruit like an apple , as these will very likely leave you with hunger pangs - craving more sugar! Preheat oven to C.

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Chop 80g broccoli into florets and add to a baking dish with g cod fillet. Bake for 10 minutes, then pop it under the grill for minutes optional. Serve with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Slice 1 boiled egg and 3 cherry tomatoes, tear up 2 slices Parma ham and arrange on 80g mixed salad leaves.

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Sprinkle on 1 tbsp pine nuts and 1 tbsp fat free dressing.