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Listen to this page. View Item. Description This late 18th-century Latin map of the world by the Augsburg map publisher Tobias Lotter is based on an earlier map by the French cartographer Guillaume de l'Isle De l'Isle was among the group of French cartographers who wrested mapmaking preeminence from the Dutch in the late 17th century.

He was trained in history and geography, as well as in mathematics and astronomy. He drew extensively on classical Arabic and Persian mapmakers and travel writers, and insisted on scientific precision in his design. In , two years after the publication of his first atlas, he was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Science and in was appointed head royal geographer.

The map uses color tints and borders to demarcate divisions between the continents, as the sharp borders between Europe, Asia, and Africa highlight. Creator L'Isle, Guillaume de, Date Created The Making of the Russian Church pp. The Great Schism pp.

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Part 3: The Middle Ages pp. Monasteries Reformed: Cluny pp. The Cistercians pp. The Crusades pp. The Jews Oppressed p.

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Christian Pilgrimage pp. The Rise of Learning pp. The Rise of the Friars pp. Missions to the Mongols pp. Medieval Heresy pp.

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Christian Muscovy: — pp. Part 4: The Reformations and After pp. The West in pp. Charles V pp.

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Christian Europe: pp. The Counter Reformation pp. Catholic Missions pp.

Christianity in the Philippines pp. The Great Migration pp. Christianity in South America pp. Pietism pp. The British Colonies: pp.

Part 5: The Modern Church pp. The Great Awakening pp. The Second Awakening pp. African Christianity pp. The First U. Missions pp. Modern Missions to Africa pp. Missions to India and Asia pp. Missions to China and Japan pp. Catholicism in the U. New Religious Movements pp. The Rise of Pentecostalism pp. African-American Churches pp.

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Christianity in Australasia pp. The Latin American Church pp. Missions Worldwide pp. The Ecumenical Movement pp. The Church in the U. Christianity in Russia since pp. Worldwide Christianity Today pp. A Chronology of Christian History pp. Further reading p. Gazetteer pp.