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Learn about the history, significance and re-establishment of this divine institution. Learn more about this prophecy and how it was fulfilled. Islam is the religion that represents the pinnacle of religious evolution. The name of the One, Supreme-Being also known as God in other faiths. Ahmadiyyat is the revival of Islam prophesied to unite humanity in the Latter Days.

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Islam at a glance

She was able to escape and report the facts to the police. He delivered a Friday sermon in the local Al-Tauba mosque, the largest in Catalonia, prompting an investigation by the Spanish Interior Ministry. In fact, Salafism seems to be on the rise across Spain. Only last March, the Salafi imam of a mosque in the Navarre town of Corella was expelled to his native Morocco for posing a risk to national security after he was linked to the Kuwait-based Revival of Islamic Heritage Society, which has been accused of funding al-Qaeda and Daesh.

Árabes, musulmanes e islamistas: ¿Cuál es la diferencia?

The Salafist movement includes different currents. It arrived in Spain in the mids and has a significant presence throughout the country, especially in Catalonia and in Ceuta, chiefly among Pakistani immigrants, most of whom live in Barcelona, but also among Moroccans and Spanish converts.

The Spaniards rediscovering their nation's long-lost Islamic heritage

Tablighis propagate their creed through missionary activity and do not advocate violence, but their discourse emphasizes the importance of orthodox Muslim practice, rejects democracy and liberal values, and does on occasion lead to violent radicalization. Tablighis discourage social interactions with non-Muslims but they have endeavored to establish good relations with the Spanish authorities. Another connection to terrorism is the only Spanish inmate in Guantanamo, Hamed Adberrahman. He had frequented Tablighi circles in his native Ceuta before travelling to Afghanistan.

In , eleven immigrants — ten Pakistanis and one Indian- were arrested in Barcelona and accused of preparing terrorist attacks.

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A series of surveys commissioned by the Socialist government between and provided a reassuring glimpse into the beliefs and attitudes of Muslims living in Spain. Muslim organizations periodically denounce the slow and uneven implementation of the Cooperation Agreement, for example in terms of providing religious education teachers in schools. On the other hand, they point to the absence of Muslim ghettoes in Spain, which contrasts with the situation in other European countries, and argue that in general Muslims are well integrated.

However, it sounded a note of caution for Muslims, warning that obstacles in the practice of Islam will have to be tackled if their integration is to be successful. He remained president of JIE until his death in His asylum was revoked in It is noteworthy that unlike most Catalan websites, which provide contents in both Catalan and Spanish, the Islamic Cultural Council of Catalonia only offers its web contents in Catalan. He was in Guantanamo from to , when he was transferred to Spain. In he was released after the Spanish Supreme Court decided that the evidence obtained at Guantanamo was inadmissible.

Adberrahman was rearrested in Ceuta in together with two other men and accused of recruiting for Daesh. The suspects were eventually cleared of all charges, including their leader, Iraqi-born Hiyab Mohalab Maan aka Abu Sufian.

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