Guide Experiencing Gods Love

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Everybody is desperately looking for love and wanting to be loved. From the moment we come out of the womb, we are looking for someone to hold us, feed us, protect us, and love us.

3 Ways to Experience More of God’s Love

And what I find even more amazing is that we have a God who longs to meet our longings for love and has the supernatural ability and availability to do so! God loves all people everywhere and longs to meet the deepest needs of our heart. He wants to heal, He wants to forgive, He wants to encourage, He wants to affirm, He wants to support, He wants to redirect, He wants to guide, and He wants to heal.

Why are so many people in need of love even when we have a God who wants — and can — give us all the love we need? Some people have no idea that God cares for them and loves them.

How to Feel God's Love For You

Paul moves on to speak of the staggering consequences of this fact. You can draw near to him and speak to him each day, knowing that there is no barrier between you and him. If you have never had this experience of the Holy Spirit filling your innermost heart, I would encourage you simply to ask God to fill you now. He says that even when you were against him, he sent Jesus to die for you. This is how you know God loves you.

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The Father allowed his only Son to be taken from his embrace and sent to the cross. Even though we did not deserve it — we were ungodly sinners — Jesus died for us.

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God did not spare his own son. He loves you that much.

Experiencing God's love. (Ephesians 4:1-15)

If God loves you so much, you can be certain that your future is secure. Lord, thank you so much that you died for me. Thank you that you love me so much and therefore I can be confident about my future. I ask that you would again pour your love into my heart by the Holy Spirit, and help me to feel your deep love for me. Here we see an example of that.

3 Ways to Experience More of God’s Love

Woe to those addicted to feeling good — life without pain! He will love you even if you sin and that will help you overcome it. Are you hurt and angry because of what someone did to you? His love for you can heal your hurt and defeat your anger.

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Are you feeling low self-esteem? His love for you can give you great self-esteem. Are you in need financially? His love can assure you that there is hope for you financially.

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  • A lady named Shaquita came to our office with one compulsive thought in her mind. She just had a death wish and prayed that God would take her life by letting her be in a car accident or just by dying in her sleep. She had been terribly rejected as a child, divorced at 25 years by her husband and felt completely empty inside.