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Judgement at Siddim

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Gomorrha in N. A city of the plain destroyed by fire Gen. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. Concise Bible Dictionary : One of the five cities of the plain, or Vale of Siddim , that revolted against Chedorlaomer , who attacked and carried away the people and the spoil. Another possible explanation is that they gathered for war in Siddim Valley see Genesis The name Siddim is from the root sadad cf.

Isaiah , Hosea , which is also the root of the word sadeh , a field Radak.


In Moses' time, Siddim Valley was no longer known, and it had to be identified. This plain was in what is now the southern part of the Dead Sea, which is much shallower and more recent geologically than the northern part.

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Shabbath 11a, Rashi ad loc. Deuteronomy , Their land was promised to Abraham Genesis , and part of it was given to Lot's descendants Deuteronomy Og, a giant reputed to be over ten feet tall, was reputed to be one of the survivors of the Rephaim Deuteronomy ; Joshua , Their land was later called Bashan, to the east of the Jordan Deuteronomy They were associated with the Perizites Joshua , see Genesis Some sources identify them with the Hivites Bereshith Rabbah Actually Karnayim was a little over two miles northeast of Ashteroth.

Later, Og lived near there Joshua , , in Edrei Deuteronomy Rashi on Deuteronomy Ashteroth was also the name of a Sidonite deity cf.

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  • Karnayim literally means 'twin horns' Radak. Zumzumim was the name given to this race of giants by the Amonites Deuteronomy The Targum renders it takifin , literally 'the powerful ones. We thus see that the attackers were coming from the north and heading south. Some sources, however, render this verse, 'the Zuzim among them' Bereshith Rabbah This follows from Deuteronomy , where the Zuzim are identified with the Raphaim.

    They lived in what was later Moabite territory see note on Genesis , 'Shaveh Kiryathaim'. It is literally, 'the plain of two cities.

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    Jeremiah ,2,23, It later became part of Reuben's territory Numbers , Joshua These were the original inhabitants of Seir who were later driven out and destroyed by Esau's descendants Deuteronomy , ; cf. Genesis Seir may have been named later, after Seir the Horite cf. Seir is the hill country to the south of the Dead Sea. This means that the invaders swung around the Dead Sea and headed west.

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    Eyl is translated 'plain' in the Targum. According to this, it might be associated with the plain known as Arabah directly south of the Dead Sea see below. Other sources render this 'Terebinth of Paran' Ramban; Septuagint , indicating a grove or oasis. It would then be related to the word elon see note on Genesis See Rashi, Targum on Ezekiel Paran was the area settled by Ishmael Genesis It was on the way from Sinai Numbers , from where the spies were sent out, heading through the Tzin Desert Numbers , The Arabah is between Paran and Tophel Deuteronomy Genesis , Others say that it is an area some 55 miles southwest of the Dead Sea.

    Tosafoth, Gittin 2a, s. Otherwise, it may denote the field where the Amalekites later lived Radak; Ramban. See Judges , note on Genesis , regarding the Kenite. See Genesis Or 'students' Rashi.

    The First War - Battle of Siddim

    It may have been called that since it would later be named Dan, or else there may have been an ancient city there by that name Radak. Targum Yonathan identifies it as Dan of Caesarea, since Caesarea was some three miles to the east of Dan. See Joshua , Judges Saadia identifies it with the Banias River.

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    This indicates that the invaders had a head start, and Abraham did not catch up with them until Dan. This is unidentified, but since they were heading northeast, it would be to the northwest of Damascus, possibly in the valley where the Albana River comes through the mountains. The Targum has 'north of Damascus. This was probably as far as they could pursue in a single day. It was probably near Jerusalem; see 2 Samuel However, see 2 Enoch