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Grasa hombre en una abrigo poco, tipo de grasa en una abrigo poco I couldn't write an answer on a famous movie quote thread without putting at least one Harry Potter quote!

The Night Window

I loved this film, hilarious at times, when the guy goes to the opera.. You mustn't miss it. This is a joke and refers to the double usage of "way" in English as both a direction and a manner. It doesn't translate well as a joke in Spanish! In the movie "Young Frankenstein" , Igor says "Walk this way" hunched over, with a short cane , encouraging Doctor Frankenstein to mimic his movements, even handing the Doctor his cane. Frankenstein complies, reluctantly, for a few steps before resuming his own walk. Well, why not trying human brain!

From the movie "Cobra" Your the disease and I'm the cure.

Su la enfermedad y soy la cura. I have a feeling this is totally incorrect so disculpe!!! Log in Sign up. Log in. I will start with one: Hasta la vista, baby. Terminator See you later, baby Termintator I am offering corrections for everybody, I will check on the new posts every day, correct posts, smiley face , but remember: Please correct your posts!!

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Great idea for a thread. Have fun and learn at the same time.

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What a concept! I agree with Izanoni, baby does not mean babe in that context. The secret is in the sauce. From the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" telling of the flavor in the BBQ it was human remains I just thought this thread deserved to return.

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Using interactive closed captions and great foriegn contnent, learning a new language is as fun as watching TV. Learn From Context Contextual translations, grammar and sample sentence. I have been wanting to watch more Russian TV shows, but have a lot of trouble understanding everything. This is just what I need!

So far I watched on my laptop, I haven't tried on my phone yet. Thanks for making this! Love the concept! I just love binging Spanish TV shows on my phone and laptop. This is interesting, I'll make sure to share with my friends who are learning Spanish.

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Check out the episodes Intro Ep. Share this Page. Learn while you watch Ep. The Binge Learning Method by Lingopie. Watch, Translate, Learn. Highly acclaimed Spanish TV shows. Try LingoPie for free and start learning a new language Start for free. Start for free! Beatrice R.

1998 Anuncio Película "El hombre de la máscara de hierro" - Leonardo DiCaprio Publicidad

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