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He happens upon the Good Guy doll that has Charles Lee Ray 's spirit Inside, and the next morning, he hangs around in the alley outside where Karen Barclay works. He sells it to her for Andy 's sixth birthday, at half the cost of a store-bought doll. The next night, after Karen learns that the doll Chucky is alive and killing those around her, Karen reaproches him, demanding where he got the doll.

He wants to know what he'll get if he tells her, but since, she is not carrying money, he tries to rape her.


However, Detective Mike Norris shows up and puches him in the face before he could hurt Karen. Andromache is the heroine of the classical story-cycle the Iliad. She is on the right here, surrounded by attendants. In her hand is a dish from which she is pouring libations over the monument to her dead husband, Hector, and calling on his spirit.

Hector was the bravest of the Trojan warriors.

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She is shocked to see a man in the red robes and plumed helmet of a Trojan warrior, on the left here. This is the soldier Aeneas, in exile after the fall of Troy and looking for a new home. This oil painting is on a closely woven, plain linen canvas with rather uneven threads. Its oil-based ground is reddish pink and is smooth except where it has formed reticulations between the canvas threads, a feature found frequently in paintings prepared in Rome during the eighteenth century.

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The densely painted, enamel-like surface reveals few clues about its evolution on the canvas. No underdrawing can be detected. Cross-sections reveal that most areas are painted in two layers, the lower being generally paler and cooler than the upper, in the manner of a traditional dead colouring. The drying-cracks in the central red cloak indicate either many layers of paint or the use of resins with the oil.

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Elsewhere the paint for the final application appears very well bound with sound drying oil and its smoothness suggests the use of soft, small brushes. An X-radiograph shows a slight change in the position of the hand of the figure to the left of Andromache.

The painting is in excellent condition, being unlined and on its original stretcher, a simple rectangle of four oak bars with joints expandable in the vertical direction. Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest Share this page. Not on display.

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Artist Colin Morison — One night, we needed to go to the outhouse. We lit our candle and called our horse, who came up to the window and stood there while we climbed on board. Usually we would head off to the outhouse without any problem, except this night, we watched from our horse's back as the sheet on our bed lifted up and was then carefully moved back to the end of the bed. Needless to say, we went to the outhouse and stayed there the rest of the night, until sunrise the next morning.

There were frogs, spiders and no telling what else next to that outhouse, but we knew it was safer there than in our bedroom, where sheets moved on our bed without any visible human assistance! When our family in the house woke up and started to move around the next morning and thank God they were early risers , Herb and I explained to Grandma and Mom what had happened.

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They could tell we were tired and scared, and Grandma explained in a calm voice that there was nothing to fear, it was her mother our great- grandmother trying to take care of us. She went on to explain that our great grandmother probably assumed that since it was the middle of summer, we were probably hot, and that if she pulled the sheet back for us, we would be more comfortable.

The calm manner in which she explained everything made us both feel like it was okay, it was normal and just part of life--there was nothing to fear. The older we got, the better we would learn to understand it. Man, was she ever right! As a result, I've never really feared ghostly encounters.

I'm more scared of heights and the dark than running into a spirit or ghost. That's because at an early age, I was properly instructed on how not to fear the unknown.

By the way, Herb and I both laughed about our first ghost encounter until the day he moved on. Since then, Pam and I have had incredible encounters. We've had ghosts reside in our homes still do and have been able to see and speak with some of them over the years.